How AIDS is spread in Europe

  • A friend of mine forwarded an interesting story about the moral bankruptcy of the European society, I would like to share it with the friends of Pkpolitics forum:

    This is so true!

    A man called his mom from Botswana

    Man : Mom, I have AIDS.

    Mother: Don't come back home, my son.

    Man : Why mom?

    Mother: If you come back home, then your wife will be infected. From your wife to your brother, from your brother to our maid, from our maid to your dad, from your dad to my sister, from my sister to her husband, from him to me, from me to the gardener, from the gardener to your sister. And if your sister gets AIDS, then the whole village will be infected...

  • A society, being sacrificed on the altar of desires..

    یہ علم ، یہ حکمت ، یہ تدبر ، یہ حکومت

    پیتے ہیں لہو ، دیتے ہیں تعلیم مساوات

    بے کاری و عریانی و مے خواری و افلاس

    کیا کم ہیں فرنگی مدنیت کے فتوحات

    وہ قوم کہ فیضان سماوی سے ہو محروم

    حد اس کے کمالات کی ہے برق و بخارات

  • oblivion


  • @HF

    Which part of the Europe lies Botswana?

  • @Asif Bhai

    Aisf Bhai are you serious?


  • Where is Botswana? Is it in Europe?

  • Allama Bahi,

    About what? about Europe, Botswana or about AIDS?

  • Botswana lies in the Nordic region of Scandinavia, Asif Bhai.

  • It is a country in Southern Africa. What the hell Europe has to with Botswana and its high rate of AIDS?

  • Siddiqi Bahi, Botswana lies in africa.

  • Obviously you did not get the pun.

  • Botsawana = AIDS started from Africa.

  • First of all whoever your friend is it’s obvious that he don’t know squat about Europe or European society. I found this very offensive that participants of this forum have either bigoted mind set or perhaps are absolutely ignorant about European society……let’s just put moral bankruptcy of European society baloney aside even though fact is Pakistani society is even more deeply in moral bankruptcy then European can’t even dream of going so low….

    Ratio of Aids patients in Pakistan population wise is much greater than any European county. Now Question should be why there are people with AIDS in Pakistan? And bigger question is why over 100,000 by the way these are just recorded there is no authentic data actual numbers could be much higher then 100,00…..

  • In the story a man is calling from Bostwana. His mother is somewhere else. In Pakistan, AIDS came with the playboys who visited Bangkok or other places for merry making and then came back with AIDS.