Whom u should vote pmln or pti or JI

  • we have less bad options .Following points will help u choose better one.


    nawaz has allegations of corruption yet to be proved.his disadvantage as compared to ji and pti is that he has remain in gov.He says that he has learnt from mistakes and people should trust him .

    if people want to trust him then they will vote for him


    imran is saying i will end corruption, make land reforms and increase tax net.

    while he is saying these things corrupt people ,tax chors and landlords are sitting by his sides.

    so he is sitting among chors,thugs ,smugglers etc and telling people that he will punish chors,smugglers and thugs.May be he thinks that pak people r too foolish and dumb.So he wants to make people fool .If pak people want to become fool ,they will vote for him.


    ji has done some mistakes but ji dont have corrupt politicians ,thugs ,smugglers and landlords like pti and other parties . so if people want to trust on relatively clean party then they will vote for ji.

  • ڈاکٹر صاحب

    کیا پی پی الیکشن نہیں لڑے گی

  • vote to pmln only...pakistan ko mazboot kro islam ko mazboot kro...na k yahodi agent ko...<3 pmln and pmln only

  • there can be no good in voting ppp

  • PMLN is dafa Jeddah sey naye cell Dalwa kay ayi hai jo kuch different karey gee

    4 saal tak to awaaam ka khiyal nai aya last year mein awaaam ke yaad sataney lagi:)

  • Insafi bhaiyon say appeal hay keh woh aur ziada mehnat kariain aur Imran ko jitwain, is bahanay Jemaima to Pakistan aye gee aur roz roz dekhnay ko milay gee.

    Official or not... she is sexier than other cow-like "wannabi first ladies".

    Har dafa baichari is umeed pay aa jati hay key ab us ka Ex-husband-cum-boyfriend PM ban jay ga aur woh apnay half-breed bachoon kay bahanay PM house main rahay gee or protocol enjoy karay ge.

    Come'on brothers, put in more hardwork, for Jemaima's sake!

  • @ssmpk

    It is very inappropriate to discuss family members of a politician; please limit your discussion to politicians and their policies.

    Of course, you would not want anyone to use inappropriate words (like you have used above sexier, etc) about your own family.

    Discuss topic of the thread NOT family members of a politician.

  • True some ppl use rude language here I mostly nooners do like there leaders

  • @kambrit,

    That's a mighty sweeping statement. Just like some of the supporters, some of the myopic slaves/leaders of Imran Khan also engage in such trash talk but that does not constitute that such feelings are prevalent across the board.

  • Any one but PML ( A - Z ) group and PPP. I rather like to see National front alliance ( of JI, PTI, MQM, Baloch and sindhi nationalist, ANP ) against two lotta and lottery party.

  • Only MQM ...

  • Right wing voters should vote PTI. Imran khan is more trustable than Nawaz Sharif and others.

  • PMLN first choice

    JI or PTI might be second choice

  • msyedh

    Voting for PTI would mean indirectly voting/supporting PPP and once again bringing them in power for next five years so its no surprise you're urging them to vote for PTI..

  • Voting for Pmln would mean voting for Zardari's blood brother who swore allegience to him even when all his next of Kim's leave him.

    Even today the inbred Sharif asked people to stop chanting go Zardari go and say come Zardari come as if he is giving him a you know what!!

  • @drusa

    PML N

    The allegations against Nawaz Sharif of corruption to me are true. Let me make it clear even if he was trailed and CJ declared him not guilty of all crimes, even then I would not believe the judgement passed by the courts. For me Nawaz Sharif is an open book for everyone to see, there should be no doubt of his wrongdoings. The only thing I am waiting for is the courts to force Mr Sharif to bring back the looted money from awam and sent to jail for his crimes.

    The only question is how much has he looted and how much money has he made from the looted money.

    No he has not learnt from his mistakes, because of him Asif Zardari is our leader, u have your turn of looting first, then it will be mu turn. " Even if all PPP go against Zardari I will stand by him". For 3 years friendly opposition, then came on streets "Go Zardari GO", then that did not work joined forces in 20th amendment. Even Musharaf was brought forward by him under his leadership then he did a deal with him and ran to jeddah and lied to the people of Pakistan that he did not.

    It seems some people have made up there minds already



    I have no doubt on the neeyat of IK, that he will end corruption, because he himself is not corrupt, he will increase tax net, because he himself gives tax, as for land reforms there is no doubt that his neeyat cannot be questioned. His track record shows whether in cricket, shaukaut khanum, namal college or even in the flood work that he does.

    As for the tax choors and corrupts in his parties, who ever these people may be they are coming to the party on IK terms, not the other way round. Also to counter attack allegations there is a membership going round the country who will have a say who can get ticket to run on elections representing PTI.

    The leader of the house makes the decisions, other's have to fall into line, if they do not then they will be sent to PPP or Noon league!

    As for people being foolish believe u me they have been fooled for the past 20 years or so, that is why they are in the position they are in today.


    Concerning corruption, i think they are corrupt free or almost free. The main problem with JI however they are a Jammat that belongs to a figh, they are not seen as a party that represents the masses.

  • d0ct0r@

    Khuda janta ha. Mein kabhi bee nein chahoon ga keh Zardari ya Nawaz Sharif jesa chor aur corrupt person agali government banaay.

    I don't mind PPP stay out of power till Zardari is leading it. Because, if zardari able to make next government, he will destroy PPP and Pakistan.

    Imran is better option than Zardari and Nawaz. At least he is more trustworthy. I only worry for his lack of experience and mental smartness, to lead country like Pakistan , which has so many internal and external issues.

    I wish, that at least he can win enough seats to make next government with help of other parties.