N-League awami dhooka

  • The committee to review relations with amreeka had deliberation for about 4 months with representation of all political parties including N-League (Kh. Asif and Ishaq Dar) and Fazlur.

    Now that the committee report is presented in the assembly, N-League is avoiding the debate by changing house agenda and/or walking out of the session.

    Their plan is to avoid the debate and probably come with an excuse to not participate in the voting and at the same time let the resolution pass unopposed.

    If N-League opposes the resolution then they should not have participated in the committee that drafted it and if they agree with it then they should also vote for it in the assembly.

    laikin woh noon hee kiaa jiss mein munafiqat naa hoo.

    amreeka bhi khush awam bhi khush

    woh kia kehtay hein...dhoobi kaa kiaa?? ghar kaa naa ghaat kaa


  • Quoting Sipahi Bro;

    What a farce!!

    First Fazl-ul-Rehman, Sherpao and PML (N) two reps fully support parliamentary committee recommendations on Foreign & Security Policy and now they are having a press conference trying to absolve themselves from recommendations, which are against security of Pakistan.

    Are opposition reps on the committee children who can be taken to cleaners so many times or are these political parties playing a game?

  • The answer is, these parties are playing a game.

    They create confusion among awam and mislead awam.

  • Yaar yeh Noon League waloon ko log waisey to nahi Munafiq League Kehtay.

  • afsos to iss awam pe hai jin ki aankhain aub takk nahi khul rahin :(

  • عبید صاحب

    مسئلہ یہ لگ رہا ہے کہ رایے عامہ ابھی نیٹو سپلائی کی بحالی کے لئے ہموار نہیں ہو پائی اوپر سے غیر شرعی کے فتوے بھی آ رہے ہیں تو تھوڑا عرصۂ کھینچا تانی کرکے پھر اکٹھے بوٹیاں کھائیں گے

  • Noora Kushti at its best...

  • I dont understand why NATO supplies is an issue now.

    The war started about a decade ago and the supplies have been passing through since then. Now that they are planning to leave in an year or two aap ko supply lines yaad aagaein.

    What will you achieve with this? They are going to leave in a year's time anyways. If you dont allow supply lines then they will porbably leave six months earlier..thats it! kon saa teer maarr liaa.

    waisay supply lines bahal ho gein jaisay hee pindi pentagon apnay issues resolve karr lein g ay..

  • Basically, everyone wants to restore the supply line. They (Army, PML-N) want PPP government to take blame and they can posture to the public that they are anti america and cannot let go of the Salala incident so easily.

    Hmmm...Ever present and hyperactive @siddiqi missing from this thread ;)

  • waisay difa-e-pakistan council se lagta hai kay some elements inside establishment dont want to open up the lines.

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  • Link NATO supplies with huge road tax & war tax, but give them a passage and make money. After all they have some other options as well like using Tajikistan or by Air

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  • @expakistani

    Bhai, follow IK's policy, come out of this war, why should be an ally of an occupant force, who is killing innocent ppl. Should not make money for helping US to kill ppl.

  • Someone has to clean up Afghanistan whether it is Americans or somebody else. Americans should not have come there but if they leave now, Pakistan is gonna be biggest

    loser. Pakistan cannot afford continued lawlessness on western border for another 30 yrs.

  • This is the result of London meeting between N-league and American officials. Imran Khan is a "Bad" guy and NS is a "good". I think we are heading towards dangerous street clashes, civil war between awam and PPP- N-league, bloody Inqalab.

    Once again Americans are interfering into Pakistan Politics.

  • I think everyone wants to open up supply line, but it is hot potato situation... who wants to take the blame? No one.

    US and NATO, despite being doomed in Afghanistan, ready to teach a lesson to Iran who has stopped all international trade transactions in US dollars. US wanted Pak govt/army to play "yes-man" as Musharraf's time. But Pak played smart and pulled out making Salala an excuse.

    Now US needs badly someone like Musharraf. A resolute soldier, a commando, an iron man, who would not bend to his people(.) (...to his masters... is another story.)

    Can someone please call on his cell to see if he is up for another job.

  • @zufi

    I guess Pakistan is trying to keep western border secure for last 45 years. What we have achieved? Northern Agganistan was already against us, and now Pushtons also have gone against us bcoz of our US support.

    We need to fix our own house, and stop interfering other's internal matters. Come out of this war on terror, support Afghan's ppl by providing them schools, hospitals etc. This is how you can make the western border secure.