NA-53 RWP iV

  • 2008 Elections Result:

    Ch. Muhammad Kamran Ali Khan Independent 13390

    Ch. Nisar Ali Khan PML (N) 72257

    Sardar Shoaib Mumtaz Khan PPPP 18388

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan PML (Q) 49068

    Faisal Iqbal Independent 21713

    Kashif Ali Khan MQM 238

    salam to all of u. i just wana share u presnt political situation of NA 53.last tym it was neck to neck

    fight btween ch nisar and sarwar khan and the winner was ch present ch nisar is vry strng bt thr r some rumrs that rt lft qayyum may contst on this seat on pmln tiket.And gen qayyum was chairman of pof.which has total capacty of around 2 lakh peole in wah cant area.gen qyum was chairman of pof and he has done vry gud job for pof.gen qayum has vry good repo.he can win for as pti concrn thr is a rift btween pti loacl leadrship and sarwar khan team.if sarwar khan contest on pti tiket thn it wil be a gud for a social persnlty faisal iqbal who has 20 to 25 thosand his own vote bank can join pmln and he wil be a canidate in pp-8.around wah cantt pmln is vry strng like in taxla chakri and in negbring villages whr ch nisar has vry strng own vote.whr the strng persns of reletve areas r wid pmln like raja saeed malik misri khan raja ayub fayaz tanoli kohistani it is a vry fair win for pmln.i jst wana share somthing for alll of u that some one has asked ik why u r gvng tiket to sarwar khan he rep that i hav to defeat ch nisar.similalry some one asked ch nisar that wat do u think sarwar khan is joining pti nisar rep that he has made my task easi...and this is a conclusion for all pti suportrs............. i jst wana mention that last tym sawr got 48 and nisar got 73 thousand.............. in my openion ch nisar is hundrd percnt in safe position...

  • In 2008 elections:

    Ch. Muhammad Kamran Ali Khan Independent 13390

    Ch. Nisar Ali Khan PML (N) 72257

    Sardar Shoaib Mumtaz Khan PPPP 18388

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan PML (Q) 49068

    Faisal Iqbal Independent 21713

    Kashif Ali Khan MQM 238

  • Sarwar Khan "the matriculate" fake degree fame minister of Musharraf is likely to be the PTI candidate from NA-53. PPP which used to have strong support among POF laborers is now very weak in this constituency and its candidate Shoaib Mumtaz was 4th in 2008 elections. However, son of Ch. Aslam of Chakri (ex MPA and bitter rival of Ch. Nisar)is likely to be the PPP candidate this time. Given that he has his own vote bank (13 K votes in 2008), he should perform better than Shoiab Mumtaz and may end up at 3rd spot.

    Faisal Iqbal is a young trader who is quite popular in Wah area. PPP tried to woo him earlier but did not succeed. If PTI can get him on board, he will be a useful addition and if given provincial ticket, can be hard to beat.

    However in NA constituency, Ch. Nisar is in very good position. Even though Malik Riaz will spend a lot of money in support of his opponents, Nisar should win with ease.

  • @sher e pakistan &Adonis. gud analysis bros by both of u . so u both think k Ch.nisar and PMLN is on driving seat in that halqa. by the way welcome sher e pakistan to pkpolitics.

  • @ sher e pakistan.

    has gen.quyyum joined pmln ?

  • Gen. Qayyum has not joined either PML-N or PTI. There was talk of his joining PML-N and getting ticket on NA-60 Chakwal (Ayaz Amir seat) but that did not happen.

    If Gen Qayyum does not join any political party, he will be a strong candidate for a prominent position in the care taker government.

  • If things are so hanky dory for PML-N then I wonder what is the fuss about? The nervy nerves have another story to tell, perhaps?

  • @ sultanalikhan. bro i dont know abt other cities but rawalpindi surely again going to PMLN .

  • @ adonis . bro i have heard that he met with CM Punjab.

  • @ chaudro80

    Even if Gen Qayyum joins PML-N, in all likelihood he will contest from NA-60, his home area, rather than NA-53.

  • ok

  • If we see in detail the opponent of NAK got around 95K votes which is more than 23K, and interest of MR to beat NAK may combined all, then it is really a difficult situation. And it was happened in past to beat a big leader, all opposition made alliance, Like Mustafa Khar and Mustafa joti were the examples in past.

    Same Aitzaz ahsan from LHR or Ch. Shujat of gujrat in recent election.

    So please all nooners have to make risk analysis before giving straight win. And i am 95 % sure this time it is going to happen, NAK will be a tough election. In before election he always a huge support from establishment and most of voters understand he has good link with establishment. But no this is not the case.

  • @ tahirnaseem

    It is not necessarily correct that if all opponents of PML-N combine, they'll get all votes not polled in favor of Ch Nisar. Except for the votes received by PPP candidates, none of the other opponents got party votes. So the alliance of PPP, Q league and PTI which is going to be there in NA-53 can not get all non-PML-N votes.

