Shift National Capital to Balochistan

  • After reading lots of eye-opening material (online) about ongoing (separatist-based) unrest and fast deteriorating situation in Balochistan and a hair-raising phone call to one of my Quetta-based friends, I have come to a province-saving conclusion and my solution is to shift national capital to Quetta or in some other parts of Balochistan.

    My suggestion may sound strange or too expensive but it is workable and can avoid repeat of East Pakistan mistakes. Many local and national political analysts believe situation is like sitting on a time bomb. Separatist movements as well as voices are growing and non-Balochis are migrating in large numbers.

    My Quetta friend has shifted his family outside Quetta and soon he too will leave Quetta after spending 28 years in a Balochistan Govt department. My one hour long phone call with him was frightening and hard-to-believe as he continued to tell me horrible stories one after another leaving me speechless and head-shaking. According to him, almost entire Balochistan is a no-go area for non-Balochis especially for Punjabis because they are first target of separatists. According to him, hatred and intolerance have reached to an unacceptable level for Punjabis and other ethnic groups. Situation outside Quetta city is even worst. Pakistani flag is burnt in broad day light even in Quetta city and calling Pakistan army names is a fashion throughout the Province. Summing up my friends phone call, who spent last 28 years of his life in Balochistan, “we have reached to a point of no return and Balochistan is disappearing fast from the map of Pakistan”.

    In view of above analysis, I have come to the conclusion that we should do something to save our largest area-based province. There is nothing wrong in shifting capital to Quetta or other places to appease local population and win their hearts and minds. Shifting capital will create thousands of jobs in that province and large scale development work will ensure our most backward province is developed like other parts of the country. This will strike a big blow to separatist movements and anti-Pakistani elements and we can save our province.

    Please folks! discuss this serious issue without bias and offer your solutions to save our Balochistan. We cannot afford another East Paskitan!!!

    Dil Dil Pakistan

    Jaan Jaan Pakistan

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  • I would make Gawadar the summer Capital of Pakistan. Need to develop the city too for future. Karachi no longer has the capacity to absorb a huge population.

  • @insaftak

    Very good suggestion!

    It is worthy of paying attention and I would say Gawadar should be a permanent capital of Pakistan.

  • I say summer capital to gawadar because my village is just outside of Islamabad :)

  • Ideal solution more province small one rather then shifting capital and treating every one equal

  • Gawadar Should be Capital

  • ST & all others

    I don't doubt your sincerity but in my humble oponion these gammicks won't work any more.

    I remmeber that in late 60's when there was an odd feeling in Bengal against Islamabad , a new capital city was started just around Dhaka so that bengalis would feel onboard but real problems were again ignored.

    Real problem is that punjab is stealing the natural resources of Baloch nation for last 60 years and they are no more ready to trust punjab . We (the punjabis) need to think about this.

  • In present circumstances it is very difficult to shift the capital to a place which is not close to the border of Sindh or Punjab but you can shift it to Dera Bugti or more better you can shift it ti Rajanpur declaring that as a federal district .

  • @SA, cant agree with you more. I have strongly started feeling that we should accept that we are a failed state atleast utterly failed in reaching to any of the objectives that were in the mind of founding fathers. Then what is the rationale in sticking to each other when we hate each other too much.

    Let baloch run their own affair, if Sindhis Want let them run their own affairs, why to stick by force??

  • You are right and I am 100 % agree with you but let's come on ground realty .

    How it can happen ?

  • Lets accept Pakistan is a union of four provinces, we need to have exit rout in constitution. How long people from small provinces keep blaming Punjab for their ill situation. They should have opportunity to run the affairs by themselves and get credit or blame themselves for any good or bad.

  • @To all contributors above

    Thanks for your suggestions and I am quite serious about this shifting of capitial to any part of Balochistan. Separatist voices are growing stronger in Balochistan and army action is not a long lasting solution. In my view, it is time to take action now before it is too late.

    We should hold a national round table conference immediately and all concerned elements should be given opportunity to participate and express their viewpoints and grievances. We made terrible mistakes in East Pakistan and cannot afford same mistakes here in Balochistan.

  • What would you achieve by moving it into Balochistan? state d'affaires would remain as always. It will move with same aristocrats, beaurucrats and army honchos; resentment would grow exponentially as this time economic difference would be at its peak. I have no idea what would be different, please explain! Why not bring back to Karachi as it was stolen from there. It is rightfully should be here.

  • With capital in their city or Province, we would achieve greater participation of Balochistan people. With capital in Islamabad in the backyard of army mafia, so far it has been a total failure for entire nation, we lost East Pak and they cannot even provide 24/7 electricity to their citizens.

