PML(N) Rally Against Loadshedding Smaller than PTI Rally

  • The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) held its protest against load shedding and the federal government on Saturday, though the rally was noticeably smaller than the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) protest on the same issue a day earlier.

    PML-N supporters gathered at Lohari Gate and marched to Urdu Bazaar, where MNA Hamza Shahbaz, son of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and PML-N Lahore President Pervez Malik, also an MNA, gave speeches blaming the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)-led coalition government in Islamabad for the long power outages in the Punjab.

    Meanwhile, a PPP leader wrote to President Asif Ali Zardari stating that the Punjab government was carrying out a “seditious campaign of protests” against the Centre and called for the dismissal of the provincial government and imposition of governor’s rule.


    The PML-N rally was led by Hamza Shahbaz, filling in for his father who left for London on a private visit on Friday. Addressing the participants, Shahbaz said that President Zardari was solely responsible for the electricity shortage in the country.

    Referring to the Supreme Court’s verdict in the rental power projects case, released on Friday, Shahbaz said that instead of acting to stem the energy shortfall during their time in office, the president and prime minister had chosen to reward their cronies with illegal contracts.

    Pervez Malik said that Saturday’s rally was the start of the chief minister’s “long march” against the federal government over load shedding. He said the rally showed that the people of Lahore were still with the PML-N.

    However, the turnout at the rally was clearly smaller than the rally a day earlier. Some observers said the PML-N’s rally was about a quarter of the size of the PTI rally on the same issue.

    Public knows the reality of NooraKusti league. I don't have to rely on someone's opinion I will give you a direct link for it.

    enjoy Noon League.

  • And how conveniently Shehzada Hamza Shehbaz forgets about Liaqat Jatoi of PML(N) who Supreme court is asking government to take action against.

  • enjoy Noon League


    i think patwaris were in their respective offices....thats why..

    saad rafiq and tola would be facing chitrol from SS.......

    Any chitrol pics @insaftak?????

  • Hehehehehehe.....I wish some people would shrug off this PML-N phobia.

  • look at hamzy body language......

  • LOL PML(N) Phobia hum to roz roz threads nahi create kartey about failed pti rallies and Jalsas.


  • And this after Quarter page Ads featuring in News Papers for the last few days advertising the Rally....

  • Lo gee kero lo ghar they spending more public money on self promotion.

  • i was waiting for chitrol pics as a result of jalsi.....:(

  • and the Munafiq league didn't bother lodging a FIR against shehzada Hamza Sharif and special advisers to the King Nawaz Sharif of Raiwand.

  • Punjab Govt. please stop this non-sense, and stop the ppl from destroying private and public assets. Mian sb plz grow up!

  • @siddiqi73

    Hehehehehehe.....I wish some people would shrug off this PML-N phobia.

    So you know the meaning of "phobia",,,,,,,,,, I am surprised.

  • There have been so many meetings between Nawaz Sharif sahib and Zardari, Nawaz Sharif sahib and Gillani in the last 4 years but when it comes to crucial issues like these which hamper the growth of the country, everyone shies away from meeting and candidly discussing these issues.

    But then do these leaders face any of this load shedding or they are kept immune from these issues. If they dont, then why shall they care?

  • PML-N FORCED Businesses to remain SHUT ..... and that many of the participants in PML-N rally were Government functionaries

  • People still having sleepless nights ;) Bhaijaan, its another hot day to contend with and a plethora of other issues to discuss concerning PML-N and PTI. As for rallies, Raat gai baat gai.

  • Ilzamis should decide among themselves. One Ilzami starts a thread saying PML-N rally was smaller than PTI's. Another Ilzami starts another thread about shut down of shops quoting a news report that says PML-N rally was bigger than PTI.

    Seems that just like its leader, the sheep herd is also in the habit of speaking first and thinking later.

  • Lol......I could go ahead and post pictures of yesterday's rally of PML (N) which would put the sheep herd to shame but by doing it, I would be contravening my own message of "Raat Gai Baat Gai." Hence Ilzami Kids are advised to come up with something prudent for all of us to brainstorm upon instead of talking about rallies.

  • I can never understand rallies in current Pakistan these days.

    Why can't these rallies be only on foot?

    To me it shows lack of commitment to the cause on the participants, when they ride cars, trucks and motorcycles.

    Plus, it shows hypocrisy on the participants. They are complaining about feul, gas and elect ricity prices and availability and the same time they are wasting fuel and polluting air by going on feul driven vehicles.

    Similarly, to have jalsas with chairs is anti-people when country is struggling to feed and educate its citizens.

  • @Adonis,

    But the same report also state that most of the PML-N rally comprised of government functionaries...

    So ye patwarion, clerks and teachers kee rally aapko mubarak ho... the award of bigger rally, the rally with most government employees, the rally with most patwaris and the award of the height of hypocrisy all goes to PML-N... Congratulations!!!!!

  • ^^^ Khisiani Billi Khamba Nochay!