Imran Khan gives open to Challenge to Nawaz Sharif

  • Today in "To the point", the great leader Imran khan gives open challenge to Nawaz Sharif for one to one discussion on the solution for Pakistan..

    Can Mughle azam dare to come in front of IK ?

  • عمران خان میں ہمت ہے تو اپنی جماعت کو انتخابات میں اتاریں، الیکشن کا بائیکاٹ کرنا بند کردیں۔ انتخابات ٹی وی پر یا انٹرنیٹ پر نہیں ہوں گے۔

  • @???????? ????????

    Bhai ap phelay mian sb se PMLN me election karwa de, apka bohat ehsan hoga!

  • پچھلے الیکشن سے پہلے شیخ رشید کہ رہا تھا کہ اب روایتی سیاست ختم ہو گیی اور بس میڈیا پر بازی لے جانا ہی سب کچھ ہے، پھر نتیجہ اسنے دیکھہ لیا

    پی ٹی آئ والوں کو بھی اب اندازہ ہو گیا ہے ورنہ بھانت بھانت کے الیکٹبلز اکٹھے کرنے کی تہمت نہ لگواتے

  • Hahahahaha....what a knob-head! A dude who pees in his pants at the sight of elections and by-elections....a guy who does not even have a spine to face the second tier leadership of N-League like Ahsan Iqbal or Khawaja Saad Sharif is now challenging NS. Little does he realize that NS is the leader of Pakistan's second biggest political party and not a self appointed Kochwan of some Tanga Party. It's below the level of NS to even spit in the direction of such a dimwit.

    Yaar bunday kee shakal achee na ho....kum-uz-kum baat hee achee kar lay.

    I hope that someday Medical Science would advance to a level when a sharp mind would be easily retrofitted inside a totally empty upper deck overwhelmed by cobweb, as in the case of the poster who initiated such a comical thread. Lol!

  • Nawaz Sharif na tao Imran Khan ka one to one debate mein Maqbla kar sakta ha, aur na he one to one election mein Muqabla kar sakta ha.

    Agar Lahore mein Imran ne Nawaz Sharif ka Muqabla kia tao Nawaz Sharif kee zamanat zabat ho jaay gee.

  • @sidd

    come on bhai, please lets have this trend in our politics, this is the way forward. This is how we can get rid of electables, reduce election expenses and a can make public more aware of the issues.

  • @Shahji,

    Pahlay Imran Khan ko election larnay kay liya razi tu kar lo!!! Boycott Khan nay tu bahanay talash karna shoroo kar diyeh hain elections ka boycott karnay kay liya.

    Shahji, tusi hun jann diyo.....aap PPP ko support karnay say dartay ho aur sirf PML-N ki nafrat mein Bongay Khan ko bilawajah support kar rahay ho. Murd ho tu PPP ko support karo.

  • @abdulhameed Bhai,

    Is that what IK said? Sorry I did not watch the program; not that I have any desire to waste my time. But the fact of the matter is that anything which comes out of the mouth of this hypocrite should be taken with a pinch of fart only.

  • When is Boycott Khan planning to have an open debate with Altaf Bobby or the idea has been shelved on the alter of expediency:

  • @sidd

    Bhai, i had a different argument, i think this is the way we can make our public more aware of the issues and we can get rid of the elecables by promoting the ideology, so ppl vote a party not a candidate.

    Chuma, chuma, what should i call it, so plz stick to the topic.

  • siddiqi73@

    Agar zardari PPP ko chor de tao PPP aaj be meri favorite party ha.

    Jab tak zardari es ka leader ha. Mein Zardari ko support nein kar sakta. Imran, Zardari aur Nawaz Sharif se behtar option ha, es liay usay support kar raha hoon.

    Aap Nawaz Sharif ke zati Malazam hein. Noon league ke liay propaganda karna aap kei job ha. aap mein meri tarah jurat nein ha keh aap bee Nawaz Sharif ke maazi ke kartootoon ke khalaf kuch bolain aur Imran khan ko support karain. Mein kesi ka zati malzam nein hoon, aap kee tarah. es liay apnay zameer ke mutabiq faisla karnay mein aazad hoon.

  • @Shahji,

    Aap ka zameer?! Wah wah wah...kiya chawal phir aap nay chor dee....Bhaijaan, app ki political support ki inconsistency aap ki posts par saaf zahir hain; bilkul aap kay mood kay mutabiq. Kabhi aap ki nazar mein Bonga Khan ISI ka tatoo hai tu kabhi aik inquilabi, Kabhi Zardari chor hai tu kabhi Zardari Quaid-e-Azam hai...aur NS kay tu aap kabhi bhee supporter nahi rahay tu I'll give you some points there :D

    Aur bhai propaganda karna mera farz hai meri job nahi. Zardari-Imran Itehad ka kriya karam karna bohat zaroori hai.

  • siddiqi73@

    Mein apnay moqaf par phelay din se puri tarah qaim hoon. Mera one point agenda ha. woh yeh ha.

    Paksitan, Nawaz Sharif aur Noon league kee ghundagardi kee wapsi ka mutammaal nein ho sakta. es liay essay bachana zaruri ha.

    Agar Imran khan jeet jaay tao zardari se behtar ha. laken Nawaz Sharif kee ghundagardi se tao Zardari bee 1000 time behtar ha.

  • بغض نواز

    شاہ صاحب آپ مہان ہیں

  • @ALi Ch

    Bhai jaan, mein Nawaz kee ghundagardi se etana ziadah waqaf hoon, aur puri eimaandaari se yeh samjta hoon keh es se bura, budzaban, chor lutaira aur behoodah leader pakistan kee tareekh mein padia nein huwah. es ko aap bugaz keh lain, yaa jo marzi. laken mari raay yahee ha.

  • Nawaz Sharif dont even have the courage to appear on live interviews, SO doing a one to one debate with any one is a far cry...

    He only appears in interviews where he have option of 'MULTIPLE TAKES' :), and that too when the qustion paper is shared in Advance and with him having the EDITING OPTIONS as well...

    And in the end if he dont like something for what ever reason he like to reserve the option to confiscate cameras/tapes and throw the interviewer out :)

  • Since Pagal Khan's supporters take great pride in their leader's ability to be on talk show on a regular basis....I would suggest that he should also now start his own Political Talk Show/Cooking show titled "Imrana Apa aur in ki Chawal/Totkay"

    To be quiet honest, since the election boycott are just around the corner, the above might just happen :D

  • siddiqi73@

    Aap Noon league waloon kee sari arguments hujat bazi aur ulti seedhi budzabani par mubani hoti ha. Aap logoon ke paas koi sensible jawab tao kabi hota nein. Aap log apni job sahee taor par nein kar rahay. Noon league se mufat aur haram kee tankhawah le rahay hein, aur woh bee punjab ke sarkari khazanay se.

  • No We dont take great Pride in IK's debating abilities, as we know its not one of his strong points and we know there are thousands better thn him,

    BUT definetly compared to 'MUNAFIQ SHARIF', he is thousand times better..