    Doing something different is always good; thousands of new jobs will be created in Balochistan and will also help alleviate their grievances and reduce influence of separatist voices. I wish Karachi was still our national capital and we may not have lost East Pakistan and Karachi would have been a better place than it is now.

  • @ST

    I am sure you have great intentions but do we have infrastructure exist in Balochistan such as educated manpower etc. Though it is stated in the report by Balochistan Government that literacy rate there is at 28% but a large percentage could be contribute towards transient and migrated population from other parts of Pakistan. Please note that literacy means a person can read newspaper. To bring them at par would require at least 10-15 years unless the intent here is install angotha chaap jahils everywhere as what Bhutto had done by installing jahils on the basis of their ethnicity and political affiliations. It will further grow resentment as you would still need people to run the government on adhoc basis. Do you think people their position of power just like that, I am afraid not. It is a great utopian concept but that is probably it. & Education.pdf

  • @Rizwan Qaimkhani

    We are trying to save a Province which is fast slipping from our hands. If literacy rate is lower so what can we do to improve it? Open more schools. Please read my first comments at the top and related links which are clearly showing how serious the situation is and how fast it is further deteriorating. What do you think is the obstacle? If it is expensive then we still can afford to save one Province. I am sure my suggestion is workable and can save Balochistan.

    One of my late uncles used to say "had we not shifted capital to Islamabad, we would not have lost East Pakistan".

  • I feel disgusted by such ethnocentric numbskullery, these followers of Josef Goebbels makes me vomit every time I read their hateful ethnocentric propaganda….

    Don’t lie and distort facts

    Yes true there was unfair distribution between provinces by federal government but dumping on just Punjab or Punjabis for last 60 years of misgiving is same as blaming Iraqi’s for starting 2003 Iraq war.

    Benazir was twice Prime Minister Z. A Bhutto was Prime Minister from 1970 till 1977 Mushraff 1999-2008 what part of Punjab they represented?

    Two Punjabi’s Gen. Zia and NS during their respective time development in Balochistan reached peak level and the respect they get from Baloch leaders is no secret. Sardar Akhter Mengal who is now talking openly about Independence of Balochistan is same Sardar Akhter Mengal who was chief minister during Nawaz Shariefs time and let’s not forget only person Sardar Atta Mengal is willing to meet is Nawaz Sharief, Sardar Chengaz Khan Murree son of Sardar Khar Bux Murree is in pmln, Talal Bugti son of Akber Bugti Shazain Bugti grandson of Akber Bugti don’t hide their support for Nawaz Sharief oh did I mention Nawaz Sharief is a Punjabi……GROW UP and STOP spewing hatred through your filthy ethnocentric lies……..

  • Pak_Power

    What these punjabi prime minister NS or Sindh PM's had power in their hands was quite evident on Oct 12, 1999 or Jul 28 ,1993 or July 4, 1977.

    Has punjab ever stood against the atrocities committed by BAHDUR FAUJ ? Never. Thats why punjab is held responsible for the misdeeds. And money spent on defence goes where ?

  • I can suggest a proposal based on my observation about 'Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry'. What I am going to describe is not a rule but a tradition which the businessmen of Karachi have adopted in 'Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry'. There are three major communities in overall business of Karachi,i.e. Punjabi, Urdu Speaking and Gujrati/Memon. The three positions of President, General Secretary and Treasurer are given turn by turn to the members of the three communities. Every time, all three communities are represented on the three portfolios.

    The above mentioned tradition of KCCI has been helpful in keeping all the three business communities friendly and happy with each other.

    Similarly, in our politics, the important portfolios of President, PM, FM and Defence Minster/Fiance should be given turn by turn to the representatives of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan.

  • @ST

    Baluchistan's total population is about 8 millions even Karachi has twice population. Being rural for decades, they don't have manpower to support such idea. Their quota for civil services, buruecracy and judiciary has been used by the outsiders, Iftikhar Chaudhary is the prime example for that.

    Please review the following report by World Bank:

    On page 17, it mentions:

    Strikingly, only three percent o f the workers practiced crafts and related trades, whereas 18 percent do so in Punjab. Second, the skill profile o f Balochistan workers i s the worst in a country known for i t s l o w education levels (Figure 1.15, right panel). Three in five workers have no schooling at all, compared to less than one in two in the rest o f the country. N o more than one in seven completed the matric level (grade lo), compared to more than one in five in the other provinces.

    I think you will get the picture. Even if you move the capital to Quetta or Makran, it won't solve anything. Would you like them to be hired as cook, gardener or drivers of punjabi, pathan and urdu speaking (brown sahabs)? It will make it even worse.

    I am not completely averse to the idea but bring them to mainstream would require hardwork and patience of 10 to 15 years. The question is, is everyone ready and sincere for that?