Truly pathetic

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    Why do you people charge us for membership?

  • kia charge hogia ZKhan... good to see you back after long time

  • Sup EP,

    Look at the nonsense being discussed on these boards.

    Comparison of PTI vs PML-N CEC.

    failed pti rally

    Sooper Dooper Lotay leaving PTI.

    When you got RPP scandal coming to fruition, you got Gilani's son being involved in a 7.5billon rupee scam, the railway minister, the NATO supply lines, the drone attacks, the gas hikes......

    Sometimes i think Pakistani's just have tunnel vision only caring about the political parties they are part of rather then what the political parties are doing for Pakistan.

  • Comparison of PTI vs PML-N CEC

    This CEC board have long lasting impact over future of Pakistan.I started this one cuz it matters for future of Pakistan.

    Rest is just a propaganda...

    CEC decisions reflects your democratic process in your Party.CEC empowerment is the empowerment of AWAM actually.

    I wonder why you under estimated this said thread.???

    If someone cames with cheap arguments its their vision not the problem with the thread.

    You can see nooners flee that thread very soon...

  • Hahahahahahaha....boy do some people have the talent to mimic Eddie Murphy and Rodney Dangerfield as stand-up comedians on pkpolitics.

    By giving consent (questionable) to the induction of sugar czars, boot polishers of dictators, jaali degree holders, eunuch molesters, Pir and Gaddi Nasheens, Land Grabbers and not allowing Dr. Shireen Mazari to pass a resolution during a CEC session for ex-Musharraf colleagues to apologize for their past conduct.....would definitely have a long lasting and stupendous impact on the future of Pakistan.

    If such nonsensical "rubber stamp" aforementioned decisions reflects the democratic process inside Pakistan Turncoat Itehad, than Lord and Sunny Jesus have mercy on Pakistan!