Joke About Pak. Army Generals

  • A spy of the U.N. was assigned a duty to visit all the military powers of the world and check their aggressive designs. The spy preyed into U.S. Pentagon and found alarmingly aggressive designs of the Americans to attack the Muslim countries. He then visited Russia and found the Russians planning to revive themselves as the superpower. He visited Britain also and found them discussing aggressive designs against the Muslim countries. He visited India and found them planning aggression against Pakistan. Finally, he reached GHQ-Rawalpindi and found the Pakistani generals bended over maps and discussing some matters in a very hot and aggressive style. He decided to check the Pakistani generals closely. He found a way to see closely what the Pakistani generals were discussing over maps. He saw that the maps of Defence Housing Schemes were spread over the tables and the generals were disputing over the allotments of plots.

  • One G: What about F16

    2nd G: Only will consider if it's corner one

  • Strange, did not they discuss about imposing marshall law?

  • I heard a joke about General Yayah (edit).... He had some p!ss problem... The reason is, he was a heavy drinker... Once, during his official visit to Iran, He couldn't control his p!ss and he p!ssed in the wind. He p!ssed on the future of Pakistan.

  • Some real life jokes...

    *ABout yahya khan in an Irani mehfil, he pissed in his pants. His seceretary was smart and spilled water on his pants to save him from embarrassment.

    *When Musharraf made that speech on the night of MQM's "show of power" against judiciary in Karachi, he was drunk and stinking soo badly of liquor that the "leaders" around him in jalsa had a hard time sitting on stage with him.

    *When Musharraf presented his Kargill plan to BB when hse was a PM, she said what the F?? why are you wasting my time?? (obviously not on general's face). When Shareef was briefed about the same plan, he curiously asked, "How many days to reach Srinagar?

    *Bugti said during Zia's cabinet meeting he saw a young man from Punjab mumbling something with his eyes closed and would periodically look at a file in front of him and then mumble again. Bugti could'nt understand what he was doing. Bugti later realized he was doing a ratta of his cabinet briefing. Bugti said, I never saw any cabinet minister/official doing something this silly ever. That young punjabi man was ...well, its not hard to guess...

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    Whts about map of constituancy-base and thn discussion of Generals that in which constituancy we have provided our agents to PTI.....hahaha

  • The Generals were bending over backwards closely studying charts with an attention to detail. Upon close inspection, it actually transpired that the officers were going over and brainstorming with each over the schematics and drawings of a Dry Cleaning Plant which had evidently broken down and had quit cleaning politicians in masses.

  • Siddiqi Bahi aur Butt sahab is thread ko bhi Anti-PTI thread bana ka chorain gain!!! PTI Phobia ki nishani.

  • @Asif Bhai,

    Aap Phobia ko chorain yaar bulkay apni bahadur fauj kay liya koi comment marain.

  • siddiqi Bahi, Mafi chahta hoon mian koi joke to likh nahi sagta laikin Fauf ke bare main apne khiyalat biyan kar sagta hoon

    Humari Bahdur fauj humari he. Jase humrare mushere main burian pai jati hain isi tare humri fauj main bhi burain pai jati hain. aur jase is wagt humra hukmran tabka mushree ka sab se bura tabka tasawar kiya jata he isi tara humare Fauj ke Officers fauj ke sab se bure log samjhe jate hain. Jase awam pis rahi he isi tara humra saphi bhi pis rahe he. jase sare khasane humkran loot lete hain isi tara sari marat officers lete hain.

    Jis tara humain apne mulk ko in khalat hummarano se pak karan he isi tara humain apni fauj ko ase officers se bhi pak karna he.

  • جو جتنا زیادہ طاقتور اور ظالم

    اتنا زیادہ ہی اسکی برائی کا امپیکٹ

    مظلوم صرف عوام کہے جا سکتے ہیں

  • @Asif Bhai,

    Aap ki baat bilkul bajja.....jub hamaray politicians ka tamaskhara ur sakta hai tu faujioon ka kyon nahi? Akhir ko saray politicians bhee tu booray nahi.

  • Siddiqi Bahi,

    Janab bari maasrat ke saat aap yahan aik fine qisam ki khalti kar rehe hain.

    jase hum awam aur mulk ko nahi balke hukmarano ko target karte hain isi tara humain fauj ko nahi balke affsaron ko target karana chahi.


    Film actress " Tarana" went to see yahya, the guard sitting outside the room saluted her when she came out of the room. Tarana asked the guard that you did not salute me when I was going inside. The guard replied " when u went inside u were only Tarana but when u came outside u r " QUOMI TARANA ".

  • Yahya Khan was the most Rangila state-head in the history of Pakistan. He had many girl friends like Noor Jehan, Gen. Rani, Tarana,,,etc.. He was a habitual drinker and adulterer. The Indian ONC 'Manek Shaw' said," Yahaya bought a motorcycle from me and did not pay Rs.500/- to me at that time, but later paid me half of his country."

  • Asman pr 6,7 Ghubbaray urh rahay the jis me PTI ka ghubara sb se oncha tha, kisi ne pocha ye ghubara sb se oncha kion urh raha hay... Jawab aya kah es me Pasha nami gas bari hoe hay

  • Gen. Yahaya's had many girlfriends but the closest one was Gen. Rani. His enjoyed his time with a lot of playboy type activities and let the country go to dogs in 1971. He paid half of Pakistan to Gen. Manek Shaw to settle an old time payment due on the purchase of a motorbike.

  • Zardari has similar traits - what are you gooing to about it ???? just keep quite and keep suffering !!!!!! No Pakistani has any objections about these things .....

  • @bsobaid,

    its a good joke in our case :)