LapTop Scandle of SS,1.06 billion Damage to Pakistan...

  • Specs:Dell-Inspire One4050-Pentium Dual Core HM65-ChipsetB950-HD320GB-RamDDR3-2GB.

    Some of the Importers price=30,000

    Large number of Importers Price=21000

    Showbaz Sharif price=37,700

    Laptop cost to govt is 37,700 but according to most of the Dealers such a Big Order can cost only 21,000/Laptop.

    So a big fraudulent transaction and Loss to Public money of 1.06 Billion Rupees..

    No source provided, Thread closed

  • 1 billion??

    thats a lot.

  • Lo Ji, Aik aur aagya this ke pait me maror ho rahi ha ke PMLN awam per kyun paisa loota rahi ha. Sufi Sahab, idher kuch to awam per karch ho raha , zara doosrein provinced me bhi dekhlein jahan sab kuch politicians ki jaib me ja raha ha. No you will not say anything about them because app logon ko to sirf PMLN or NS,SS ke khilaf propaganda kerne kye lye istimal kya ja raha ha. Propaganda tehreek Inc.

    Keep all these bulls...t figures with you

  • Sardar Asif se pehle 50 crore to wapis lo jo corruption ki ha osne in this PPP government when he was the minister. Your own party memeber Azam Swati ne ilzam lagaya tha os per

  • Sufi,

    No yada yada from the backside. Post a source and you'll see how I'll rock your world. Go ahead and make my day, now.

  • Sid,Propaganda tehreek ko ab dar lag raha ha ke ye na ho ke laptop wale aur vote PMLN ko na kerdein, apne bachon ke dil behlane ke lye aise shoshay chorte han. Its their work. They know how to tankeed only

  • zara doosrein provinced me bhi dekhlein jahan sab kuch politicians ki jaib me ja raha ha....

    Means if something is given to awam than SS looted money is OK.

    What a LOgic Mr.


    Tameez k daairy me discuss karo..nahi tho itna bizt karonga k ID badalni pary gi phir yahan per.....

    Come with your figures we post not source but sources..Specs are their and given us your Prices....

  • Sufi: I think Salman Taseer marte wakt apni ainak IK ko de gya tha. Get well soon

  • Mods/Admin,

    This is a clear violation of policy and protocols as one our honourable and experienced poster has initiated a thread on the basis of unsubstantiated hearsay devoid of logic or any supporting source.

    I would hence request you to pull the plug on this thread forthwith and warn the concerned poster to refrain from posting such malicious information henceforth.

  • Ponka Khan kya chande ka paisa itimal nahi kerta for marketing purposes?

  • IP Bhai,

    Cancer Khan kay cancerous tumours aur TC karnay waloon nay sirf aur sirf lumbi lumbi hanknee aur woh bhee bilawajah. Don't pay no mind to such degenerates fools.

  • Sid,

    Wait news is just break now we are comming with sources.

    Just wait and relax a detailed survey report is made in the market with dealers.Just chill pill till i upload the news.

    But come up with your facts till than..

  • IP,

    Ponka Khan tu itna budzaat aur baiman insaan hai ju chanday, bakray kee khaloon par Banigala kay na sirf shahi mahal kharay karta hai bulkay usee paisay say apni aur apni tanga party ki image building karta hai.

    Lakh di lanat aisay jhootay aur munafiq insaan par. Jus shakhs apni beti ko insaf na day saka, woh PONKA day ga is mulk ko.

  • @Sufi,

    You vomit from your backside when the detailed survey comes out in the market. Until then then, I'll assidiously look up for an effective remedy to cure your oral Haemorrhoids and revert accordingly.

  • Duniya News Just Kick this news from the Market survey and we are watching for further details so Chili Pilli dude...

  • siddiqi bro,what if sufi bhai provides the references ?would u admit that this scheme is just a cheap publicity stunt which is proving expensive for a poor country.