Are PML (N) members on committee dumb to sign on committee recommendation?

  • Question to PML (N) supporters?

    Are PML (N) members on parliamentary committee on national security forming national security recommendations dumb to sign off on committee recommendation?

    Committee recommendations are contradictory and do not protect sovereignty of Pakistan.

  • What are you talking about? Any reference.

  • The recommendations were majority opinion, not unanimous and Raza Rabbani also did not claim that these were unanimous. PML-N's two member in the committee opposed several recommendations. There is special concern on allowing foreign intelligence agents and private contractors operate in the country under legal cover.

  • @Adonis

    Based on NewsNight with Talat, only JI rep Prof. did not sign (withdrew his signature) the recommendations and there were no dissentions. PML(N) reps did not disagree with recommendations. I question the wisdom of PML (N) reps.

    Besides the one item you mentioned, there are many other items of concern like verbel agreements can be made for 3 months.

  • @Friends of PML (N)

    PML (N) committee members of PCSC sold out on security of Pakistan. These members should be reprimanded by the party.

  • @Friends of PML (N)

    Please listen to these programs and let me understand why PML (N) members supported this recommendation.

  • @PML (N) Supporters

    So what do you say about your two representatives signing off on PCNS recommendations?

    Do you consider that it was smart for them to agree with the report?

  • What a farce!!

    First Fazl-ul-Rehman, Sherpao and PML (N) two reps fully support parliamentary committee recommendations on Foreign & Security Policy and now they are having a press conference trying to absolve themselves from recommendations, which are against security of Pakistan.

    Are opposition reps on the committee children who can be taken to cleaners so many times or are these political parties playing a game?

  • Farce continues!!

    Both PML (N) members in PCNS should be removed from that committee, as a minimum. They are danger to the security of Pakistan.

  • @ Sipahi

    "@PML (N) Supporters

    So what do you say about your two representatives signing off on PCNS recommendations?

    Do you consider that it was smart for them to agree with the report?"

    Good luck with getting a response.

  • @Sipahi

    your concern is correct. Pakistan's foreign policy should only be to tell America to vacate the region ASAP as their presences is the sole cause of all regional problems. As a PML(N) supporter I would not like to see the supply reinstated under any other conditions but their evacuation.

    If I am correct, then this matter will end up in the parliament. It is clear from the video of Talat you posted that PMLN members are not defending these recommendation and if they come in the Parliament, they will be getting a tough time. I think this issue does need clarification as to why PMLN members signed the documents. I think you should wait a day or two for things to become more clear and not jump to conclusion.

    It is possible that PMLN played politics thinking that their opposition of two members will not affect the outcome so let it come to the Parliament and let PPP take the fall for drafting something controversial, while they might have planned to oppose it at party level as they are doing. I would not approve of this even if that was the case, since politics should not be played on national interests.

    It is also possible that since the meeting was in camera, the two members acted on their own behalf rather than of the party as they were in no situation to confer. It is also possible that they might have an entirely rational explanation. So in the end I would wait a few days before delivering a verdict, no harm in asking the question though.

    Unlike PTI members, Nooners are not a herd of sheep. PMLN cannot call the day a night and expect it's voters to agree.

  • @short life endless plans

    OR may be they wanted to show us that they are not Friendly Opposition.

  • @abdulhameed

    What is not a friendly opposition? One that does not let the government run for more than 12 months?

    As an opposition party, PMLN had the judiciary re-instated and dragged this government to court case after case. The courts practiced over-caution, perhaps, because they too understood that to safe guard the long term interests of Pakistan it was important to not to let this corrupt government become a political shaheed so that it's voters could see who they voted in.

    PMLN has paid a price for that. The easiest thing for PMLN would have been to take the long march to the capital and dispose of this government but given the volatile nature of the country at the time, it could have had unpredictable and disastrous outcomes.

