5 reasons for not trusting Imran Khan

  • I have been reading th posts on this forum for a while,I have observed how blindly people are willing to vote Imran Khan.But people must understand,that he can be very dangerous and fatal to this nation and country.I will try to reason with you by some simple mere facts that even a child can understand:

    1)He is An Idiot:

    Everyone knows that he is an idiot.He was always an idiot,he left cricket when he was at his peak.And then again joined and pretended as if he were forced to become the captain of the team.After the World Cup he left again,instead of becoming a coach or some critic of Cricket just because of his foolishness came into politics to change the fate of this country.To show his generosity and diligence,he tried to fool us by building a hospital and university.So we can clearly see that he is a nonsense.

    2)He is no Feudal:

    We all know that how cute sweet and lovely specie the feudal is.They so handsome and graceful.They have been taking care of our country since it was made,and we all know how they have kept us well fed.They sacrificed their needs for us in every distress.And we know how they protected their peasants during past floods.Their courteousness is exemplary.Keeping all this in view how can we trust a non feudal type of person.

    3)He is no Industrialist:

    Industrialists like the feudals have also played a great part in the progress of our beloved country.They have brought foreign currency to the country and have take care of our needs.The kindness of the industrialists their employees is also exemplary.Moreover they always pay more tax than they ought to pay. There is no way we can trust a man who is not an Industrialists.

    4)He is no Businessman:

    The services of the great businessmen of this country to its people are well known.They have always been very patriotic.Unlike all the countries of the world they never got involved in money laundering.The also pay more tax than the ought to pay.

    5)He wants us to be disloyal:

    I think that after reading this you might thinking of killing him.For the past 65 years,all of our Governments have remained loyal to their great Master America(there were few exceptions though,who were readily eliminated for the good of this country).According to a research Dogs(often mentioned as most faithful animal) do not remain loyal to the master who repeatedly maltreats them.That clearly shows that we are the most loyal.

    Imran Khan as he clearly mentions in his speech,is a traitor to our traditions and our society.He thinks that we should stand against our great Master America.He often abuses our beloved rulers for obeying our Great Master America.He thinks that we can be unfaithful to our Master.That means he is a serious threat to this nation.

    I think that you now understand why this person can not be trusted.He can be very dangerous to Pakistan.Only Fools might cast a vote for him or his so called Tsunami.

    Farewell this country.

    Note:Do not take it personal.

  • Awwww shucks!! And for a moment Rafay, I thought that you had jumped ship and decided to leave Lala Land.

    Anyway, a good attempt at making your case that the whole world and mankind itself should bestow its trust in Ponka Khan, sadly we ain't falling for it.

  • Rafay get well soon

  • Lies!

    1: He comes from fuedal family of Mianawali and is a big time political mafia in miawali. He or his father owns 'murabbey' in Mianawali, sahiwal and of course Islamabad.

    He went to schools which used to be and still mostly are reserved for fuedals like Chiefs college lahore.

    2:Business, he did his hands on but miserably failed.

    He was majority owner in establishing pace mall(first of its kind in lahore) lahore in late eighties, early nineties. Some of his ' always available friends ' rescued him.

    His father was a civil engineer contractor/ thekedar after being dismissed from PWD on corruption charges.

    3:Our great master America, everybody knows living in America who is real Master in America and Tsunami Khan is related to them. Just get me any logic for getting into this relation other than "eik nazar ka payar theory'.

    By the way common Americans have no concerns or issues

    with Islam or Pakistan. It is because of Immi boys relatives America gets involved in fights that does not belong to America.

    4:He is idiot , just look how he picked up 2nd rate politicians and made them vice chairman and presidents.

  • @Zufi Dost,

    It gets better.....now even 2nd rate marasis can become office bearers in a 2nd rate tanga party:

  • Another act of being a numskulled:


  • ^^kine kine jane billo de ghar????

  • suna hai awaz group wala fakhar pml n men shamil ho gya hai ;)

  • @Xero Bhai,

    I doubted that Fakhir is joining N-League and plus he is way better than Abrar :D

  • aww sid bhai your double standard ;)

    Yea as a singer he may b better but as per your criteria,he must b considered a mirasi but yes,as he has joined your party(i'll provide the ref) so he obviously he is better ;)

  • yes marasi ko aesi possition pay appoint nahi karna chaye but he is much better than capt safdar "president of pmln youth" atleast mian sahab ke tarha blackmail ho k to abrar ko president nahi banaya gya. capt safdar nay to choti wali ke bhi dhamki day de thi...

  • Abrar is better than Fakhir as a person and singer, that is why he did better decision to join PTI.

  • @sidd

    Regarding your comments at http://pkpolitics.com/discuss/topic/5-reasons-for-not-trusting-imran-khan#post-318564

    Bahi I bet any PM (mian sb, gillani sub) can finish the top level corruption like NLC, NICL, RPPs etc within days, if he has a WILL.

    But what we have seen in the past is that when it was mian sbs govt. unfortunately his NAB couldnot find a single corrupt person in PMLN, same was the issue with PPP when they were ruling party. And now this PPP govt cant find even a single corrupt person in pakistan, even they cant see the minister who returned few million rupees and army generals involved in NLC scam.

  • @Shahji,

    How are you even remotely aware that Abrar is a better person than Fakhir? Do you know both of them personally? Yes, we can disagree on the fact as to who is better than the other one as far as their music is concerned. Knowing you, Fakhir would have the greatest human being and a singer had he joined Pakistan Turncoat Itehad.

  • No politician is trustworthy for any reason in our dirty politics. They all deserve severe punishments for destroying our beautiful and potential country.

  • @Zulfi

    What do you mean by a Feudal;small landowners are not termed as feudal.

    His father was a landlord not a feudal.Examples of feudal are Jataoi family,Khar family,and many other politicians from southern punjab and upper sindh like Ahamd anwar alam and Bhuttu family.And every person with enough money to get their children educated in good institutes will surely get them educated there.And as regarding the Business,in your words he tried but failed.

  • Wah kia zabardast profile hay... Imran Salahuddin Ayubi ka.

    Lagta hay Rafay sahib Haroon Ur Rasheed ke jagah lena chahtay hain... us kay janay kay baad.

  • Feudal:

  • You just need one reason to vote for Imran that trumps all others "he has never been in government and deserves one chance unlike the other to corrupt to the core political mafias".

  • Qaiser is right,we just want him because he has never been in Governmant.And like all the others,he deserves a chance.