Scandal of bribing the media by pti

  • In the history of pak media coverage, no political jalsa has been given full coverage by channels from start to finish as was given to pti jalsas at lahore and karachi.

    I was looking for an answer which i got from a media house owner in lahore. The story is that two main media houses for paid billions on commercial rate to advertise the events and then cover events from start to finish.The other channels followed as two main channels were showing it.

    It was done to create a hype and momentum as there were chances of early elections at that time. But the elections are delayed and this tactic of pti to create a momentum before the election failed.

    Now they have planned similar events and full media coverage just before a month of confirmed election date.

    Also some anchors are being paid to invite imran in their programs. As a result u r seeing him about daily sitting at some channel.

    But all these tactics will fail as revolutions come by vision and radical manifesto not by blaming and pointing out problems as every one can do that.

  • Few things

    1- Todays media shows what "awam" like to see

    2- Thats how media all over the world works, Fox supports republicans and CNN for Democrats.

    3- in Pakistan Jesarat always been support of JI, Nawa-e-waqat for PML, there was time when "AMAN" or someother paper used to support PPP and Jang jes ka danda us ka akhbar.

    4: There are some journalist always ready to switch side base on "yellow lefafa" and some support one party over other one as ideology

    So why blame PTI,

  • drusa:one of my friends told me that....blah blah blah

  • Todays media shows what "awam" like to see. i dont agree with it fully. a channel will not show a political jalsa from start to finish unitil it is paid. fox supports republican but never in history fox has covered some republican political event for five hours no-stop.

    and u will not find an example in world where some independent channel has covered some political jalsa for 5 or more hours nonstop unless it is paid.

    the nostop coverage of pti jalsas at karach and lahore by two media channels for more than five hours was paid.

  • kya sitm zareefi hai ..hum loug media k biased hone ka rona rotey rehtey hain aur hmare mohtram dr bhai ye sabat krne par tuley huey hain k pti ne media ko khareed rakha hai ...wah ji wah

    wese kya pti ne media ko khud mana kiya huwa tha k sialkot,mianwali k inthai kamyab jalsu ko na dikhaya jaey ( k noon walu k dil hi bandd na ho jaen dekh k :)

  • @drusa

    Republican or Democratic National Convention goes live for hours... plus lately if you can see news coverage on FOX or CNN about primaries ...."obama stops at irish pub"

    stanturm did this and that... Romney giving speech in south stats school etc...

    (No body pay attention to poor Ron paul...) media is focused on power or emerging powers.

    unfortunately Conventions and primaries are not in our political culture but "Jalsa-e-Aam" is kind of our stuff... no harm telecasting such event live be it PTI's PML N or MQM.

    thats what news channels are suppose to provide.... now if there is "breaking news" between jalsa coverage they switch off to other stuff

    Am i wrong?

  • @ expakistani

    Can u give me a example where any political event of democratic or republican party was covered for more than 6 hours continuously by any channel.

    if pak media showed pti lhr and karachi jalsas only cuz it is emerging power than why media not showed fully pti sialkot and mianwali jalsas .

    today there is a massive gathering 2 to 3 lac in peshawar of fazal ur reman but media is not giving a least coverage.

  • 2004, 2008 and soon you will see in 2012; see what news channels covered

    Another thing, PTI jalsa in sialkot is not that important bcz parties doing Jalsa every other day.... what happened in karachi or lahore was new and news.....imagine Ghareeb Awam party making headlines by having jalsa of 2-3 lakh in karachi...thats real news, but Jamat-e-islami or MQM having same #s in jalsa is not news

    for your argument, Benazir / Rawalpinidi bomb blast got coverage for 3 -4 days straight but bomb blast in waziristan only runs for 5-6 hours.

  • i had asked u Can u give me a example where any political event of democratic or republican party was covered for more than 6 hours continuously by main channel like fox, cnn etc

    i am not asking about cable channels like c-span.

    the video u have posted is not aired by fox or cnn.

    it is broadcasted by c-span which is a cable channel and parties buy time from them to spread their message as it is a bit cheaper than mainstream channels.

    anyone can buy even 72 hours from c-soan if he has funds.

    again for winning election one need not to be a celeberity.

    it needs a radical program,vision etc which pti lacks and by making a land lord qureshi vice-chairman and including tax chors and corrupt politicians in CEC and other main position , it is contradicting its slogans of land reforms and ending corruption. I dont support any party and a lot educated people and professionals who were initially supporting pti have got reservations now.If imran had not compromised then if not in 2013 then in 2018 elections ,pti was certain to win. but now it has no future.

    also ur post name expakistani shows that u r have taken nationality of some other country. if it is then u have no moral ground to prove that u r wellwisher of pak. if all able people had left germany and japan after 2nd world war then these countries would have been among third world countries. some people jump from sinking ship and some stay to try to save it for other people who cant swim.

    i have greencard and i just need to apply to become citizen of usa but for this i will have to sworn of my faithfulness to usa which i cant as my faithfulness is to pak and i will go back soon to play my role in saving my country.

