Contempt of Court & Constipacy Theories


    On Monday, 26th March, Prime Minister's lawyer couldn't defend him in contempt of court case. He was suffering from food poisoning. A senior official, talking to News Excuse on condition of anonymity, has revealed an interesting inside story. In fact, Aitzaz Ahsan was in a party with Babar Awan. The 'poison' which caused "food poisoning" was administered by Mr Awan. As soon as the 'poison' started working, Aitzaz clutched his stomach, looked at Babar Awan, and growled "you too Brutus!". He even uttered some profanities, but they cannot be mentioned here. Aitzaz's plight was met by a sinister smile from Babar Awan. Some people present at the event have confided to the News Excuse, that Babar Awan even tried to create hurdles as Aitzaz Ahsan made frequent rushes to the washrooms. Attempts to take Aitzaz's version were turned down by some grumping sounds. However, a medical store owner has claimed that Babar Awan bought that 'poison' from his store a night before the incident.

    An insider to the politics has revealed that PML-N is thinking of seeking a commission to probe this constipacy theory.

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  • I think, Ashan Iqbal and company already have draft to expose this conspiracy in media. Just need final approval to go ahead from Shabaz and Nawaz Sharif.

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