''Najam Sethi'' (Possibly) begging money from USA to start his own TV channel -

  • It is probably Najam Sethi that Talat Hussain is talking about..BUT

    Talat Hussain is inaccurate in many places. First, Sethi is a seasoned journalist and has spend decades in the trade. So Talat Hussain cant call him a non-journalist.

    Secondly, Talat said he did not give any sacrifices. Well, you can still be a journalist without giving sacrifices for your community but to be accurate, during Shareef times, Sethi was dragged out of his bedroom in the middle of the night by security forces while his wife was in bed with him.

  • for those interested...right after, his wife Jugno dialed IG and did his maa behen and then she called the daddy's house for help..yeah the US embassy...haahaahaa

    and indeed it was daddy who eventually helped him get out of jail.

  • Obaid Mian AoA

    Dont Worry, in couple of months time wikileakes will publish all the details and how much money he asked for

    wink: wink:


  • It is definitely Najam Sethi that Tallat Hussain is talking about.

    He even bashed Americans on his Aapas ki Baat when they showed hesitation to release money through US-AID contract.

    But this was sometimes back and I heard most disputes have been settled. Lets see when Sethi launches his own TV.