Power Outage Solution

  • I was going through the mainstream media talkshows today and i came across this.Two high profile politicians of our country have presented their own brand of solution to power outage in pakistan.

    Ch Shujaat has pledged to provinces that each province was given 10% extra NFC Award so they in national interest should return that temporarily to provide electricity.

    Meanwhile Shahbaz Sharif in an internal meeting(claimed by najam sethi) has asked something else and it is really interesting. He demands that all provinces should buy electricity from federal on flat rate basis. The tarrif decision for its respective consumers , distribution and recovery of money should be headache of respective province and not the federal disco's.

    If we analyse mr sharif's proposal what he has in back of his mind is that mis management on recovery of electrical bills and electricity theft should not be transferred to another province.From a pessimist point of view his proposal is full of ("sobayyat") a.k.a provincialism but if you look at it positively every province people can easily judge themselves and their governments

    I am creating this thread to seek your opinion that which of the above proposal is better just for sake of discussion and if you have in mind some other proposal you can share it too.

  • How about prov goverment get permission to set up their own power support system... they build their own power generators Nuke power plants rather then depending on Tarbila and WAPDA.

  • One solution is to oust those who have power and misuse their power which results in power outage for masses.

  • Both solutions are very good. Shujaat's is even better but shahbaz is not bad either.

    Line losses are highest in karachi. Industrial and domestic consumers of karachi are the biggest bijli chor and no other region should be penalised for someone else's bijli chori.

    Yeh altaf bobby walay aur doosri sindh kee parties hurr waqt sobaee khudmukhtiarii kaa gaana gaati hein, tou lo yeh khudmukhtiari aur wasoolo bijli kay bill.