Punjab Government Laptop Scheme is a SCAM

  • My observation is that Punjab Government Laptop Scheme is a SCAM, they are just using it as political bribe and are spending BILLIONs on personal projection on the back of this Scheme.

    The price of the laptop is one thing, but the money spend on personal projection on the back of this Laptop Scheme has already surpassed a BILLION mark.

    For moths we have seen quarter and half page ads in all news papers about Laptop Scheme even though the registration process has nothing to do with Ads.

    Lavish and extravagant distribution ceremonies were held in different cities costing tens of Millions rupees, the partial details of PU ceremony revealed the costs to be above 3 Corore (30 Million), seeing the Videos of other ceremonies that were held before the PU one, there is no reason to doubt that they must have cost more or similar amount, about 25-30 ceremonies will be completed by the end of next week (16-17 already done, and as per DAWN 14 planned for this and next week), So even by Modest of Estimates the total amount spent on distribution ceremonies is no less than 60 Corore (600 Million).

    And from last week a 2 minute Ad of Laptop Distribution scheme is running on most TV channels, the rates for Government departments to advertise on Geo are 200K per minute (with 30% discount), So if the Ad is run on 25 channels and let’s say only 8 times a day and considering an average rate of only 100K per minute; the cost can be calculated as

    Rate x no. of channels x no. of iteration x duration of Ad

    100000 x 25 x 8 x 2 = 4 corore (40 Million Daily)

  • i think ur post is a scam

  • Please sue Punjab Government or take a number, get in the que and wait for your turn to get the laptop.

  • Mods/Admin,

    The poster initiating this thread has not provided any real time data or has given any reference to a case study which would go on to prove that e-Youth Initiative of Punjab Government is launched for political and personal projection purposes.

    The erudite poster has also failed to establish that the people getting the laptops are not genuine students or they belong to Muslim Student Federation.

  • I don't think PMLN are capable of running any scheme without any element of corruption or misgovernance. Laptops could easily have been distrubuted via TCS in 2 days to all...no need for all the drama

  • sandman aik khairati adara chalanay aur poliics main kuch farq hota ha

    e.g. kasur main 2 crore ki kursain lainay aur lutanay ki zaroorat thi? woh bhi khairati paison se?

  • Sandster,

    Now that happens to be a completely different discourse and I'm sure that Punjab Government would like avail your expertise as an adviser on best practices of Corporate Governance.

  • @Sid,

    What happened buddy,,, its my OBSERVATION

  • Sorry Mate! But you have to prove that this scheme aims at attaining political goals and nothing else.

  • Of course it aims at attaining political goals. Like I said before, if it was a case of just distributing laptops, it could have been done in 2 days without any drama, functions, etc. The fact there is so much publicity around it, only means PMLN wants maximum mileage out of it...

  • Why claiming that PTI has intentions to create Fake IDs requires no Proofs but this requires some?? this also is an OBSERVATION from the same token as that one was...

  • The point is Admin should have the Common Standards for all, if he cannot maintain impartiality thn there is no point debating on this forum; I just wanted to make a point and I think I did, now its up to Admin whether he choose to ACT more impartial or Block me from the Forum

  • Admin,

    Please Delete The Thread, I Wanted to make a point I raised in the following thread,,


    I hope you will act more impartially

  • Ofcourse it is biggest scam in the history of Pakistan, SS have distributed a modern tool of research among 100,000 students of different fields, now this is scam, how on earth, the youngster of this nation deserve access to these tools, which is approx. 60,000 rupee per piece? the the role of youngsters is to attend the jalsas cum musical concerts of certain political group, collect charity money and KHALAIN and donations and deposit it in the account of IK so he can best decide where to put it.....

  • i think these laptops could be given to existing schools/colleges , placed in the library and money would have been better used .

    But our rulers prefer to spend public money which would earn them political loyalties . Same way PPP govt are notorious of giving jiyalas .

    Halwai kii dukan aur nanaa jee ki fateeha

  • when i was a student , in 97/99 , SS inttiated an OCP program with full pump & show claiming that it would make graduates of doing international standard jobs. At that time punjab government quite huge amount on the program and it all ended up as a flop show. Luckily for SS , govt was toppled at the same time and he didnt' had to answer for that fail program. That

    Don't know why this laptop program is reminding me of that failed show.

  • PMLN is in its nature a corrupt , propagandanists and a short cut party..

  • Description of a short cut party being "cut to size" and how 30 wickets can be blown away by a single delivery:

  • Abhi bohat say Maindak, PTI say wapas apnay Talab mein jump lagaein gein jub un ko Sunehri dour($$$) yaad ayega.

  • @iamsowise..

    Well Said :) :)