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  • @wikithegreat shame on u dear. ager himmat thi to zara miyan sahb ka 2009 ,2010 ,2011 k tax ka zokar bhi karaty. aur yeh bhi batate k miyan sahb ne 2009 mein 17 lak, 2010 mein 25 lakh, aur 2011 mien bhi 25 lakh tax dia . is k ilawa yeh bhi ziker kertay k Sharif family ne FBR k official dacuments k mutabiq 2009 se 2011 tak 498 million k income tax dia hai. aap ko yeh bhi zikar kerna chaiye tha k miyan sahb ne 2008 mein 5000 tax is liye dia bcoz wo 2007 mein mulk se bahir thea aur yahan pakistan mein kisi bhi business mein un ka share nai tha .

  • @Chaudaru,

    I have a few very simple questions about this which i will ask but before that if you can please provide any reference for the following statement of yours;

    Sharif family ne FBR k official dacuments k mutabiq 2009 se 2011 tak 498 million k income tax dia hai

  • @Chaudaru & Rasheed

    I am not sure if someone need to clear you the difference b/w Excise Tax, Sales Tax & Income Tax.

    Income Tax:- Its payable on the profit or the income after all the expenditures. I guess its 30% in case of corporate.

    Excise Tax:- An excise or excise tax (sometimes called a duty of excise special tax) is commonly referred to as an inland tax on the sale, or production for sale, of specific goods; or, more narrowly, as a tax on a good produced for sale, or sold, within a country or licenses for specific activities.

    GST:- 16% which is paid by the client or customer, not the manufacturer.

    In the above video, mian sb claimed that Chotay mian sb and Barday mian sb paid about 50, 00, 000 (from 4 companies) rupess tax including GST & Exicse Tax.

  • Individual income tax is paid not on the profit of the business but on dividend received which is share of the profit actually paid to the stock holder.

    Furthermore, there is a difference in tax treatment of resident Pakistanis and non-residents. Non-residents usually get significant tax exemptions. This is why the tax paid on 2007 income was less as Nawaz Sharif was non-resident at the time.

    Anyone who knows even little bit about taxes knows that there is nothing suspicious about these tax payments. This is why PTI leaders make hue and cry on media where they can fool ignorant people but never dare to complain to FBR or to any court because they are aware that there is no tax evasion going on here.

    It is just a case of keep on lying, at least some people will start believing.

  • @Ad

    In the above video, mian sb claimed that Chotay mian sb and Barday mian sb 4 companies paid about 50, 00, 000 rupess tax including GST & Exicse Tax. To me it looks a small amount for four companies.

  • @Adonis

    Bro, how would you explain that?

  • All companies file quarterly and annual account statements with SECP. FBR can audit any tax payer.

    I can not accuse any one of tax evasion just because "to me it seems a small amount for four companies".

    Again, had there been any substance in tax evasion allegations, PTI would have immediately gone to FBR asking for an audit as FBR actively seeks leads and even pays handsome amounts to anyone who correctly reports a tax evader.

    The failure of PTI to do so clearly shows that there is no truth in these allegations.

  • @Adonis

    What about the above video?

    Who will be investigating these things? Federal Govt? I think, then you have not closely seen PPP govt. They(PPP Govt.) did not file a single major corruption case, though the corruption increased (8, 500 billion ruppes according to Transparency Intl). Even if anyone would ask FBR to do audit, Zardari sb would either decline it or assign an investigator who would never able to see anything, as its proven in the case of Hajj & NICL. Babar awan and Rehman malik has said Zardari sb has already advised PPP Govt., not to open any case against mian sb.

    When recently chotay mian sb asked about zardari sb's accounts in Swiss banks, rehman malik asked him to be quiet otherwise he can expose him as well. so, what do u expect in this scenario?

  • Instead of flogging the same ol' dead horse and in the process, breaking their own arms; Ilzamis are advised instead to post a petition on demanding from their leader on the status of his planned agitation against tax evaders and folks who don't declare their assets. The promise was made on record about five months ago and nothing has been heard on this subject since then.

  • @Abdulhameed,

    Don't approach the FBR, at least take something to the Supreme Court or you think that Zardari would ask the CJ to hold off an inquest into NS's assets and tax evasion?

  • @siddiqi73

    Bhai have not you seen that in Hajj & NICL case, what Gilani sb did to the officers investigating the cases, i think, one was sent to Gilgit and other was posted in Lahore academy. I believe if the prosecutor is under the influence of politicians, its impossible to investigate any politicians case.

  • Again No Wonder, the only thing PPP & PML-N were not able to agree on in these 4 years is the 'Accountability Act'; to formulate an independent Accountability Bureau