    For example, most of the votes polled for independent candidate Faisal Iqbal are wah cantt educated votes which will never go to the PTI-PP-Q League alliance candidate Ghulam Sarwar Khan and will either not poll or cast votes for Ch Nisar. The only way this alliance can get these votes is if the alliance candidate is Faisal Iqbal himself in which case Ghulam Sarwar Khan will contest independent as he only joined Tehreek i Insaf on the promise of ticket. Even if PTI gets Faisal iqbal as its provincial candidate still his votes won't go to Ghulam Sarwar in NA.

    The bottom line is that a combined candidate against Ch Nisar will not be able to get all votes of other 2008 candidates.

    So Ch. Nisar should be quite safe on this seat.

  • @ tahir bahi. r u kidding . kia last 2 elections mein Ch .Nisar ko establishment ki support hasil thi ???? and answer would b BIG NO. bulk aap k Sarwar kahn ko last donoan elections mein establishment ki support hasil thi aur surely ab bhi hasil hai . but jis tarah 2008 mein sarwar kahn ko muasharaf nai bacha saka inshAllah is dafa Kiyani bhi nai bacha sake ga . mark my words date and time plz . ager aisa na hua to jo fine aap kahen gay i will pay .

  • I m surprise who naive u made analysis. some time it is necessary to support opposition leader, Nisar always had establishment supports, then why only he meet to PASAH and kiyani in nights.............????

    i know u all PML-N worker but i m loyal to PML and vote for him but i seen some thing different here.

    Remember the case of Shujat hussain, he has full support of establishment but why loss, because PML-N and PPP decide hwhat so ever he should not be in Assembly.

    2nd for nisar support of establishment is due to that if he not won, then sure short JH will be the opposition leader which was not good for even for NS

    So my friend look for other scenario if you are not paid and really honest for NAK and PML, then have to courage to speak truth.

    This is biggest problem of our society that always look good, ideal things. The best way to make things good to eliminate the bad things, mean in this case NAK and PML has to work to have atleast 2 of last election candidates with them.

    So minimize the chances of loss.

  • @ tahir bhai.

    yahi to mein aap se keh raha hon k kia Ch.nisaar ko 2002 mien aur 2008 mein establishment ki support hasil thi. 2008 mein sarwar kahn ko establishment ki himayat hasil thi and he lost with the margin of more than 22000. so i think it will easy win for PMLN.

  • @ i think ch nisaar will not contest on this seat. he will give ticket to Gen.quyyum . per jo bhi ho i m expecting round abt 100000 votes for pmln inshllah.

  • i'll only talk with facts here:

    1990 Election:

    Ch. Nisar Ali ≈ 78,000

    Ghulam Sarwar ≈ 63,000

    1993 Election:

    Ch. Nisar Ali ≈ 76,000

    Ghulam Sarwar ≈ 65,000

    1997 Election:

    Ch. Nisar Ali ≈ 79,000

    Ghulam Sarwar didn't contest

    2002 Election:

    Ch. Nisar Ali ≈ 57,000

    Ghulam Sarwar ≈ 67,000

    2008 Election:

    Ch. Nisar Ali ≈ 72,000

    Ghulam Sarwar ≈ 49,000

    So infact, Ghulam Sarwar has a constant vote bank of around 65,000. His vote bank dropped in 2008 caz he fought on ticket of PMLQ.

    Also, many people voted PMLN caz of hate against Musharraf Govt. This time the hate vote would obviously go to PTI too.

    Plus Imran Khan is attracting people which have never voted before! In 2008 Elections, around 164,000 votes were not polled. Even if 1/4 of this untouched voters (40,000) vote for PTI in addition to Ghulam Sarwar vote bank...

    It could be an EASY win for PTI here!!

  • Ilzamis never cease to demonstrate that logic is not their forte.

    The anti-musharraf vote that went against Ghulam Sarwar Khan (the matric pass fake degree holder minister of Musharraf) will now magically go into his favor? Why?

    Has Sarwar Khan now renounced Musharraf and apologized for his role in his administration? Has Imran Khan, the puppy-badal bhai of Musharraf, now suddenly become the epitome of anti musharraf sentiment?

    But to top all that, we have been told time and again that even though some electables have joined PTI, they will not be given tickets and party elections will be held and then the new local organizations of PTI will decide whom to nominate as candidate, blah, blah, blah. But here Ilzamis are discussing the prospects of Sarwar Khan, the PTI candidate from NA-53. So party elections have been held and the newly elected organization has nominated Sarwar Khan, but this "historic development has been kept hidden from public?"

  • @ Sheri pakistan...

    Bro where R u ? U have perdicted that Gen.Quyyum will Join PMLN ... and it happens ....

    @ Adonis Bhai

    leave iy yaar .... They have No logic ...