Yousaf Memon exposes Javed Hashmi !

  • I seen the program "Kyun", in which Hashmi barely allowed yousaf to speak.

    For me this is the first proof that you are not true then you never allow opponent to speak.

    2nd He is giving reference of takbeer receipt, why not he has the carbon copy of that receipt, he just produce that and finish the story.

    This is the matter of 18.7 million and as per today calculation it is around 60 million rs.

    Please i m not from any prty, PTI and NOON and PPP just discuss solid point of receipt.

    Who will produce these receipt he is right and other one is wrong.

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  • Innocent till proven guilty.

    The burden of proof is on accuser, not on accused. Yusuf Memon is the one who should be providing evidence. Without evidence it is merely an unsubstantiated allegation.

  • @ adonis

    you are right but when we r in court, when you are in politics then your reputation is the biggest assets. I love hashami but today attitude hurt me badly. IF he listen for few minutes and then reply it give better impression. But he did not allow him to speak a single minute continuously.................why why.

    2nd yousaf memon is not the one, who invites hashami. Here accuser is the hasmi, because he invites yousaf and now the burden on the hashmi shoulders to prove that yousaf is wrong. The simple way to provide the proof is the balance sheets of company and the final settlement when both parties wind up the business.

  • Can somebody post the link... i watched for 5 min.... aur phir.... bijli chali gai :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Adonis@

    What kind proof you peoples want? person who gave money he is verifying that corruption.

    On the other hand, No witness come like this on media against Zardari and others but still you and your pco judges want to hang them.

  • Felt sorry for the poor fella JH that a guy of his stature had to stoop so low and froth from the side of his mouth due to some two bit tout of the agencies. This is another failure of Lota Party's Media Team for having JH wrecked by a freight train as JH repeatedly lost his cool and made himself look rather ungainly.

  • @msyedh

    This kind of allegation can be put by any one, this is common in our society. My concern is only that who ever blame and accused must be with proof. Both should come with solid proves. So, common man like me clearly understand who is wrong and who is right.

  • Hashmi ne pesa lea but wapis aik teady bhe nai ke :-P aj phansh gea bechara..abi to NA 149 men esa phansay ga k kahay ga me ne pmln chor k blunder kea..wait and c..

  • Gali Gali mein shor ha, Sala Hashmi bee chor ha.

  • Interesting to see PML-N folks supporting Javed Hashmi on this issue. Wesay tau koi mauqa janay nahi detay aur idher...

    Baat niklay ge tau duuuur talak jaey ge janab :)

    So many people have come forward and said similar things. Money was exchanged and it was completely illegal, yet this is not proof.

    What would be the proof.?

    Receipt copy of $$.... from Mehran Bank to XYZ.

    Video recording of one person giving another briefcase full of crisp notes

  • @farhan,

    Agreed. He should have stayed in PML-N. That way he would have gotten security of PML-N media team.. Rana Sanaullah and Ahsan Iqbal :)

  • @runaway,

    Lol....we have seen how Shafqat Mehmood has damned Facebook party.

  • runaway@

    i explained simply bring the balance sheets, but these will never come because then new scandal come out. my mean wrong payment of tax.

    kahan tak suno gay kahan tak sunaoon.

    this is not for hasami for all our so called, polotical leaders, judges, journalists, generals, and honest molvian

  • @siddiqi sahab

    Jab kisi baat ka sedha jawab nahi hota tau bilkul koi aur bat kar detay haen.

    mae kisi party ka paid noker nahi aur na he mujhay kisi sae koi khas lagao hae..agar aap mujhay PTI ka supporter samajhtay haen tau aap ke ghalti hae.

    Bus munafqat buri lagti hae. Aur aesa lagta hae PML-N is mae sab sae agay hae is liay aap ke ikhtilaf hota rehta hae.


    BTW, any updates on the lawsuit of PML-N against Yunus Habib. Bari dhoom dham sae press conference ke thee aur phir phus?


  • @runaway & sid

    it means if this culprit in PML-N, you will accept all his wrong doing, so shame on me, because, honestly i vote for PML-N in last election knowing that my constituency both MNA and MPA candidates don't have BA degree.

    And the people like you who always lesson for high morality will act like this.

  • runaway Bhai,

    Everyone claims to be a neutral when there is no nook and cranny to hide in. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though, only just.

    Seriously speaking, don't have a clue about the law suit.

  • runaway@

    I have same feeling about Noon league. Their total politic is base on munafqat and hypocrisy.

  • @tahir..

    You got it wrong.

    I 'think' Mehran Bank Scandal is real. There was definitely money exchanged. PML-N leadership (aka Sharif Brothers ) were most likely recipients of biggest share. Javed Hashmi and many others probably also received money.

    They should all be dealt the same way.

    Siddiqui is only feeling bad for Javed Hashmi in this case because he knows the bigger name in the Mehran Bank scandal is Sharif Brothers.

    If you have been seen my other posts you would know..i do not accept wrong doings of PML-N. In fact, I dont even accept their 'right' doing..Laptop and free housing :)