Failed pti rally in against load shedding

  • The claims of popolarity of pti in lahore have proved wrong when pti called for a rally against load shedding in lahore.

    Only one to 2 hundred people were present in the rally.

    It clearly shows that lahore will be waterloo for pti in elections.

    it also shows that why pti do not give call for long march cuz pti leadership knows that people r not going to come out as they came out when nawaz did long march for judiciary.

  • 200 people? That's a pleasant surprise that 200 burgers come out.

    Do you have a news link/ picture of this rally?

  • There is no mention anywhere on this rally, its a complete blackout on social and electronic media otherwise PTI is usually jumping up and down even if a rat farts in their outfit.

    Well the only news is that some of their leader got a round of the legendary Police Chitrol and some got booked for violating section 144. Other than that, this supposed show of political strenght ended without a whimper.

  • 200 ppl came out, some of them get booked by police and some get chitrol and no news? Not even a tube video?

    Pak media can not let such thing go, all this seems fishy without media reports.

  • So why Punjab Government registered case against 600 workers?

  • Soonami has now been compressed and confined into a truck.....sad but true!

  • Only 200 people showed up for rally and case get registered against 600.

    This is what you call good governence:)

  • Lol...the rest of 400 might have been some poor onlookers who were glancing at this sorry a$$ 200 bunch and wondering WTF?!

  • ok even if it is 600 then is it a sign of pti strength in lahore?

    the president of pti javed hashmi is leading the rally and only 220 to 600 people

  • Lahore and adjoining cities like Gujranwala, Muridke and Sheikupura.

  • Just wait for the election day Nooners.

  • And pmln had 2000000 wid all pmln mpas.

    This site most talked person party is ik and pti.

    Sign of love and hate.

    Hate can only convert into love one day or it dies

    Or burn it self.

    So u decide for ur self.

    Note I don't support any party though in my college days I hold ppp finance and 2end president ship.

    But now I only support farooq shaheed group

  • @insaftak

    یہ تصویریں محبّت کی یادگار ہیں . 2013 کے بعد بھی انہیں سنمبھال کے رکھنا

  • Aj ju pmln ke raillies honay ja rahi hen inshallah pura pak hu ga.ap daikhen gay k pmln ke karachi rally bhe pti wali lhr railly se bari hu ge without imran khan best friends support inshallah.

  • The discussion and thread is on Pakistan Turncoat Itehad's p!ss poor rally in Lahore and here we have an Ilzami poster who is evidently off the grid and completely whacked that he ended up posting a picture of joint MQM-ISI rally being addressed by Cancer Khan.

    If the Lahore Rally is a case study in point, then I can't wait for the elections; Ilzamis!

  • @SLEP Bhai,

    Kahan ghaib ho dost?! Insaftak Bhai ko aap itna na charain, is poster ko yeh roz subah uth kar prasad charhatay hain air phooloon kee mala phanatay hain.

  • I doubt there will be any thing for PTI in the coming elections from Lahore, most of the people in Lahore says

    PTI kay ghubaray say Hawa nikal gayee...

    IK 300 Kanal kay gher maiN akela kiya kerta hay?...

    Yeh sirf Ilzaam hi lagata hay, kabhi kuch prove nahi ker saka

    Loo jee, ab NS kay khilaaf koy saboot nahi mila tu Molana Diesel kay peechay paR gaya hay

    KOy achi baat iss nay aaj tak nahi kahi kisi kay liya bhi

    Jin kay khilaaf tha, woh sab ab issi key party maiN haiN

    Agr IK ko vote diya tu Zardari phir hakomat bana lay ga

  • @Khanamer,

    Thanks for giving us the run down on what the Lahoris think of Bohtan Khan. People around Karachi have similar views as well.

  • PTI and all its lovers have the same right as others to exist, draw public favour, contest elections and win. I see no problem in it as long as it is not establishment-driven.

    Yes... I heard you... It is true that all others before IK used the same shoulder... but it ain't in fashion anymore. So, start playing honest!

    Insafi kiddos should put this up to IK or just shut up.