NA 118

  • Last time PML-N won this seat but this time it will be a landslide victory for PTI hands down.

  • syed asif hashmi will win in na118 for sure

  • Nothing is there in this constituency for PTI...this time neck to neck contest will be there between PMLN and Asif Hashmi...the only constituency which pppp can win from Lahore....PML N if plant a family member then PML N can again win this constituency....Shahbaz Sharif may fought from this constituency and to beat S.S is almost impossible...

  • @ MuazzamAli

    bro what abt Salman butt contesting frm there on pmln ticket mean in allience .

  • If PML-N gives any seat to JI from lahore , it will be a big bullshit by them. JI has never won a single seat from lhr on its own.

    This particular seat was previoulsy NA-92 consisting of shahdara , minar-pakistan area. PPP has never won this seat since 88. In 88 Maj.MH Ansari won on JUP ticket because IJI withdrew its candidate .

    so , i don't think that PPP can win this seat. Asif Hashmi is i think currently chairman of evacuee trust and i think he will be disqualifed for 2 years to contest .

  • @ Sharf aadmi

    bro i tend to disagree with u on NA 118. i think this seat will be hard fought among 3 parties. i mean PTI,PPP,PMLN will go neck to neck on this seat . and i m going for very narrow ppp win. is k ilawa lahore ki baqi urban seats pmln jeet jaye gi . from 119 to NA 127. While PTI cud win frm Na 128 and 129.

  • There is no seat for PPP and PTI from Lahore

    Last time PML-N scooped all the seats right from NA 118 to NA 128 with huge margins

    PPP managed to get only two seats from NA 129 and NA 130

    These two seats were from the rural/remote areas of the Lahore

    But this time no seat for PPP due to GOOD GOVERNANCE ACROSS THE BOARD

    Even Samina Ghurki will lose their safest family seat from NA 130

    Even there is a fear of shoe therapy of PPP candidates during the election campaign due to 24/7 load shedding

    Let alone NA 118 PTI can't win even a single seat from Lahore

    Their candidates can get max 15,000 +/- votes

    But to win a seat from Lahore you need to score 50,000 plus votes on an average

    Last but not least last time Asif Hashmi(PPP) scored 24,000 votes from NA 118

    But PML-N candidate scored 55,000 votes

    Asif Hashmi can never manage this gap specially when he will be holding Zardari party's ticket

    Mian Azhar who could be the next candidate of PTI from here last time could score only 11,000 votes

    So no chance for PPP and PTI from Lahore

  • chaudaru80,

    I respect your oponion but as i said earlier that ppp has never won this seat since 77 and there is no obvious reason for better performance this time.

    ppp even couldn't win a bye election in 93 when ppp govt was in power but in centre and province. Haji Aziz ur rehman chan , lost to abbas sharif and in the main 93 elections , Mian NS won from this constituency despite PIF candidate (Syed Munawar Hassan --current JI Chief) .

    May be there are some facts which i m unaware but lets see what happens.

  • @Sharif Aadmi

    Ok bro lets see what happens . but one thing is sure k PMLN wil sweep urban part of lahore . and pti wil not even get 30000 votes in urban part of Lahore.

  • @Volcano

    bro i think if PPP and PTI combined in na 128 and in 129 than they cud win these seats. waht do u think ? remember the by elections result of pp 160 where PTI got 20000 votes.

  • chaudaur80

    30k is a big number and i don't see that happening for PTI in any of urban lahore consittuency.

    Urban lahore politics is not around personalities , its more party based. I remeber in 93 new comers of PML-n (Like tariq banday) defeated all despite big hype of PIF .

    There are 2/3 suburban lahore seats , one this khokar seat , other ghurki/dyal seat . But if u look at 2008 results , samina ghurki won but second was not dyals rather it was a lady (whom i don't know) on PML-N ticket which is quite astonishing to me.

    Regarding PTI-PPP alliance, i don't see that happening because if that happens , IK will loose any apppeal if any. And that won't be helpful to any.

  • @ sharif Aadmi

    g janab sahi farmaya aap ne . waisy ab kiya position hai NA 128 , 129 ,130 ki. waisy mein overall ppp,PTI k itihaad ka nai keh raha tha . i was just talking abt 2 seats where they cud do seat adjustment.

  • chaudaru bahi,

    Even if PTI-ppp make an alliance on couple of seats, it will be fatal for both.

  • There is no PTI-PPP alliance quit trying to make up stories. PTI is not going make any seat adjustments with PPP or PML (N). JI is the only party that might make seat adjustment with PTI in Lahore.

  • lahoria bahi,

    Thats percisely what i m saying . By making any alliance with PPP or PML-N , IK will loose any charm if any at all.

  • lahori jee,

    btw , do u reckon that JI is any force in lahore or for that matter in any part of pakistan ?

  • @lahoria84a

    ager ellania allience nai b hua to ghier elenia tour per PPP aur PTI ka allince moujod hai . for example IK ne NRO ko challange nia kia tha court mein aur u know k PPP ko to faida tha NRO ka . is k ilawa Abottabad issue per PPP bhi Army ka against kuch na boli aur na he IK kuch bola Army k agianst. is k ilawa Pasha ko PPP bhi like kerti thi aur IK bhi . is k ilawa long march wale din Zardari bhi judges ko restore nai kerna chata tha aur IK bhi chup gaya tha yani wo bhi andar khaane judges ko restore nai kerna chata tha . is k ilaawa Musharf ko guard of honour ppp ne dia aur IK ne bhi musharaf k khilaaf kuch na kaha . MQM ko PPP bhi like kerti hai aur ab IK bhi MQM ki taarefen kerna start ho gaye hain . remembre karachi jalsa where IK didnt spoke k single word against MQM. so mere bhai the policies r same of both PTI and PPP.

  • chaudaru bahi,

    i strongly differ with u on this . these r mere allegations on IK.

    IK stood with movement for restoration of judiciary from day one.

    REgarding PPP liking MQM , thats a total crap. PPP doesn't like mqm at all ,its their majboori.

    similarly with IK , he has done everything possible but hasn't been able to prove anything thats why he is shut up these days.

  • @ sharf aadmi

    bro but why he DIDNT speak against MQM in karachi jalsa and why he didnt demanded resignation on Pasha and kiyni or even ask govt to establish a judicial commision .? and where was he on long march day ?

  • chaudaru bahi

    Against MQM he had no proof since day one and it was all crap like what NS did in 92 or 98 or BB or Gen.Asif Nawaz did during 90's.

    What i have heard is that he was in Isb and had intended to join it over there but long march succeeded before that. But , u can't write off all his standing against sacking of judges just because he was not seen on long march day. Sorry gentleman , thats not logical. We should give the devil his due share.