The best Wazeer-e-Aala of Pakistan .. Watch the analysis

  • Gustakh!!!!

    Tumahree Jurrat kaise hui k tum ne "Khadim-e-Aala" ko "Wazeer-e-Aala" Likha?

    Mujhe Yaqeen hai k "Khadim-e-Aala" forun iska notice lete hue aapko "SusPend" farmayen ge :)

  • bcoz i used that term for comparison purposes :)

    Btw don't judge the book from its cover. Pay some attention to the content of the posted video

  • Brother While you are at it, can you please tell me how PUnjab Government's debt liabilities have doubled in last 3.5 years? If he is running the province this well why Punjab government is left with No Cash reserves? while this was the same province that used to have the surplus cash reserves?

  • anasyounus

    Is it part of propaganda devised by PTI or would you really mind mentioning source of your statement of debt liabilities ?


    I hope PMLN will take similar action against Imran Khan, the master mind of propagandas.

  • Propaganda?? Really...

    Checkout the budget documents released by Punjab Government every year,,, You can find them on Planning and Development and Finance departments pages on Punjab government portal.

  • Is the legal notice Issued to Younus Habib?

  • ^^^ Ho jai ga bhaijaan.....Younus Habib bhee yaheen hai aur SS bhee...

  • Shabaz sharif started Lahore gang war in 1989. He is responsible for many killings in Lahore. Shabaz Sharif leaded his group, protecting and helping them against rival group.

    Gangs of Gowalmandi The rivalry between Chaudhry Maqsood, alias Sooda, and Amjad Gujjar has cost at least eighteen lives in the past few years. The two were once class fellows and friends, but politics drove them apart.

    The bad blood started in 1989 when Mian Shahbaz Sharif, former Punjab chief minister, inaugurate Maqsood’s Muslim League election office and Jehangir Bader, former federal minister, inaugurated Amjad’s People’s Party election office. The offices were situated opposite each other in Bagwan Bazaar in Gowalmandi.

    A few days later, some PML workers killed Amjad following a scuffle that began over politics. Afzal, Amjad’s brother, started pursuing the murder case. Maqsood’s group reportedly planted a heroine smuggling case on Afzal. He was arrested and incarcerated and died in prison, allegedly of poisoning by an agent sent by Maqsood.

    Heera, another of Amjad’s brother, killed Muhammad Arif, one of Maqsood’s friends, in retaliation in 1992. Heera also later killed Maqsood in Gowalmandi Bazaar, Maqsood’s younger brother and another friend, Muhammad Talib, with a gang that included Haji Goga, Labha Gujjar and Billa Gujjar.

    Maqsood’s group took revenge by killing Mushtaqi, Heera’s nephew. Naseerullah Kata of Maqsood’s group was next to die in the full-blown gang war.

    Heera, Labha Gujjar and Haji Goga were arrested and were killed in a shootout with police. Heera’s supporters alleged the encounter was stage-managed by the then Gowalmandi station house officer, Mian Saqib.

    Two other members of Maqsood’s group were killed in Shadbagh a couple of years ago.

  • @Shahji,

    Kahan say story chappi hai cause you link is down.

  • Shabaz Sharif was responsible to kill Heera, Labha Gujjar and Haji Goga in police custody. They belong to opponent gang war group of Shabaz Sharif. Noon league government at that time arranged fake Police Maqbala to kill these opponents.

  • Ohhhhh acha acha!! Kamal hai, aap kay liya yeh itnee bari news bun gai jub kay aap ka Sian Zardari apni hee biwi ko maar kar aaj President banna howa hai.

  • siddiqi73@

    Zardari kee waja se Nawaz Sharif aur Shabaz Sharif ke saaray crimes maaf tao nein kiay jaa saktay.

  • @Shahji,

    Aap please apni thori research theek kar lain. In the whole that article, Shahbaz Sharif was only named once and his only crime was to have inaguarated the office of his party. Its like saying that Zardari, Nabeel Gabol and Qadir Patel are responsible for the gang members of the Aman Committee of Layari just because they are supporters of PPP.

  • siddiqi73@

    Shabaz sharif was supporting that gang. Later he ordered to kill opponent gang member in fake Police Maqabla.

    Heera, Labha Gujjar and Haji Goga were in police custody. They belong to opponent gang war group of Shabaz Sharif. Noon league government at that time arranged fake Police Maqbala to kill these opponents.

  • When you run out of arguments, talk about some hypothetical crimes that must have been committed by your opponents. Good strategy but it does not work. Truth prevails eventually.

  • yaaa, you are right, everything against your Sharifs is a lie and everything you propagate against opponents is always true.

  • Try writing a letter to Swiss authorities and see what comes out of there!