Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri's open challenge to Imran Khan

  • Dr Qadiri good video why there wont be a tsunami.


  • Lol......ab Tahir-ul-Qadri bhee munafiq bun giya jis ki wajah say Islam khatray mein par jai ga.

  • he is making so much sense

    it is hard to disagree with his points.

    the whole electoral system as a whole is farce.

  • Wasay yeah munafiq kab Pakistan wapas ay ga? Yeah Toronto ma beth kar bekar kay bhasan data rahay ga?

  • قادری جی کی یہ بات تو درست لگتی ہے کے "اسٹبلشمنٹ کو کھیل کھیلنے کا موقع ملے گا"

  • baat to theek boli but he is not telling us other options....

    Do we have other option?

  • اسٹبلشمنٹ کے کھیل" کی بات"

    ہمارے جذباتی انصافی بھائیوں کو اس وقت سمجھ آے گی جب ان کے لیڈر کی ختنے رپورٹ جی ایچ کیو لیباٹری عوام کے سامنے لایے گی

  • Corrupt monopilist elctoral system se kabhi tabdeeli nahi aaey gee

    Tabdeeli laani hai tou tahir qadri ko ameer ul momineen banaoo

    Oss ko sahee topi musharraf ne karaee thee...wazeer e azam kaa jhaansaa day kay iss ko choona laga diaa

  • Obaid bhai if you read his history, he is a conman. Musharaf happen to be a bigger one, so you know what happen master manipulate:)

  • Just wanted to let PTI brigade know why Tsunami is not possible and Dr Qadiri raised valid points whether he is con or not is not issue.

  • I guess he himself did not read the Pakistan's political history or maybe his followers/sheeples does not like to question what he say...

    Anyhow, unlike Muslim league, PPP was born out of same electoral process and no one anticipated PPP to be a sizable opposition let alone making the government for the very first time under ZA Bhutto.

  • I fully agree with his opinions, this is a corrupt system its like garbage in and garbage out, you cannot expect change or betterment from this so called corrupt system of democracy. this is fake and fraud system. every party has to compromise on its ideas and slogans infect every party has no other option to compromise to save her power.

    i fully agree with tahir ul qadri, listen to him, his points make sense.

  • ofcourse there will be a split mandate, no doubt about that..infact EasyGo posted a youtube video clip of a talk show where even Haroon Rasheed was claiming 70 something seats for PTI. However, this is not new or unique or unusual. This happens in many democracies including India's. Parties need to learn how to further their national agenda with split mandate and bring about the change. Who said change is easy?

  • jhoot marda

  • Tahirul Qadri should first built up enough courage to return to Pakistan before churning out predictions on Pak politics.

  • یہ تقریر ہے یا تجزیہ؟

  • I have pointed this out all along, how is PTI going to sweep elections, when this bogus votes machinery is in the pockets of PPP and Noon league. U do remember the 45% bogus votes scandal last time round don't u?

    After the 20th amendment muk maka, it is very apparent what these 2 big mafia groups are planning. If something concrete is not done, then we can expect 60-70% bogus votes this time round.

  • Why will he come back to Pakistan when he is politely fulfiling the sinister agenda of West. He is getting rousing reception in West and also India. He is being used as a bulwark for the so called war on terror and is spreading fake fatwas. Bottom line- he is being used to give potions of drugs to the already half asleep Ummah.

    Have anyone noticed that this padri was given a big welcome in India's Gujarat state run by mass murderer Modi and this padri asked the Muslims to forget about past atrocities. Muslims are furious and asked him if his daughter was raped and burnt alive , would he do the same gesture.

    BTW, his streched limousine was airlifted to India from his "native" Canada for his travel to mass hypnotized sessions. He was given top diplomatic security with a army of security for his tour. Ofcourse why should not Indian Government be pleased with such traitors.

  • @AR: Do you have any links for all his India yatra and the mambo jambo he did their.

  • I saw pictures in newspaper and no doubt he pulled in huge crowds.

    Essentially, he is a joker but not sure how he managed to get so many people out to see see him. I wont be surprised if Indian Gen. Pasha had helped bringing people in, either by mass publicity or by contacting local religious leaders to bring in their followers.