Anchors of Pakistani Talk Shows: Lovable or Hatable?

  • It has been many years that political talk shows are being aired on private TV channels. The more you do a job the better is the result. Hang on; we cannot say this about Pakistani talk shows. A year ago, I used to watch 100% of the talk shows and over the period of time it has reduced to less than 5% of the shows. Any thoughts? Yes, you are right, the credit goes to anchorpersons. In my opinion, now is the time when the anchors of Pakistani talk shows should come up with a new and improved strategy for conducting shows.


    Thanks to Kashif Abbasi and Jasmeen Manzoor for inviting a crowd of politicians. Their shows end up like crows fighting with each other. The echoed voice of poor Jasmeen “For God sake, tone down” doesn’t help at all.


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  • Most of the talk shows are like dog fighting or murgha fighting shows. Sometimes, very abusive and derogatory language is used to suppress each other. A friend of mine who went to Hajj told me that the Indian citizens enjoy watching the wild Pakistani talk shows and then ridicule about the society of Pakistan. These talk shows reflect a very poor image of our social society.

  • These talk shows reflect a very poor image of our social society.


    And isn't it the true image?

  • Dear Bhai Saheb,

    India is the most infected country as per the of World Heath Organization, but their media project their infected country as 'Shinning India'. The USA is a country where thousands of cases of women's rape and robberies do occur on daily basis, but their media project their country as the most civilized and disciplined country.