Logical proof that pti will not win 2013 election

  • According to pti official website there r 130000 registered members of pti and rate of increase is 100-140 members per day.At this rate there will be 40000 more members after one year . It means till 2013 elections pti will have 170000 registered members from 272 constituencies of pakistan.

    And if all these members poll votes in 2013 election then pti can not win even 2 or 3 seats.

    Total registered voters are about 8 crore . And youth voters are from 3 to 4 crore.

    If youth r really following pti then why only 130000 members so far when only youth voters r btween 3 to 4 crore.

    Wake up pti kids and see the ground realities.

    If pti can not motivate 3 to 4 crore youth voters to become member by just sending a sms to 80022 which only requires few seconds and movement of fingers then who can pti motivate them to come to polling stations which is more time consuming and requires physical activity.

  • Drusa....you are forgetting that majority of the high school going burger kids are living overseas. They would have to work odd jobs over the summer to save enough airfare money and get their parents consent for Pakistani visa. A consent they would never get since their parents are N-LEAGUE VOTERS.

  • u right siddiqi73.

    I am giving max benefit to pti but even then it is failing.

    Also each such pti member has one mother and at least one father and uncles which r not member of pti .

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  • Please spare me the details Dr. dude. I get the picture as I have spend 15 years in states side.

  • drusa

    Those 130,000 members are only those members who are registered with PTIs website.Dont forget that many PTI workers in pakistan are not registered on the party website.

    Pti sms membership is over 800,000 according to my information.

  • logic is that pti is compaigning and its leader is requesting its followers to become member by sending sms. so if these followers can not pay heed to requests of their leader by sending a sms then how r they going to polling station on his requests.

    Among 3 to 4 crore registered youth voters at 2 crore have mobile phones and sending an sms costs some paisas so if these young voters really follow pti then why they not damn care to the begging and request of pti leaders to become member by sending sms.

    it clearly shows that most of the young voters are not liking u-turn khan .

  • They are consious of the fact that what happens on the polling day matters the most.I remember IK once saying that for every 1 booth they will have 10 youth.

  • Register to me bhe hun but vote paka nawaz ka.agr aik vote bhe hu for pmln to wo mera samjhna. :-P mummy daddy bachay us din so rahay hun gay.in ko election process ka he nai pata..jaag jao mamun ju such ha us ko face krna seekho.pmln zindabad <3.

  • lo ji drusa,phir to tension hi khtm ho gai k tmam tr khush gumanion k bawjood pti agla election nai jeet ske gi to jnab aub is maskeen party ki jan chhorr q nai daite?aur apni topu'n ka rukh ppp ki trf q nai krte jo bqol ap k leader k tmam masail ki asl zimedar hai.lakin kya kren ji,muk muka b to aarre aa jata hai na ;)

  • Xero Bhai,

    Tension aur tajasus tu us waqt khatam ho ga jub aap ka leader ailan karay ga gai aaya uski Tanga Party Election contest karay gee ya boycott karay gee.