Maryam Nawaz in women university lahore

  • How tall is she?

  • Rule of law but not for aysha ahad.

    40 factories been established with Pakistani nation tax money.And shamefully after getting power.

    Only Kashmiri souls are famous for such blond shameful fraudulant activites with the whole nation and yet again shamelessly ready for next turn.

    I think next time people should also think abt family back ground of the leader to choose for Pakistan.The reference is necessary in order to avoid shameless leaders due to their genetic problems and attitudes.

    The widely separated different casts tells us abt genetics behind each and everyone also.This knowledge must also be used to save and secure pakistan' future.

    As Shaikh Saadi RA have told abt Kashmiri based .

    "Duniya me pehla badzaat kashmir me paida hua tha"...

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  • waisay a working woman does not mean bayghairti..A working woman is as respectable as any other woman.

    Secondly, she married a complete mismatch and probably without her parent's consent but technically speaking that is still n to illegal from religious or legal point of view.

    I dont get it what she saw in her husband..she is completely out of his league.

  • Atleast Leader should not be that much b e g h a i r a t to bring his daughter to lead Awam who previously left no face, for her family in the same Awam.

    We should check every aspect of the leader for better future.Bringing KHOTAY and shameless creatures as a leader will jeopardize our future simply...

  • Sufi sahab, abhi agar AK sahab aagaey tou aap kiaa jawab dein g ay?

    If IK does something like this then he is a mardd kaa bacha and when a woman does it then she becomes a ......

    thats unfair.

    I feel she is fit to participate in politics.

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  • Sufi sahab, mujhay aap kee baatoo se sakht ikhtilaaf hai.

  • Sufi Ji

    Lagda jay tusi lahore de Arain ya Sheikh Oon tay Lahori Kashmirian de dangein hoi oon.

    Ajj kal Lahore de saare Arain Kashmirian de khilaf hoye hoye neen tay tusi vi lagda jay band wagon vich chhaal maar diti jay

    wink wink


  • These neech family has nothing to do with Kashmiris. In fact Mian sharif was a lowlife thug merasi from amritsar who moved to lahore and opened a lohar shop with the help of other local crooks. He told everyone he is a Butt Kashmiri.

    Since than this leech family has been plundering the wealth of this nation. Mian sharif was Malik riaz of the sixties and in seventies Bhutto taught him a lesson by nationalizing all his I'll gotten wealth. He made sure his family stayed together by inter marrying his sons, daughters nieces and nephews.

    Shabaz sharif married his cousin but later divorced her to marry Aalia honey (remember the toys found in shahbaz sharifs drawers were to satisfy Aalia honey as Shahbaz is a eunuch) which also ended up in a divorce when daku aala married Tehmina Durrani and hamza looks like nawaz sharif. They are all a bunch of inbred imbeciles.

    Nawaz tried to forcefully marry his daughter to his nephew but she refused and got herself pregnated by nawaz's own chapraasi to avoid marrying her half brother. She is a brave woman to do that, so in the end Inbred Nawz had no choice but to accept captain charsi as a son in law.

  • lagda jay iss thread tay changa gand paye gaa.

    main te faer neemaan neemaan patli gali vichon niklaan.


  • Fj,

    sary lok pee baithy see hon mauqa ayay ga te waik lena phir.Kashmirian de durgat agy pechy kasran kad k kadni jy.shaikh ya arain nahin me...

    aj thy menon kashmirian thy bara ghussa hega...

    obaid sb,

    This is a sharmnak freedom moment round the world which is based over rape cases..

    Look indian Army is doing this.huh!!

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  • impressive freedom within days..Also arabic fasahat at peak in nasheed....

  • Sufi Jee,

    What freedon you are talking about, freedon is only in your songs, on ground people are suffering and power is still with the same elite class, where it was before.

  • Marium Nawaz I will believe what u say, if she could ask her father and uncle to bring back the looted money from foreign lands. Otherwise it is just phoot shoot sessions.