NA 104 - Gujrat-I

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  • wajaht will win


    tajammal won in 88,90.

    shujaht lost in 93

    mubassar won in 97

    wajhaht won in 2002 with too big lead.

    nawabzada,s only win in 93 when ppp was sweeping everywhere

  • PPP's condition is same as 93's. chaudries are most hated ppl in pakistan now a days.

  • ch. family are mureed of mush. But University of Gujrat goes in their credit. we being local appreciate, and also many people got jobs specially in teaching line. relielf for poor families.

    But they followed mush blindly, so Ch, shujaat lost his seat.

  • I have a news here. President Zardari met Ghazanfar Gill

    and Ahmad Mukhtar and tried to persuade them to support chauhdries here in next elections.

    Ghazanfar Gill flatly refused and Ahmed Mukhtar said he will oblige but he cannot guarantee his brother Ahmed Saeed

    does not contest on any other partys ticket.

    So Ahmed saeed and Ghazanfar Gill are going to contest from NA 104 and 105 most probably on PMLN tickets.

    Though Zardari is trying hard to convince them but This is 80 percent confirmed. So we might see interesting contest in Gujrat too now.

  • @ zufi u r right,,,,,,now chudrey r not distric nazim and they h not police ,,,,

  • Ch's and ppp combination would be very difficult to defeat. Ch's r a political reality in gujrat beyond any doubt.

  • @Sharif Admi

    That is true but local politics here revolve a lot around Barederis and they are more beatable in Gujrat citys consituency 105 than any other place.

    PMLN has consistently beaten Chauhdries two times on gujrat city PROVINCIAL SEAT.Reason Chauhdries own Baraderi is not strong in Gujrat city and they have consistently put MPA candidate on city seat from their rival Barederi on NA seat.

    But still Chauhdries are favourite specially if PPP Whole heatedly supports them.

  • @ Sharif aadmi

    bro i totally agree with u . Gujrat will be very easy for PPP& Q . I dont see PMLN winning any thing in Whole Gujrat district.

  • in gujrat,,,,saeed noral hassan shah join pml ,,,,pml n have alredy win a MNA SEAT,,,,ALSO,,,HAJI IMRAN ZAFER,,,FROM PP111,,MIAH TARIQ MEHMOOD PP112,,CH MUHAMAD ARSDHAD FROM PP113,,CH IRFANU DIN AHMED PP114,,,CH LIQAT ALI BHADER PP112,,JOIN PML N,,,,

  • @ bilal bhai

    its Gujrat . i fear k NA 107 we r goona lose this time .may b if Ahmad Mukhtar joins PMLN than any thing cud happen. while Noor hassn Shah is nothing in NA 106. Qairaas r very strong . if that not case than plz explain .


  • chauhdry

    PMLN won PPP111 gujrat city both in 2008 and in bye election last yr too. Also Chauhdry jaffer iqbal lost by 200 votes in ppp113. He is very strong candidate.

  • @ zufi

    bro u dont know Chaudaries . they r master of rigging. i know Imran zaffar wins in bye elections but remember Ch.Ahmad Mukhtar was sporting us . and more PP 111 is urban seat and pmln is very strong in urban areas but unfortnatly pmln is very weak in rural areas of Gujrat . more over with the support the Ahmad Mukhtar we only mangaes to got 26000 and only won by the margin of 2000 . and now Ahamd Mukhtar is not with PMLN.

  • Qaira's are very strong in NA106, since Mian's of Kolian have joined PTI and if they are going to contest on NA seat then they may cut some votes of Qaira family but still i see Qaira's are favourites.

    Noor Shah, i dont see any future of this person.

  • @chaughry

    yes chaudrhys are favorite but you know ahmad saeed, brother of ahmad mukhtar, he will be pmln candidate if PPP and PMLQ make an alliance. Then ahmad mukhtar is going to be neutral, that is what ahmad mukhtar told zardari. Then we going to see good contest on NA105.

    Also on PP 111 it is still going to be tough for chauhdries to win, they are not popular in the city area.

    I know this because i have relatives there and i spent few years of my life there.

  • @Hidden looks

    do yu know anything about chauhdry Jaffar Iqbal, how yu see his chances?

  • @zufi

    Jaffer is basically frm Gujrat. I think he has a chance in Gujrat this time bcoz in next elections he will be only given ticket from Gujrat. as i erliear mentioned in some other post that this time Miyan Imtiaz will contest on PMLN ticket frm RYK NA 196. so this will give Jaffer Iqball a chance to concentrate and campagin properly in Gujrat .

  • Guys what about brother of Ahmed Mukhtar? From which constituency will he contest from???

  • @ syed786 Bahi

    Zufi bhai and Bilal bhai r saying that Brother of Ahmad Mukhtar will contest Frm NA 105 if PPP support Ch Shujaat .