PTI is really seraiki party?

  • All mainstream parties in pakistan have some reflection of ethnicity. PPP represent sindhis, PML-N punjabis, MQM muhajirs, ANP pathans. What do you think about PTI in the presence of following top seraiki leadership

    Imran Khan

    Javed Hashmi

    Shah Mehmood Qureshi

    Jahangir Tareen

    Sikander Bosan

    Ishaq Khakwani

    Awais Legari

    Jamal Legari

    and die hard supporter Haroon ul raheed from RYK.

  • While have a look into some prominent punjabis in PTI

    Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri

    Ahsan Rasheed

    Mehmood UL Raheed

    Mian Azhar

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan

    Umar Cheema

    Shafqat Mehmood

    Zaheer Abbas Khokar

  • Good question. PTI represents Pakistan. Jase TJ pori umat ko akhta karne ki koses kar rahi he isi tara IK aur PTI Pakistanion ko aik plateform par akhta karne ki koses main lage howe hain.

  • no pti is lota party aur lota kisi bhi jagah ka ho sakta ha

    par aik cheez sure ha

    lota lahore da hoye ke pahwain multan da

    lotay wala khair mangda

  • no pti is lota party aur lota kisi bhi jagah ka ho sakta ha

    par aik cheez sure ha

    lota lahore da hoye ke pahwain multan da

    lotay wala khair mangda

  • I agree with Mango Bhai.....the only thing common between all those PTI leaders is:


  • @ sayyed

    Haroon ur Rasheed is indeed from RYK but is punjabi speaking not seraiki.

    Similarly, Ghulam sarwar Khan is pothohari not punjabi.

  • I wonder how facebook party's demographic outlook would be when most of these crooks and lotas would either end up making their own factions or going back to other parties?

  • The demographic outlook will consist of Bani gala and Kiddington Hall, Oxfordshire.

  • You can also include Richmond Park since it is Zac Goldsmith's constituency.

  • Now look to these Noon Goons. Instead of uniting Pakistan they are talking about ethnic relation.

    As PPP plays SINDH CARD, PMLN has startet playing Punjab Card.

    But Brothers PAKISTAN CARD is much stronger then these ethnic cards. And PTI is playing PAKISTAN CARD. So tell your leaders Sharif Family and Bhutto-Zardari Family to start packing so they can leave Pakistan before something happens to them. But I am afraid this time People would not allow them to leave Pakistan.

    Hum mulk bachne nikle hain

    Aho humare saat chalo.

  • Yes sirreeeeee......Playing the Pakistani card means soliciting logistical, tactical and political support from ISI and agencies, playing this card also entails that the player also stops criticising another party which was in the past accused of being a fascist and ethnic outfit which perpetrated 12th May, 2007 violence.

  • There are no politicians of national calibre. These days, even Shahbaz Shariff is busy in playing the Punjab card with the pretext of load-shedding. Shahbaz is not racist but playing the Punjab card for political mileage. Imran's racism was evident when he was the captain of our cricket team. Imran is racist by nature.

    Very unfortunately, we have no national leaders of Jinnah Saheb's calibre.

  • he is no more a cricket about his politics.his party is seeming to be of the national stature as he has support from all country and from all ethnic group whether they are urdu speaking,pakhton or punjabi.

    Balochistan and rural sindh is yet to check if there is enough support for pti or not.

  • PTI is enjoying popularity only in Punjab against N-League. Imran hardly seems to be popular enough to attain any seats in the next election from KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan.