So called champions of women right

  • soon this hihjacked by MQM

    Karachi police use water cannon to disperse nurses

    Police used baton-charged and water cannon against the protestors at Fohara Chowk near the press club and also arrested many demonstrators.

    The protesting nurses were demanding better pay structures in the wake of neck-breaking inflation and were heading towards the Governor’s House when police attacked them.

  • These are the fruits of democracy-- the source of the darkness is ignorance... It's like a hell to live in democracy..

  • Democarcy is good but hypocracy is not good....

    they jsut wanted to go governer house...

    who is there?

    strange thing is no statment from sumnadar par...

  • Interestingly, all fashionable type of lady social workers who always raise loud voices for women's rights never appear on such scenes to help needy and deserving women.

  • true Hussain Farooqi....even those who claim that they had bigest omen jalsaw...

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