Very intellectual answer my Chacha Imran!

  • What is wrong with the answer ? Care explaining ?

  • ye poora program dekhne k liqe hai ...mera nooners se swaal hai k kya aap ka mahan leader nawaz ya shahbaz iss trh awam k sawalaat ka samne kr sktey hain ...ji ji bilkul sahi kaha ik ne..merit mein experience bhi shamil hota hai...

  • great answer by great leader

  • IK's answers in public debate are limited to what has been taught to him by Chacha Haroon-Ur-Rasheed. He has memorized those canned answers and keeps repeating the same things over and over in all interviews, TV talk shows and speeches.

    I think it is about time he should change his political advisor otherwise he will be doomed.

  • aww aub nooner mashvra dain ge k ik ko kya krna chahie?ap loug uski nakami ki fikr chorrain apne leaders ko sochain jo donu hathu se mulk ki dolt syasi rishwat men ravrrion ki sort men bant rhe hen.

  • Good and simple straight answer... SQM, i dont like him but for sure he got skills and experience.

  • SMQ's skills....yeah right! Banging his head with Hillary and acquiring intern ship for his son with Senator John Kerry are the only traits and skills he got.

  • His stand on Rymond Davis??? he left the party and minister ship on this issue.

    On other hands PML N leadership ran away to London....rather then facing questions from media

  • What a joke: SMQ won 5 elections, because of this he deserves to be the VC of PTI. If that is the criteria, why not the Chairman as IK has won only 1. This way when Sheikh Rasheed will join he should be the president as he also won 5 elections

  • I thought bogus voters list, Election Commission and rigged elections has been biggest issue for IK and PTI.

    Corollary is that when SMQ won 5 elections, there is a high probability that SMQ won with bogus votes and rigged elections.

    This means that criteria of winning 5 elections has been invalidated by IK and PTI stance on bogus voters list and rigged elections.

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