  • @drusa

    i guess your not in to American politics... this one speech was aired almost every news channel.... even when Mr Obama wasnt even a senator...DNC or RNC will be on TV soon sometime around Oct - Nov 2012 since we having elections

    News channel normally covered all such event in and out here....

    you will see soon, exception American "in and out" is almost 2-3 hours, thats the nature of politics here. They dont even shutdown work places on election days...6 hours ke coverage way too long and boring for Americans... but you will see 2-3 hour stuff soon on fox, CNN, ABC and then painfull reviews for weeks on on such event.

    ".....if it is then u have no moral ground to prove that u r wellwisher of pak. "

    No i really dont need to prove any thing here, i dont judge or doubt patriotic people... but wondering what you doing in USA? why u got green card, why not just give up green card all together? when you will be going back bcz its a good time to serve people there.

    If imran had not compromised.... I dont know if he had or not yet but for sure if he failed to full fill his promises he will be out of politics soon... on other hand PML N and PPP type parties have long future becuase they dont compromise on one thing " loto tey photo"

  • @drusa: republican convention of 2008 had non stop coverage on fox for over 8 hours with usual news breaks. Same year liberal convention had non stop coverage of almost all day on MSNBC. No one complain because that's the norm, they covered every single movement by Palin from the nomination till election, in some cases even the colour of her fart. So yes that's not unusual even in USA.

    Secondly, those who live in glass house, better do not throw stones at others. Ex is letting you off the hook quite easy.

  • i am in to us politics cuz of my interest . i have seen 2-3 hour compaigning staff on us channels. u accept that main channel do not cover any political event as long as 5 to 6 hours as it will be boring for people according to u.


    i am here for a purpose that is to learn technology not available in pak and use it in pak. i am working as researcher at a famous research lab and learning.

    to get greencard no one has to swear faithfulness to usa.

    it is helping me to go to any european country easily for research and to enter in to research institutes here ,

    i will give back greencard after max 2 years and go back permanently to build a research institute there in an effort to bridge gape in science and technology there.

  • going to a foreign country for study or research is not a objectionable thing but the people who leave there homeland permanently to settle on some foreign land and swore faithfulness to the foreign countries have not moral right to show that they r faithful to pak.

    i guess u both Dusky and ex r citizen of usa or canada.

    if it is so then u both have sworn that u will remain faithful to usa or canada. so better show ur concern in us or canadian politics.

  • Those who go for study or research does not need to claim green card, if they are getting green card, then they are not loyal to either country, they are opportunist and trying to avail chances where ever they get the best and they don't have any right to preach moral to other either.

    And till today I carry a valid Pakistani passport to travel, so next time before opening your @ss watch out what you are dumping.

  • Chin or arab humhara hinsudtan humhara...

    Muslim hain hum sara jahan humara

    But basically you are abusing and using American system so you can get your degree/certification and visas to visit European countries...

    One thing is for sure your not faithful to USA...

    but wondering if you have any certification as "patriotic Pakistani" some kind of prove?

  • u dont know green card is also given in innovation category and u need not to swear that u r faithful to usa.

    it is appreciatable that u carry a pakistani passport which i too carry.

    also it is very easy to absue someone on internet.

    tell me where r u and say this word in front of me if u have real courage. i will not repeat such words as my brought up is different from urs.

  • @drUSA

    Ji haan aap ka brought up kafi different lag rha hey....jabhi kafi incomplete sa hain... bachey bachey se lag rhey ho


  • I am in Toronto and coming to Karachi next month, tell me where you want me to repeat the same right on your sorry @ss:)

    And you don't need to take high moral ground, as I don't give a sh!t about your brought-up, that is pretty evident from the non stop lies you spread on this site;)

  • @ expakistani

    i dont mind ur joke but being abusive or using slang words is a thing i dont do and also dont tolerate if someone say it infront of me. i mean i will not abuse in return by use my hands to teach a good lesson.

  • @drusa

    .... yeah jo word Dusky bol rha hey, A or us ke sath double S is very common. American Ashrafia bhi boltey hain....asal main Americans ke pas es ke elawa koi or word nhi hey

    jesey humharey yeahan urdu main

    kholey, chuter wagera bola jata hey, Ab English humhari Zaban etna wasi tu nhi hey....

    es main gusey honey ke zarorat nhi, gusey main doctor to kia Hakeem bhi nhi lagtey.