Pak-Army Is Very Ill-Equipped-Serious National Issue

  • The events of Abbotabad, Check-Post and several drone attacks reflect the defenceless and helpless conditions of Pak-Army. Pak-Army seems to be very ill-equipped in terms of defence technology. Whatever equipment it possesses is mostly imported from Europe and America. Naturally, the equipment supplied by America and the European countries is useless against the American technology.

    The nation is spending more than 70% of the national budget on defence but the army is still so ill-equipped and weak. We can't match the American technology but at least develop something to survive as an honourable nation. Our army generals and the officials of defence ministry must try to do something for the honour of the nation. Recently, a American drone violated the Iranian air space and it was shot down. The Iranis could not be disgraced by the Americans the way we are disgraced from time to times in terms of drone attacks.

  • This is what happens when billions of tax payers money earmarked for the defence of our sacred borders is pilferaged for developing DHA, Bahria and Airforce societies, fund the imperialistic lifestyles of our generals and churning cement and cornflakes.

  • Without the R&D oriented Univerities supplying the brains, just by buying Millitary Equipment you cannot expect to compete with nations who are doing the research and making this Equipment.

    It is the case with us in every department not just the Defense.

    And in Millitary case, as Sid mentioned it is a case of misplaced priorities as well.

  • بلاشبہ ہماری سیکورٹی قابل رشک نہیں ہے

    قابلیت بس نعرے بازی اور ملی نغموں تک محدود ہے

    فوجی افسران صرف نوکری اور بہتر نوکری کر رہے ہیں

    پلاٹ، پرچیزنگ، پوسٹنگ، فارن ٹریننگ پسندیدہ موضوعات ہوتے ہیں

    اور مجھے یہ خدشہ ہے جب کبھی یہ اشو پارلیمنٹ وغیرہ میں ڈسکس ہوگا

    تو نتیجہ یہ نکلے کا کہ ڈیفنس بجٹ مزید بڑھا دیں

  • My blood boils when I see the infantry of the world's seventh largest army is still using the G-3 rifle which has been phased out by armies all over the world due to its weight and calibre in favour of light and highly accurate Close Combat Assault Weapons, soldiers wearing Vietnam war era flak jackets and helmets donated by US military out of their reserves stocked in military museums.

    These are just small and rudimentary deffecienes I have talked about. I can go on about the bigger picture concerning our military hardware, strategies and battle tactics.

  • I am very surprised, So much caring for Pak army now, after London NRO.

  • @siddiqi73

    If billions were spent on building Military Inc. then that would have been some investment. But unfortunately, billions were spent to get and remain in power and dance on their US master's music.

    And trillions were wasted in this process.... not to speak of half the country, Kashmir, Sir Creek, and almost all 5-6 rivers.

    But hey... who cares?

  • Farooqui sahab,

    You forgot the Karachi incident where they destroyed military aircraft. If it was not the insider job to get more from the budget than it proves army's incompetency.

  • The nation is spending 70% budget on the army that is incapable of even defending the honour of the nation. We are being dishonoured and insulted by continual drone attacks. Iran is not a very big and strong country compared to the USA, but it shot down an American drone on violation of air space.

    At least some percentage of the 70% allocated to defence must be spent on R & D.

    What percentage of budget is used on education? Very ridiculous percentage!

  • Plz tell Iran to hit pk president hse and raiwind palace. Then hit USA caz agents of USA live here

  • Total Budget 2011-2012 Allocation: 2,767,000,000,000

    We should all be thanking his highness 'Zardari' and 'Kayani' for bestowing such greatness upon us: 1.44% (40,000,000,000) for Health and Education

    1.88% (50 Bn) allocated for all the transportation sector

    According to finance officials, Pakistan is budgeting 495 billion rupees ($5.8 billion) for defense, an 11.7 per cent increase from last year. Analysts said that was a realistic increase and was less than the annual rate of inflation which is at 13.04 per cent.

    Looking at above post shows, military spending is more than 10 times of the total budget for health and education.

    Another excerpt from the same article mentions of how budget is used:

    Analysts said there is hardly any room to cut on the expenditure side as 75 per cent of the Federal Board of Revenue’s tax revenue goes on debt servicing or interest repayments and security related expenditure.

    Looking at the decrease in defense expenditure by 2%, military foresaw the danger of further extinction of their 'perks', they concocted the drama of burning their own plane and staging the attack. After that we all know what happened, suddenly we saw approval for defense bufget increase.

    What a monkey country!

  • Thanks Mr. Rizwan for expressing substantial information. The most painful point is that the army always fail to defend the honour of the nation. Drone attacks are dishonouring and insulting our nation so badly. Drone attacks started couple of years back, but no adequate arrangements have been made to defend our national honour.

    Why should the nation waste resources so heavily for such an ineffective defence? Why should not our resources be spent on education and industries?

  • Does army want more fund? Can our poor country afford increased funding for army general's lavish life style?

  • Ill equipped in terms of arms or in terms of professional, capable and sincere leadership at top of the army.

    Pakistan is amongst the top 3 countries of the world when it comes to spending money on arms.

    Even then if it is ill equipped, then I am very surprised.

    Let army manage what it shall, professionally and honestly and then we will not need all this spending.

    It all boils down to leadership. Arms will not help if their is lack of professional leadership at top of the army.

  • @hypocrite,

    Bro, a p!ss poor country like us funds its armed forces to the tune of 25% of our GDP which is one of the highest in the world.

    Our men khakee our bankrupt in terms of material as well as quality of leadership being developed at PMA Kakul and our Defence and War Colleges. As state earlier, a major chunk of that 25% of GDP is spent on the real estate and corporate holding of the Army, Navy and Air Force welfare trusts. What little is left, is earmarked for defence acquisition across all three branches of the military.

  • Siddiq73 sahib.

    I agree with you but I guess it has to stop one day. Will the parties including PPP, PML, PTI which claim to have huge support of masses do something about it?

    Or each of them will try to overtake the other in continuing the support of misuse of public money.

  • I always think that we are not fair to anything even with ourselves .

    Our every organization is shaped into a mafia .

    All lies and we support liars .

  • Indigenously developed technology can be helpful to encounter the cases of aggression like those of Abbotabad and the check-post. Acquired technology will definitely disappoint the nation in any similar cases of aggression.

    Indigenous technology can be developed. Our scientists and engineers are capable of developing indigenous technology even with our limited economic resources. The problem is with the top brass of the army. They don't encourage any indigenous development of technology. What they really consider are just the sources of heavy bribery. The world knows how heavy sums of bribery were received even in the purchase of F-16 air-crafts.

  • “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

    This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • @Hussain,


    Indigenous technology can be developed. Our scientists and engineers are capable of developing indigenous technology even with our limited economic resources


    From our Education system and from our universities it is impossible to produce scientists of real value, our system not only lack the resources but also lack the Approach of being Research oriented; and definetly this cannot improve if we continue to spend about 1% of our budget on Education.