Another Attempt of PML-N (Khuwaja Asif) to Fool People

  • Khuwaja Asif in Todays Capital Talk again claimed that since Younus Habib didnt mentioned the payments made to NS and SS in 1993 in the affedavite submitted in SuPreme Court in Asghar Khan Case, so his statements are self-contradictory.

    Asghar Khan Case is about ISI distributing money in 1990 and has no link to 1993 payments and the affedavites of YH are only pertaining to the Asghar Khan case and payments made in 1990; So there is no contradiction here and PML-N and Khuwaja Asif know it very well and have already accepted it when they declared to SUE Younus Habib for his claims..

    Kh. Asif's related comments are from 6:00 onwards..

  • Anas: You should worry more your President JH than pointing fingers on others

  • IP,

    Bhai jan there is thread opened about JH and Yousuf Advocate claims, aap mujhe ye mashwara wahan pe de den, aur iska jawab wasool karlen.

    Here I request you to please stick to the topic of the thread.

  • Anasa bhai to ye bhi related hi ha

  • @IP,

    Questions to you:

    1. Do you agree with Kh. Asif that since he didnt mentioned the payments in affidavite, mentioning it in a program is a contradiction?

    2. What is the link between Affidavite submitted in Asghar Khan case and payments he made (as per his claims) to NS and SS in 1993? Are these payments (1993) anyways linked to ISI's distribution of money of which Asghar Khan case is all about?

  • Anas bro dun waste time in this issue, believe me no use, you think these receipts or affidavits will be genuine.

  • This same person says ALTAF Hussain did not take money, do you believe it

  • @IP,

    What you think Kh. Asif's understanding about the Issue is incorrect or he was trying to delibrately mislead people??

  • @Anas,

    You are nitpicking into things rather needlessly. I don't believe that you have any legal expertise to adjuticate on this matter. The affair is already being looked into the wise men sitting in SC and you could be rest assured that a fair verdict, even if it comes through befitting your desire; would be welcomed by all and sundry.

  • Bro, No legal expertise are required to know or understand that these (Payments in 1990 and 1993) are two different incidents.

    For one (payment in 1990 distributed through ISI) the case is already in Supreme Court and the other one (payment in 1993) has no link to the case (Asghar Khan Case).

    When the Issue was raised, you and your party (PML-N) took the position that it is about the same payment (although for sure they knew that it’s about different incidents) of which YH & Durrani claimed in their affidavits and that since the Case is already in SC, they (SS/NS) don’t need to comment on it or SUE Younus Habib. But when the matter was clarified on media in different interviews of YH that it is about two different payments, it became hard for PML-N/NS/SS to hold their initial position, they came out and did a Press conference and promised to SUE Younus Habib.

    Now when the questions are raised on the delay in initiating the Legal proceedings from NS/SS against YH, your party (Evident from Kh. Asif comments) is again trying to take the original position to (possibly) back off from initiating the legal proceedings against YH.

  • Khawaja sira Asif is born liar and a shameless stooge of Nawaz "inbred" Sharif. He is just following his forefathers were toadies of british and his father was a personal lapdog of Zia ul Hugg. Just watch how shamelessly this lowlife defends the massive corruption of his master!

  • Today Khawaja Asif showed Mr Hasmi his actual worth and trashed him thoroughly so hysteria of all PTI fan club is justified:))

  • @sahibzada1,

    Bro, I think you only saw or hear the words of Kh. Asif and while JH was replying you probably had your fingers in your ears. And all those things have been said by Asif and others Nooners before so I dont know what made you think this warrants any special reaction.

    Anyways you can open a seperate thread about the program itself and discuss it there.

  • but when are the false promises(refering chori nisar) and lies(deal saga) of family league justified?

  • @ anas

    why are you being over protective about your thread. do you want that we should only thrash Nawaz Sharif here??

    Frankly speaking your post doesn't have anything to "discuss". Chill

  • Qaisar Bhai,

    At least Khawaja Asif wins from his constituency with record votes. What does the Khaja sira Cancer Khan has to show for in the last 16 years; AIK seat from Mianwali and that too thrown towards him as alms by Ustad Tabla Master.

  • Noon league ki hukomat ho aur fauj aa jaye!

    Phir kya ho??

    Hashmi jail mein band ho aur ganja Jeddah bhaag jaye!!

  • After miserable failure of Sialkot Jalsa ; frustration and anger of PTI fan club against Khuwaja Asif is obvious. Today it has further aggravated after Thrashing of Javed Hashmi in the hands of K.A.....

  • Jub Hashmi jail mein bund tha tu us waqt Cancer Khan apnay cancerous wajood kay saath Musharraf ki goad mein betha howa us kay hathoon say angoor aur murabay kha raha tha.

    Aiin hain baray Hashmi kay humdard bunnay. Duur fittay muun aisay harami aur zaani par.

  • @ Qaiser Nadeem

    Hashmi jail main hu ya koi jeddah; Bohtaan khan Chief Marshal Law Administrator ke ****** ke nichey CEC ki meeting kar raha hu ga;)