Tsunami Never Produces Any Positive Results-Hmour

  • Some natural calamities bring out positive results also besides causing disasters. For example, floods bring fresh and fertile sand to agricultural lands. Similarly,heavy rainfalls fill in fresh underground water for tube wells and clear environment from pollution.

    The leader and supporters of a particular political party always vow to bring a tsunami. I wonder what may be the advantages to tsunami besides the disasters it will cause. I have never heard that tsunami has any no positive results like floods and heavy rainfalls. Can somebody describe the advantages of tsunami, if there are any?

  • Teacher to Pappu,


    PAPPU Btao k Gunaah Gar Log Toba Krne K Bad Kahan Jate Hain?




    Pappu:- Sir g Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf Mein...

  • @H-U-R

    Very funny...tweeting it to others now...

  • love to puppoo

  • HF,

    I don't know the science of tsunami but this tsunami is different one. This tsunami is coming to cleanup the corruption and corrupt people like Sharif Family and Bhutto-Zardai Family and all there supporters.

  • Tsunami Tsunami Hoti Hai

    Corruption ko Tabah karay ya aik Mazloon insaan ko

  • A tsunami mostly kills innocent and common people.

  • Tsunami had been and will be causing only destruction. A buzz word only for PTI politics.

    Positive side: Not likely to happen, not likely to cause destruction.


  • Tsunami is a negetive term and causing destruction. Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 killed more than 230,000 innocent people.

  • God forbid! as per the opinions of the friends expressed above, tsunami may cause us further devastation. Henceforth, Imran must must some other terminology to warn his political rivals.

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