Maryam Nawaz visits to Kinnaird College lahore-Ceremony

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  • Rana Sana was previously exposing his daughter now his "BAHOO".kia level hy beghairti ka...bohut ooncha level hy yaqeenan...

  • Injudicious move: `Punjab govt diverted funds for laptops

    LAHORE, March 30: The Punjab government has re-appropriated the school education department funds to purchase laptops for the high-scoring students of universities and the public-sector and autonomous colleges.

    It is first time in the history that allocated funds have been re-appropriated on an inter-departmental basis. The laptops project has cost the government around Rs4 billion; at least Rs2 billion have been re-appropriated from the school education department.

    This information was revealed at a “Policy Dialogue on Right to Education in the Post 18th Amendment Scenario”, organised by the Institute of Social and Policy Sciences (I-SAPS) in collaboration with Oxfam GB at a local hotel.

    Punjab Assembly Standing Committee on Education chairman Chaudhry Javed Ahmad said “it is wrong”.

    Giving a presentation on financial scenario of education department in Punjab in the light of the 18th Constitutional amendment and Article 25-A offering Right to Education, I-SAPS Executive Director Dr Salman Humayun asked whether the judicious use of Rs4 billion funds was to give laptops to 100,000 students or upgrade 2,000 primary schools.

    Referring to the Punjab government’s decision of setting up Daanish schools at a cost of Rs3 billion, Dr Humayun suggested that this fund could also be utilised for upgrading 660 primary schools and 550 middle schools. He said the government was spending Rs16,000 a month on each child at Daanish schools, while only Rs1,600 a child was being spent at public-sector schools.

  • Rana Sana was previously exposing his daughter now his "BAHOO".kia level hy beghairti ka...bohut ooncha level hy yaqeenan...<<<<<

    Read the title of this thread but the intrinsic values of being a "Chawal", "Ghatiya" and a "Bayghairat" in some people is hereditary.

  • There are three threads opened on PML-N FaceBook page about this Ceremony with the following titles; Even the one with the PIC of Marvi Memon Giving away the laptop feature only the name of Maryam Nawaz-- Soon she will realize that she is no more than a Family Servant --

    Maryam Nawaz Sharif awarding laptops to the meritorious students of Kinnaird College, Lahore.

    Maryam Nawaz Sharif awarding laptops to the brilliant Students of Kinnaird College, Lahore.

    Laptops Award Ceremony at Kinnaird College, Lahore

    Laptops award ceremony for Merit Scholars of Kinnaird College, Lahore by Maryam Nawaz Sharif — at Kinnaird College Lahore.

  • Some people have forgotten that they have opened multiple threadS just on the basis of mere OBSERVATIONS.

  • Its not about number of threads,,, its about the title :)

  • The only problem is the name MARYAM NAWAZ SHARIF in the title of each thread.

  • Only This part of the pic they choose to show up on the main Page (of the complete pic that you posted earlier on other thread)

  • And this is the Complete Picture; This is why I said Soon Marvi will realize that she is no more than a family servant

  • Rana Sana was previously exposing his daughter now his "BAHOO".kia level hy beghairti ka...bohut ooncha level hy yaqeenan...<<<<<

    Oh i forget to mention that Rana Sana is doing it under commands of NS and SS.So now this situation can be explained by your below PEARLS OF WISDOM,

    "being a "Chawal", "Ghatiya" and a "Bayghairat" in some people is hereditary."

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    And I'm sure Imran would have been kneading Marvi's legs had she joined Pakistan Ilzam Tehreek?

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    Sorry my son....only someone who has graduated out of NUML University would spell "Beauty" as Biuty or "Cool" as Kool. Nice try though :D

  • I dont know if I should take the credit for it or not, but now they have adjusted the pic on the PML-N FB page to show MArvi's face as well :) :)

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