Fauj kaay Bhoonpoo

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    Look at the opening sentence

    " Gen. Aslam beg violated the law but was he wrong"

    For paid people like these and Haroon Rasheed , Uniformed Angels can never be wrong and law , constitution and oath are simply worthless.

    Question for such "paid intellectuals" is that then why civilians should obey law ???

  • General Zia Ul Haq protected his own top brass in several cases of corruption:

    Rear Admiral M.I. Arshad was rescued by Zia's special orders when he was found guilty in several cases of corruption related to Karachi Port Trust.

    Lt. Gen. Jehanzeb Arbab became infamous for his uncontrolled corruption as the governor of Sindh. Despite his ill-fame, he was later sent to Qatar as the ambassador of Pakistan. Thereupon, he introduced the system of Hundi and caused damages to the national economy.

    Air Martial Anwer Shameem's corruption was reported to Zia by Pakistan's hero pilot M.M.Aalam. The action of M.M.Aalam was reversed over him and he was forcibly retired.

    Lt. Gen. Jehandad Khan was known as the patron of Sohrab Goth narcotics bazar. When I.G. Bashir Siddiqui took an action against that notorious bazar, he was transferred to Islamabad against the demand of Jehandad khan to Zia Ul Haq.

    Oghri camp incident was also suspected to be a result of conspiracies hatched by some top brass generals.

  • No need to comment , Tittle is sufficient .

    Fauj kaay Bhoonpoo

  • These generals are mafia kings-- This Mafia has controlled everything like streets and cities.. Glorified by tv programms -- They control a common person mind through their reputation... The common person thinks that they are god fathers-- Mafia Island is the largest land in Pakistan -- The land contains property which is allotted to member of this mafia team... The DHA valley is mafia island... Where these mafia general pass their rest of life.. Where they p!ss on life of common person...

  • They are like ancient sahib zadas ;)

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Can "one criminal" "hold" "another" "accountable" ?

    Does the common man "accept" "this" "illusion" of "imparting justice" ?

    One needs "men of credibility" to "have" or "impart" "justice". All other means of imparting justice are and have repeatedly/consistently proven to be falsehoods in ALL of history of mankind.

    One criminal bashing another ? This is called "topi drama" (in Urdu). Its done for "illegally" "acquiring" one or more of the following;

    (1) power

    (2) money

    (3) land

    (4) women

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,


    (1) standard

    (2) code of conduct

    (3) law of the land

    is Islam.

    The constitution of Pakistan is to mirror Islam. If it does not, then its not the "law of the land". Its a mere paper that not many from within this nation will choose to adheres to, willingly.

  • @Haris: what is your defination of credibility?

  • Hussain Farooqui Sahab

    You have forgotten two very important right hand generals of Zia regime:

    General Fazle Haq

    General Akhtar Abdur Rehman

    Unofficially, they are also known to be the richest men of Pakistan. They cashed out Islam and Pakistan big time in Afghan war.

  • Janab Rizwan Saheb

    Thanks for reminding me of two more generals of Zia's team of generals who caused disasters to the nation. Gen.Fazle Haq was considered to be the narcotics king. He had rivalry with Allama Arif Ul Hussaini. He was a suspect behind the murder of Allama Arif Ul Hussaini. The companions of Arif Ul Hussaini then killed the general in retaliation.

    In the same regime, when the notorious narcotics den of an infamous smuggler 'Saifullah Khan Bangash' was attacked and destroyed by the then IG-Sind 'Bashir Siddiqui', both companion Lt.Generals of Zia ul Haq; Lt.Gen.jehandad Khan and Lt.Gen.Fazle Haq telephoned IG Bashir Siddiqui and scolded him for his action.Bashir Siddiqui was a brave man. He fired back upon them for supporting an infamous smuggler. Very shortly, the two Lt.Generals complained to Gen. Zia and caused the transfer of Bashir Siddiqi to the department of registration.

  • Sir HF & RQK,

    Please enlighten us about Khakan Abbasi as. His son is now very rich businessman. Main culprit behind the Air blue accident in Islamabad.

    Sons of AAR talk about honesty and intergrity on TV. They are also behind the sugar cartail.

  • Bhai pakistani47

    Khakahn Abbasi was also a close associate of Gen. Zia. He was killed in Ojhri camp incident. The Ojhri camp incident was also a big scandal of the top brass generals which was covered up cleverly.

  • Harris KHan


    The constitution of Pakistan is to mirror Islam. If it does not, then its not the "law of the land


    Very bad way of defending your uniformed masters. If someone doesn't accept the law of land, he shouldn't take oath under it netiher as soldier nor as a senator / mna / mpa or minister.

    For your memory , muslism didn't like the hadeebia agreement in 6 Hajri but despite that they never violated that. But obviously thats not islam of JI .

  • Very interestingly, Gen.Zia and his fellow generals pampered fanatic religious elements, but none of the generals himself followed the lifestyle of the fanatic religious elements. They lived like the privileged colonial style generals.