!!!متحدہ کے کارکن کا قتل اور سزا سارے کراچی کو [ Karachi Violence ]

  • Sub chalta hai Allama Bhai.....Karachi is the modern day Sarajevo. Life goes on.

  • @siddiq173

    "Sub chalta hai Allama Bhai.....Karachi is the modern day Sarajevo. Life goes on."

    How does your analogy works, who are Bosnians and who are Serbians? Who is playing role of UN?

  • Bosnians are the peace loving citizens of Karachi

    Serbs are a combination of Mustaqil Quomi Museebat, ANP and Aman Committe

    UN - Government of Pakistan and its provisional proxy in Sindh Government which has by and large failed miserably to provide security to the people of Karachi and eradicate the menace of miscreants, extortionists and terrorists.

  • Another violent strike by MQM in Karachi after one of its sector goon was murdered. Three people killed so far,six injured. One Person gunned down near Chamra Chowrangi for resisting closure,two more killed in other areas. Almost 40 vehicles including Police Mobile,busses,coaches,taxis and rickshaws torched.

    Karachi live updates: Post MQM worker killing violence claims 3 lives

    Tension gripped the city after MQM activist was shot dead in PIB Colony area early on Tuesday morning, Geo News reported. Dozens of vehicles including a police mobile were burnt in different areas.


    Total thirty-five vehicles burnt in different areas of Karachi


    One more killed at Singer Chowrangi, Korangi. Total three killed in the city so far.


    Deceased Mansoor Mukhtar’s injured brother, Masood Mukhtar also succumbed to injuries in hospital


    Home Minister Manzoor Wasan forms three-member committee to probe MQM activist’s killing


    Total twenty-five vehicles burnt in different areas of Karachi


    One killed in Surjani Town firing


    One killed in Manzoor Colony firing.

    MQM coordination committee condmens violence incidents


    Two hurt in firing at Malir Halt and Gulistan-e-Johar


    Businesses closed after firing reported in many areas of Nawabshah, Hyderabad and Sukkur


    Karachi University cancels all examinations scheduled for today. New dates to be announced later.


    Total twenty-two vehicles burnt in different areas of Karachi


    Chairman Petroleum Dealers Association said many fuel stations are shut.


    President All Pakistan Tajir Ittehad said business would remain closed due to tension


    Karachi Transport Ittehad announces closure of public transport

    Earlier, several arson incidents were reported after the killing of MQM activist. Several vehicles were torched in different areas including Malir Halt, Central Jail, Teen Hatti, Kala Board, Abul Hassan Isphani Road and Shah Faisal Colony.

    Tyres were set ablaze at Jamshed Road after riots where unknown men forced the shop owners to close down their business.

    Aerial firing was also reported in various areas including Liaqatabad, Malir City, Johar Chowrangi, Malir, Shah Faisal Colony, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Korangi.

    a police van stood outside the private hospital was set ablaze by angry mob. Police after reaching the site of the incident, opened aerial fire and used tear gas to disperse the angry mob.


  • MQM says banned PPP's Amn committee thug killed its unit goon. Means two mafia gangs were fighting with each other. Poor Karachiites got caught in crossfire..

  • @siddiqi73

    I am confused, how Government of Pakistan and its provisional proxy in Sindh Government are UN.

    Aren't Serbs, by your definition, make up Government of Pakistan and its provisional proxy in Sindh Government?

    Maybe UN are either SC & HC or Army?

  • @Sipahi,

    Agreed bro!!!

  • -Death toll rises. 6 people shot dead and more then 10 injured so far.

    -Firing on bus injures several women passengers.

    -1 person shot dead on nishtar rd near near teen hati.

    • almost 10 vehciles burnt in Hyderabad as well..

  • MQM's unit terror cell in lines area raided by Rangers to arrest the MQMized arsonists involved in firing and arson attacks. So far no arrest made..


    Eight killed due to firing incidents in Karachi: Home Minister Mansoor Wasan"

    -8 People shot dead,14 injured.

    -50+ vehicles torched.Dozens of pushcarts burnt.

    -Economy suffers almost Rs 6-8 billion loss whenever criminal gang MQM resorts to violent strikes and closures..



  • This is so shameful for us as a nation

    after indiscriminate killing spree in the daytime by sector wale ....i believe by evening the media centre and political wing of Altaf Bhai London wale will take over TV programmes pretending to be mazloom

  • افسوسناک

    کتنی آسانی سے شہر میں یکا یک قتل و غارت شروع ہوجاتی ہے

    اورعام لوگ سارے کراچی میں پریشان ہو رہے ہونگے

    کیونکہ انکی جانوں پر سیاست ہو رہی ہے

  • This blood bath is always preeceded by political disturbance.

    Altaf bobby threatening to leave government. Chaos in Sindh Assembly. RM's visit. MQM becoming a good boy again. Start of Lyari operation and now killing of MQM worker adn whole city takes a blood bath.

    This will continue till RM visits again or Altaf bobby gets a phone call from Zardari. MQM leaders do press conferences. In a week or so RM makes MQM wala happy and things go back to normal.

  • And MQM once again shuts the whole city down and holds a massive rally in favour of Zardari.

  • bsobaid

    MQM is now looking for a fresh excuse to part ways with government so it might create some disturbance,give some deadlines and then quit the coalition. After 18th amendment opposition too gets their nominated member to be part of caretaker setup. If MQM remains in power then it won't be able to get as much leverage and say in caretaker setup as compared to MQM sitting on opposition benches..


  • @Doctor

    aahhh..... this is all about "opposition gets their nominated member to be part of caretaker setup"

    surely MQM cannot be out of govt during/just before elections....must admit Bobby beats even Diesel when it comes to dirty politics

  • @ EasyGo


    کتنی آسانی سے شہر میں یکا یک قتل و غارت شروع ہوجاتی ہے

    اورعام لوگ سارے کراچی میں پریشان ہو رہے ہونگے

    کیونکہ انکی جانوں پر سیاست ہو رہی ہے

    فکر نہ کریں ابھی نائی سدٌا لے کر آئے گا ۔

    مبارک ہو ۔ مفاہمت ہو گئی ہے ۔ مرنے والے اور ان کے گھر والے جائیں بھاڑ میں ۔

  • @doctor,

    makes sense.

  • After 8 dead, scored injured, 50+ vehicles (mainly buses - transport for poor) torched, 100+ dukanain burnt .....Altaf Bobby calls for peace.....and condoles on the death of his worker only


    While Hajjam puts the killer of MQM worker on ECL......and ignores the death of 8 other dead and ransacking by London Bobby's boys


  • MQM displays its ugly side again.

    This is no way to take revenge for the death of one of their karkun. Why take the revenge from the city which they represent.

    Where are the rangers ( who collect millions of $$ ) when you need them. This new policy of government to let the city burn and let things cool down on their own is a horrible policy.