    At times it looked as if Pakistan would not survive the 5 year tenure of this corrupt government but it has survived for most part of the time and now it seems appropriate to overthrow this government should it continue to pursue the course it has thus far. It is ideal to overthrow this government now because America is looking to pull out and the country has also seen enough and given enough time so that this government cannot say that if we were given the time and opportunity we would have been exporting electricity to India through our rental power projects.

    Although, If this government can spend the next year without causing any further detriment to the country, it might as well complete its full term for what it's worth.

  • @short life endless plans

    Friendly Opposition means, supporting Zardari sb, even knowing that he is corrupt (having spent million of rupees on his cases). Not asking for an accountability bill (though they got quiet a few amendments).

    Regarding judiciary plz check wikileaks on Chotay Mian Sb.

    I support that all governments should complete their tenure.

  • @AH

    In what way did PMLN support Zardari? It does not have the numbers to impeach him. We all hoped that the courts would deliver the verdict on him as the nation had trust in the re-instated judiciary but the courts dragged the NRO case for four years. ON BB's death PPP could have refused the leadership of Zardari but they appointed him as head of party and president. This has been good for long term as no one could have damaged PPP as Zardari did. Although Zardari has nearly destroyed the country too but given the circumstances, there was no other choice.

  • @short life endless plans

    PMLN supported Zardari sb:-

    (1) Did not bring a strong candidate against him.

    (2) Did not challenge his papers, knowing that he is corrupt.

    (3) Courts can't do much, if Zardari sb has immunity in law, PMLN did not initiate an amendment in this law.

    (4) PMLN allowed Zardari sb to influence Supreme Court, while appointing new judges, how come a judiciary can be a free, if a politician is appointing judges?

  • @AH

    1:PMLN nominated justice Saduzzaman Siddiqui. Who has a good reputation and no party affiliation. The rumours that PMLQ would have voted for JH are untrue. What reservation did PMLQ have against Justice SS? Simply, that he was not susceptible to influence. JH, in my view has proved that he is an unstable character who cares not for majority opinion. Such a person could have never been a good figurehead of the state.

    2: Did not need to challenge his papers as the NRO case was in court but same could be said of IK. Why did he not challenge his papers?

    3: Pak constitution says no law against Quran and Sunnah can be passed. Immunity of any figure head is against this fundamental principle and the judges could have stripped away his immunity with out any problem but they tossed the ball in the parliament which PMLN had no way of manipulating, being in oppositin in the national assembly. Especially, when it did not want to make any deals with the ghaddaar chouhdries of Gujraat.

    4: The new method of judicial appointments is one approved not only by the judges but also by lawyers and most of the mainstream media. If it was that easy for Zardari to influence the judicial appointments, why would this government be in courts in dozens of different cases?

    The problem with our nation is that it takes every rider on the horizon as its night in the shiny armour and regrets later. Just like when Musharraf announced his seven point agenda. People though our saviour was here. IK is no different. His promises are a fools dream but he's not the fool as he knows that even he can't deliver what he is promising with that selection of lotay he has collected.

  • @short life endless plans

    1. "Such a person could have never been a good figurehead of the state." Even then we would have avoided Zardari sb, I hope you would agree with me JH is slightly better than Zardari sb.

    2. "Did not need to challenge his papers as the NRO case". As you know bro, there is a thing in Pakistan called stay order, i guess any lawyer would have got that for PMLN. I agree with that, IK should have challenged that, but being opposition and a major party PMLN is more responsible for that. But, obviously they did not want to provoke PPP to open their cases, as we can see that from Mr Rehman Malik and Babar Awan statements.

    3. SC knows its limitations and wise enough to make such decisions, its obvious that PPP would have used it for their political purposes, and SC would have lost its credibility. PMLN would have easily attached it to 20th amendment, as PPP was disparately looking for 20th amendment and senate elections.

    4. "The new method of judicial appointments" You might be aware that the main role is of parliamentary committee.

    The problem with PNLN is that leave everything for others like IK & SC and do friendly opposition, and when ppl started suspecting it and IK appeared in punjab, then start slogans of "GO ZARDARI GO".

    "His promises are a fools dream" What promise do u think is impossible to achieve?