Groud reality that ppp will win the 2013 election

  • ppp gov has started income support program.

    a total of 60 lac families r getting 2000 per month on the pledge that they will vote for ppp if they want this program to be continued.

    According too ppp sources ,about 40 thousand families per constituency in 120 constituencies have been registered through local ppp leaders for this program.

    so if each of these 60 lac families have at least two voters then there will be 1 crore 20 lac voters voting for ppp in next election.

    u must remember present ppp gov had got total of 95 lac votes in 2008 election.

    It shows ppp is going to win in 120 constituencies cuz of this income support program targeted families.

    Also the registration of poor families for this program has been started in KP so similarly these thousands families of KP will vote for ppp too.

    126 billions rupees have been spent in this program up till now.

    These 60 lac poor families about 1 crore 20 lac voters will vote for ppp so ppp is going to form next gov.

    Very sad but it seems to be happening.

  • nawaz and imran keep fighting ur father zardari has managed to win.

  • Dont think bisp translate into votes, unless ppp officials get id cards of bips beneficiaries and cast their votes themselves.

  • all these 60 lac families have been registered by ppp leaders in their constituencies by taking pledge that they r going to vote for ppp so that this program continues.

    these poor people will like that this program continues and they keep getting 2000 every month .so they r going to vote for ppp. simple economic.

    also ppp has started registration of poor families in KP and blochistan to play the same game.

  • also u know that according to statistics mostly poor people vote for ppp.

  • in politics Zardari is one sharp minded person....NS koi chuna para hey.

    between beside his corruption how he managed to run goverment with or without help of ANP, MQM JUI and now added

    PML Q is just amazing....

    full credit to Ayar and Makar Zardari

    ( :

  • only one way to stop ppp is that opposition can get more than 150 seats at least which can only be possible if right wing parties pmln,ji and pti make an alliance.

    but it is not going to happen as according to some journalists one main advisor of imran is implanted by zardari to keep inciting imran against pti to prevent any alliance.

  • @drUSA

    Best Alliance would be PML N, PML Q and PPP....

    yeah lo aap ke liay Name bhi Tajweez ker dia

    "Quaid ka PAKISTAN Mel Ke LOTO Party"

    P bhi hey Q bhi hey L bhi ....

  • Hi drusa,

    May I ask what kind of doctor are you? Or is your nick some kind of cast or clan such as "droosa" similar to Khosa? In case you are a medical doctor, I hope you are not the author of this article:

    Now to the topic; wouldn’t taking a vote pledge against a welfare money be an illegal act? Is not there a law against such thing? I heard from many Pee Pee Peers and saw many comments on this forum that Pakistani constitution is one of the best. If vote for dole is allowed according to Pakistan constitution, then all you people (who are proud of your Constitution) should make a 32 of the constitution and take it into your g@@nd. Note: 32 is from Punjabi number system.

  • i am proud of being pakistani. the constitution is not best or even good according to me. it must be changed.

    there r laws but there is no implementation of laws and even buying of members of other parties is common to make gov.

  • azizi lol @ 32 is from Punjabi number system.

  • Then I hope the Bhuttos constitution can make enough wicks and funnels to put them into his jyalas including Zardari.


    Are you a fake doctor?

  • In words of Hasan Nisar, Bambino vs. Gawalmandi.... and so far Bambino is riding gawalmandi in over drive:)

  • i think u r taking me supporter of ppp ,bhutto or zardari.

    i hate them most. was just sharing the one of the tactic ppp gov is using to win election using income support program.

    also zardari has ordered all gov institutions to create 1 lac 50 thousand gov jobs before elections. these goc jobs will be given to 1 lac 50 thousand families to get their votes.

  • @drusa

    laptop, peli taxi, green tractor, sasti roti...

    kia woh sab Awam ke dua ke lia tha....

  • @ expakistani

    yes that was for same reason. but zardari does well by income support program by addressing the very poor who can be easily influenced and manipulated to get votes( 60 lac families or at least 1 crore voters)

    whereas taxis have been given to about 10 thousand max, and laptops to 2 or 3 lac students. but these people r not poor so less chances that they especially student will vote for pmln.

  • @fake doctor usa,

    I am fully aware of the fact that you are part of a squeaky propaganda machine of a man. The man whose public paid entourage includes a chef just for your Chhotay Sahib’s favorite Halwa and a fulltime comedian to amuse him with Punjabi latifay.

    Oh by the way, when Musharraf's men grabbed him last time, he cried, literally. I am sure next time he would wish for even a cry.


    Can you guess my riddle?

  • drusa@

    You are trying to help Noon league and you want that PTI and other right wing parties unite in command of Noon league against PPP, like IJI in 1988 and 1990.

    But PTI is no more junior or 12th player in Pakistan politic. They know their importance in future politic. Why They should help Nawaz Sharif, who is 100 times bigger thief than Zardari.

    I think, PTI should fight next election as main player. It is possible, that, they able to make next government with help of other parties.

    At least they will be third big force after next election. Even they not able to make next government, they will be deciding and controlling power for next government.

  • I dont want to give all credit to zardari.

    There are many factors working in his favor. He came in power as a result of an agreement brokered by international guarantors. They mae sure along with military's help to ensure there is relative political stability. This is why none of the political parties cross the line and this is why the coilation partenres are still partners.

  • @ bsobaid

    ur right