Will the ruling coalition become an electoral alliance?

  • The current ruling coalition comprises of PPP, ANP, MQM and PML-Q. As the elections are approaching, it would be interesting to see whether these partners co-operate or compete against one another.

    MQM will probably fly solo.

    ANP and PPP are likely to have an alliance or at least some sort of seat adjustment. But this is going to cause a lot of problems especially for PPP cadre as in several constituencies these two parties are fierce rivals. But leadership of both parties is in favor of some sort of collaborative arrangement as they are facing a lot of pressure due to public anger at their governance record.

    PML-Q joined the ruling coalition after a promise of seat adjustment by PPP. This promise is one of the few which are likely to be kept by Zardari as they both have a common enemy in PML-N.

    So if the ruling coalition contests elections as an alliance, what impact will it have on the results? Will it decide the fate of elections or will be decisive on a few seats only? Which are the seats where the ruling coalition can be in a winning position?

  • It will definitely have an impact in NWFP but minimum outside. Chauhdrys have nothing to offer beyond Gujrat except spoiling couple of seats. Whoever is left with them is going to runaway by elections.

  • PPP-PML-Q alliance was the brainchild of Kayani and Pasha when things were rosy between the establishment and the rulers. The Chaudhrys have been so thoroughly discredited that even their own next of kin would not know as whose lap they would be sitting in next. I seriously doubted that in the Chaudhry's bastion of Gujrat, even someone like Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar would cut any kind of slack to Matti Pao and Pervaiz Elahi.

    Beyond Gujrat, Q only has a handful of candidates who are electable and their vote banks comprises of biradrism and their personal rapport with their constituents. These guys, such as Faisal Saleh Hayat, Riaz Fitiana and to some extent Raza Hiraj can secure the same number of votes as independents as well.

    I agree with Zufi, come election time and only Chaudhrys would be around to look after their joker interests.

  • Ab yay rulling parties kuch he nai kr sakti.agr yay alliance krti hen to oposit candidate pmln ya pti join kr len gay jis ka in parties ko koi fyda he nai.in NWFP ANP OR PPP ka safya hu jaey ga by pti,jamat i islami,juif,pmln and sherpao.