NA 126 - Lahore-IX

  • 2008 Result:

    Umer Sohail Zia Butt PML (N) 69718

    Syed Hasnat Ahmed PPPP 25056

    Muhammad Idrees PML (Q) 23657

    This used to be PML-N's den but this time PTI will win with a huge margin.

  • I would partially agree. If Umer Sohail Zia Butt or any of his family member is allocated a ticket from this constituency, than yes; PML N will lose by quiet some distance.

  • Are you still stuck here?? I am on other constituencies.

  • @ siddiqui73.

    boss meri shart bhool agye aap . mein ne aap ko kaha tha k Ik will contest frm any urban seat of lahore . mean frm na 119 to 127 . sir g yaad karen meri shart . i agian say k IK will not contest here jeetna to bohat dor ki baat hai who ever pmln candidate . mark my words sir g .............. ager aisa na hua to jo jarmaana aap kahen gay i wll pay . MARK MY WORDS AND TIME AND DATE . U ALSO @ ANCOR.

  • Chaudaru Bhai,

    Saangsaar Khan tu shaid ab Mianwali seat say bhee na contest karay.

  • IK claims credit for NUMAL college located Mianwali SKMH all the time, but here you can see how Ajmal Niazi a well know columnist also belongs to Mianwali told the story that how he wanted to build a hospital in Mianwali and how IK "helped" him. He also says that IK also can not afford to stand against USA. Ajmal Niazi's word are very simple but that tell a story if we read this column carefully

  • Yet another case was registered yesterday against Omer Suhail Zia Butt for trying to forcibly occupy a citizen's house.

    It is time for Nawaz Sharif to get rid of these goons whom he has been promoting due to their loyalty and relation to him.

    If PML-N wants to retain this seat, Khawaja Hassaan or some other respected worker has to be the candidate.

  • vanchor@

    Brother I am agree with you, PTI is very strong on this seat, Noon league has very little chance in next election.

  • ^^^^ Shahji, Facebook party has only contested in this constituency once back in 2002 when Dr. Shahid Siddique secrued 12,000 votes and finished 4th. I would appreciate if you can give an opinion based on tangible facts and not for the sake of only agreeing with someone just cause you are hater.

  • i think in lahore there will an alliance between ppp, pmlq and pti on some seats beause ppp has aroung 20k votes on each seat that cannot win them any seat probably except fron one; they (along with pmlq) will vote for pti like they did for talli; but i think the margin is so high that it will be difficult to beat pmln; may be upset on 1-2 seats if pmln dnot put candidate with good repute; alhthohgh it seems unlikely e.g case ahisnt but and also resigning of khosa suggests something

  • @adonis . i dont think omer sohail zia butt will get PMLN ticket.I have a information that may be any member from Sharif family might contest here or Khaja Hassan or may b Liaqauat Baloch if J.I make allience with PMLN . And i have roumours bat Hafiz Saeed may contest from Lahore in allince with PMLN . It will be intersting if that happens.

  • i dont see pmln will accomodate JI too much; just look at the votes of hafiz salman butt in bye-elction; but probably pmln will vote for baloch if he agrees to contest agianst IK; hafiz i dont think so

  • @ mangomam.

    bro IK will contest on any urban seat of lahore as i already bet . or may be IK may contest against nawaz sharif. mein eik dafa phir shart laga raha hon k IK will contest from lahore on any urban seat . mark my words , date and time plz . ager Ik lahore se contest kerta hai to jo aap fine lagao ge i will pay that .

  • @ chaudaru80

    That is an interesting bet.

    My information is that PTI decided a couple of days back that Imran Khan will contest from either NA 122 or NA 126 and maybe from both.

    But it is contingent upon PTI not boycotting and actually competing in elections.

  • @ adonis .

    bro yes IK has thought abt contesting In na 126 and 122 after his jalsa back in oct. but now political situation has changed . IK is mostly depending on Modren areas of these halqas. and u also know that whole of these halqas r not modren. and becoz i have lived in lahore for more 10 yers i know that he has no penetration in poor class . plus traders will go with N as well. so thats why IK has dropped taht idea . and this was told to me by A PTI lahore leador. ya yeh ho skta hai k IK may contest agianst Nawaz Sharif . Bcoz lossing to Nawaz is less embarising then losing to some other 2ND tear leador of PMLN. so i m changing my bet litlle bit. ager IK larra to sirf Nawaz sharif k agianst he contest kare ga . LOL

  • no, i think if IK decides to contest from lahore; either pmln will support baloch/ji ya apna koi grass root level worker contest karai gi; look at larkana; when ghunwa bhutto contested then bb withdraw and gave ticket to her other party worker

  • @ mangomam.

    yes aisa ho sakta hia . i think in taht case khaja hassan is gud choice . what do u think.?

  • i totally agree; my assesment is that more then 50 % candidates of pmln from lahore will be new (i mean not the ones that are sitting mnas) and ss/maryam nawaz will compaign

  • yes. yaar any idea abt na 130 ? if yes then why dont u open new thread abt NA 130

  • @Mango,

    Maryam Nawaz campaigning? Are you sure that she'll not be contesting the NA election herself from Lahore. In the event she is and Facebook Party does not boycott, what is the possibility of her contesting against Ponka Khan?