Imran Khan lying about Jemima's background

  • Here is Imran Khan lying about "beychari Jemima's" father's religious affiliation:

    But here is Jimmy Goldsmith's obituary in the Independent

    which refers to him as belonging to an influential Jewish family. Even wikipedia refers to him as half-Jewish/half-Christian:

    BTW one more question--is Jemima still Musalman as Imran claims she converted?

  • یار چھوڑو بےچاری جمئاما کو ۔ کیا اس کے یہودی ہونے نہ ہونے سے پاکستان کے معاشی ۔ توانائی ۔ روزگار اور امن و امان کے مسئلے کا حل نکل ائے گا؟

    ‎خدا کیلئے کوئی تعمیری کام کرو ، کوئی شے ایجاد کرو ، کوئی سائنسی دریافت کرو ، پاکستان کے معاشی مسائل کا حل دریافت کرو ، پاکستان کے توانائی کے مسئلے کا حل ڈھونڈو ، پاکستان میں روزگار کے مواقع بڑھانے کا کلیہ بتاؤ ، پاکستان میں زراعت اور صنعت کی بڑھوتری کی گیڈر سنگھی بتاؤ ، پاکستان میں امن و امان کی بہتری کیلئے تجاویز پیش کرو

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  • ^^^^ Lol....what pearls of wisdom!! I can bet 10 bucks that this would still not hold back the Satanic Cult followers of Imran David Koresh Khan to shy away from their usual BS commentary.

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  • Well i am totally agree with your statement here and even i was also thinking about it

  • It's personal thing can't why ppl keep on going about it.

  • We should not indugle in personal matters.Leave these trashes for ilzami brothers.

  • To the above PTI people---first of all---I am not a Noon supporter. When I see Shahbaz Sharif lying about something, I point it out then too. I don't think public figures should be lying to people and that includes Imran Khan who does it very frequently.

    @insaftak--why doesn't Jemima also tweet against the Independent and wikipedia? The fact is her paternal grandfather was Jewish and neither she nor Imran should deny it. This is relevant just as it was relevant in America that Barack Obama's estranged father was Muslim---this is an issue for many people in politics in every country. Why is Imran surprised at this? The thing I find really ironic is that here is a woman who started dating Hugh Grant while she was still married to Imran and is now dating man number 6 since her divorce and he continues to call her "beychari"---why? Is he that enamoured by the gori? Where is his self-respect? Why is he still talking about the fact that she converted to Islam? When he says these things obviously people will wonder about him.

  • People will also wonder that despite a divorce, Tanqeedi Khan still begs Jemima to come to Pakistan and be part of his sponsored carnivals and parade her like some sort of a trophy along with DJ and rock concert environment to jack up attendance.

  • @sitara,

    Thanks for clarifying that you ain't a PML (N) supporter but unfortunately despite your bi-partisan and fair assessment, the followers of Branch Davidian Sect and Imran "David Koresh" Khan would still cuss you out.

  • آصف پائی جان

    آپ نے جو الفاظ نقل کئے ہیں ، کیا ہی بہتر ہوتا انکا حوالہ بھی دے دیتے

    ف ج

  • "both Goldsmith and his brother were baptized in Catholicism: that was considered afterwards as a formality."


    Does it prove that he was catholic?

    Baptismos, washing[2]) is a Christian rite of admission.


  • If he is lying why u so upset. Sacha kon hay

  • @kambrit bhai

    actually i m his supporter and don't wanna support a liar.

  • For those who are aware of the Zionists and how they operate and what their intentions are, Jemima and her ancestry becomes very important.

    There is no religion when it comes to Zionism, Christian or Jew, makes no difference.

  • Imran ke ex wife ke jaga hum ager apney " Imaan" ke fiker karen to acha hoga.

    Pata nhi hum main se ketney yahood or Nisara se bhi kharab hain

  • @short life endless plans

    At the current rate of downfall, we don't need any Zionists to destroy Pakistan, we have got PMLN & PPP to do Zionists job.

  • @expakistani

    Imran ke ex wife ke jaga hum ager apney " Imaan" ke fiker karen to acha hoga.

    Pata nhi hum main se ketney yahood or Nisara se bhi kharab hain.__________________________________________________

    دیکھیں اگر پی ٹی آئی والے خود ہی سارے اعتراف کر لیں گے تو کیا ہم فورم پہ مکھیاں ماریں گے

    ایک کلمہ گو یہود و نصاریٰ سے بدتر کیسے ہو سکتا ہے یہ ذرا سمجھا دیں تو مہربانی ہو گی