Pti rejected a golden proposal

  • Last week , my friend and his colleagues who are Pakistani professionals in usa have met imran with a proposal.

    They asked him that they have means and funds to make 27 independent winners of national assembly of 2008 election and saed rafique, hanif abbasi, general abdul qadir baloch to join pti and they will fund 30 constituencies in punjab to ensure winning of pti there.he was very exited and pleased .

    they put the condition that all corrupt politicians like qureshi, javed hashmi ,jahangir tareen etc should be kicked out of pti ,total isolation from army and us representatives and he must go to media and ask forgiveness for accepting corrupt politicians in his party and make a clear statement that pti will try musharaf and his fellow generals for treason and defence budget be reduced to half etc.

    he told that he want to think and discuss it with advisors.

    next day ,his secretary called to tell that pti cec is not ready to accept these conditions .

    so my friend and his colleagues came back .

  • @drusa

    Is post ku paRh kay tu aap ki khidmat mein sirf yahi keh sukta hoon:

    Lage rahu munna bhai!

  • Saad Rafique, Hanif Abbasi lelo aur javed hashmi nikal do...hahaha


    I think Javed Hashmi is far far better thn these kind of Khawajas who spurts sharif Family blindly and on cast-base....

    I will salute Khawaja Saad, Ahsan Iqbal, Khawaja Asif if they dare to ask NS to stop family politics...

    i was realy shocked whn I heard that Shahbaz Sharif selected Punjab President uncontested in presence of Saad Rafiq, Ahsin Iqbal etc

  • Lol doc again with his rubbish.

    Still waiting for the $50 million doc.

  • hahaha drusa bhai you r so funny,thanx for making my day.

  • xero even u can meet him. just call pti islamabd office and tell that u want to give a funding of 1 million dollar directly to pti chairman. then see what happens?

  • Admin/Mod,

    Please wake up... :)

  • drusa bai, indeed u r so funny.. Bye the way , how comes your every information comes from USA ??? waisay mukhbari may tum bee "AZIZI" say kam

  • Propaganda wing of PML is on fire

  • @drusa

    free advice for you...your friends are making a fool of you and laughing behind your back. Get some new friends :)

    Also, if this new were true...does that mean "saed rafique, hanif abbasi and 25 others" are ready to leave PMLN? LOL

    think before you write bro...

  • The Inqilaabis have not yet exposed the default story of Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmed Khan (CNIC number 35202-6830317-9) son of Nawabzada Nasarullah Khan.

    According to the annual report of Habib Bank Limited (page-148; serial 19)

    The founders of PDP (Pakistan Democratic Party, now merged with PTI) have defaulted on loan obligation of Rupees 67 lakhs. But blind Imranis cannot see the Nadani that these sons of Nawabzada are all bank defaulters, duly reported as DEFAULTERS in the annual report.

    On one hand Kaptaan Imran Khan has been sloganeering against bank defaulters and on the other hand he has merged them with his party. What a joke!!!!

  • waisay meri samajh nahi aaya kay nawabzada nasrullah sahab kaa talluq punjab se kaisay hai...woh kahein se bhi punjabi nahi lagtay thayy..

    kiaa onn ko muzaffar gard kee zameen kisi claim waghaira mein mili thee?

  • Mr drusa seems to be paid member of ML Nawaz...............whose looting days have gone. your propeganda is not going to work at all.......YOUR days gone..

    Aik he naara aik he awaz.......GO ZARDARI...GO NAWAZ