Imran to plead to Mumtaz Bhutto again


    After PMLN rejected Mumtaz Bhuttos conditions, Imran Khan again will in the same old style of his will fall on Mumtaz Bhutto's feet as he fell on Marvi Memons and Javed Hashmi's feet, and implore him to join PTI. Hay bechara, kitna desperate ha. PM banne ke lye kya kya nahi kerna par raha. Yahoodi agent ki Galian dene wala Kasoori ka bhi matha choom ker Party me lena para.

  • what else u expect from this cheap and characterless person who is trying to bring change by begging corrupt politicians

  • Well to be honest, Imran Khan S/O Shuja Pasha can have Mumtaz Bhutto. I mean, what does Mumtaz Bhutto has to offer except for anti-PPP rhetoric. I don't consider him to be an electable even from his own home constituency. After all of this, I can sense that Mumtaz Bhutto will merge his party with PML (N) unconditionally just like Ameer Muqam has without any promises of a position and Dharna Khan will once again be in a state of dharna at the footsteps of Mumtaz Bhutto just like he tried to kiss the feet of MM and Ameer Muqam.

  • If Mumtaz Bhutto Join Noon league that will have negative effect for both. It will irritate and motivate PPP workers in all over the Pakistan and specially in sindh. Because PPP worker can never forget cruel crimes of Zia and Nawaz Sharif against Bhutto family and PPP workers.

    But, if he join PTI, there will be no negative reaction or effect against PTI.

  • Agree with shah jee, but I would love to see him shaking hands with NS, that will close his chapter once for all.

  • @Sid..

    ^^^Well to be honest, Imran Khan S/O Shuja Pasha can have Mumtaz Bhutto. ^^^

    Well to be honest, Nawaz Sharif S/O Zia-Ul-Haq or General Gilani (DNA test required to be sure) can have Amir Muqam as he had MArvi Memon. :) :)

    And there was another interesting comment from you yesterday something on these lines..... When out of reach.. to Angoor khatte hain :) :)

  • @Anas Bhai,

    At least you can give credit that even before Mumtaz Bhutto has joined N-League, I've made a comment against the amalgamation of his party with N-League. If you think that Mumtaz Bhutto is an "angoor," than I really feel sorry for your leader who is going out of his way to grasp this precious fruit of heavens :D

  • And your comments of 'angoor' were about Amir Muqam and as you know there was a Press release by PTI that they have rejected Muqam's conditions to join PTI before any talk of Muqam instead of PTI joining PML-N... so rather thn your 'Angoori' comments I think with the same token you should have given 'Credit' to PTI thn... :)

  • Our politics is a 'joor toor' business. No real politics is being practised.

  • The inside news of the secretive meeting of the CEC a.k.a. The Branch Davidian Sect:

  • صدیقی بھائی

    شائد مسئلہ یہ بھی ہو کہ جن لوگوں نے خان صاحب کو جواین کیا تھا

    وہ اب چھوڑ کر جائیں تو جائیں کہاں

  • @Sid,,

    ^^^The inside news of the secretive meeting of the CEC a.k.a. The Branch Davidian Sect: ^^^^

    Thanks Buddy, it is very encouraging...

    Unlike other parties where Zahid Hamid joined and no one has any ISsue, where Tariq Azeem, ilyas gujjar, Naghma Mushtaq, Unification block, Marvi Memon, sumera malik joins and you get no response... no voice of dissent..

    People like Kashmala Tariq, Humayun Akhtar, Salim SaifULLAH, HNC, Gohar auyb aligned with the party and again you see no response, no voice of dissent...

  • But bro, we don't have leaders; old or new inductees who are vying and fighting for positions or their own personal feifdoms. Neither they are engaged in groupings.

  • I think IK due to his imaturity has indulged himself in the conventional politics of "joor toor"; he will loose miserably. I think NS very cleverly forced him to take lotas in his party; this allows NS to take old horses in his week constituencies like janobi punjab, kpk paktoon areas and interior sindh. Now, there will be not so much pressure on him to take these bake in his party. i think u will soon learn that some people like bosan etc. joining pmln.