LapTop Scandle of SS,1.06 billion Damage to Pakistan...

  • Dear Admin Bhai Shb,

    Can you please open the thread earlier opened with the same title as of this one and please post this comment there, considering the below news article as the reference.

  • The price of the laptop is one thing, but the money spend on personal projection on the back of this Laptop Scheme has already surpassed a BILLION mark.

    For moths we have seen quarter and half page ads in all news papers about Laptop Scheme even though the registration process has nothing to do with Ads.

    Lavish and extravagant distribution ceremonies were held in different cities costing tens of Millions rupees, the partial details of PU ceremony revealed the costs to be above 3 Corore (30 Million), seeing the Videos of other ceremonies that were held before the PU one, there is no reason to doubt that they must have cost more or similar amount, about 25-30 ceremonies will be completed by the end of next week (16-17 already done, and as per DAWN 14 planned for this and next week), So even by Modest of Estimates the total amount spent on distribution ceremonies is no less than 60 Corore (600 Million).

    And from last week a 2 minute Ad of Laptop Distribution scheme is running on most TV channels, the rates for Government departments to advertise on Geo are 200K per minute (with 30% discount), So if the Ad is run on 25 channels and let’s say only 8 times a day and considering an average rate of only 100K per minute; the cost can be calculated as

    Rate x no. of channels x no. of iteration x duration of Ad

    100000 x 25 x 8 x 2 = 4 corore (40 Million Daily)

  • Admin took immediate action over sidiqui plea without giving some reasonable time to me to upload this news.

    I thought sidiqui is actually Admin.Who just try to take an edge of a plea to close down the thread.

    To avoid such thinking Admin shall act as a reasonable mediator rather just a biased person towards members....

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    Your quick response about closing any threads that provide no references is very appreciable but somehow you seems to have missed this one and a few others like this one; (even though I tried to remind you about it on these same threads).

  • If only some of the posters used their brains and cared to do some research before posting such stuff.

    The ilzamis are so desperate to have something stick to PML-N they are relying on a crap ghost newspaper named "Nai Baat" which is probably published out of a toilet in Banigala Mansion.

  • Comment from "Inbox" or dell company would be of worth here.

    Nai bat news paper is an independent paper and want to report fraud.

    You need to come up with some reliable comment other than Shahbaz Kashmiri who were elected previously to free kashmir but tried a deal with Bajpai to control kashmir with combined command and controll..:)

  • OOOhhhh itna Ghussaaa!!!!!

    Bro, the link you posted only has the early allocations/stats of the budget that were released in May last year, (not sure if the model was even decided till thn),

    And the report I posted claims that the 37,700 price is paid for each laptop as per "government official records", If it is incorrect, the correct figures and a denial should have been Issued by Punjab Government.

  • Kashmiri brothers had decided not to stop corruption,till kashmir freedom....



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  • Lol....Anas Bhai, care to post official documentation as to how much money was appropriated from government exchequer and actually paid for these latops.

    And you seriously think that Punjab Government will issue a denial about a newspaper which is published by Pakistan Turncoat Itehad itself and for all we know, you might be its editor-in-Chief. All that matters is this and this is what has been bothering all y'all since day one:

  • @Sid,

    Dont know what stops them from Issuing a denial? After all they have an information department in Punjab Government.

    And by the way you said the same/similar things about YH, but in the end not only they Issued a denial in the shape of a press conference but also promised to SUE YH. :) :)

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  • @Sid,

    Thanks Sid and I think someone else is also using your ID and posting irrelevant things on some of the other threads :):)....

    Can you please take notice ;)

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  • why are they distributing laptops to nalaiq students?

    see the list with names of students and their colleges, boards and universities all over the province....and not even one has got more marks than ANY of the great thinkers, writers and contributers on this page....just see it for yourself?

  • Yes laptops will enhance thelearning skills of these bright minds by manifolds, right?

    None of them will waste time playing games and chatting on social websites!!!

    Asking for state of the art IT facilities at every college and school which would ensure that students use these tools for intended purposes thus enhancing their learning skills and help in research. But again that would be too much to ask from brain dead corrupt and incompetent leaders of league.

  • These students already seem bright so they will not use laptops to enhance their already bright minds .....and instead will be wasting time playing games and watching porno

    SO they should have been provided with guns & bullets if they are from Karachi Branch and Music CDs & Dance lessons if they are from Lahore Branch of that Party

  • So what now these mates can write on Pk politics about noorani party