NA-175- Rajanpur-II (Rajan Pur Tehsil)

  • 2008 Result:

    Meer Doost Muhammad Mazari PPPP 78427

    Sardar Nasrullh Khan Dreshak. PML (Q) 46210

    This is my 1st post ever in PkPolitics. I am the residence of same constituency. This is the most backward area of South Punjab bordering with Province Sindh.

    For the past many years from this constituency, Sardars are winning in the elections. Out of 2 sardars, one is sardar Mir Balakh Sher Mazari (Ex care taker Prime minister) and the 2nd is Sardar Nusrullah Khan Dreeshak. As their names shows, both are tribal heads of Mazari and dreeshak Tribes. In last election Mir Doost Khan Mazari ( Grand son of Balakh Mazari)won the election on the ticket of PPP.

    This is the 1st time that now we have realized that we should get rid of these sardars. Amazingly this has happened due to 2010 Floods. When Flood came into our area our sardars has diverted the direction of water from their lands to the small villages where people were living. This angered the people and in the same time Shahbaz Sharif came for rescue and he again diverted the direction of water to the sardars lands and he helped a lot. Anyone can see his efforts on google by searching Shahbaz sharif in Rajan Pur/ Mithan kot.

    Due to his efforts, many of the people joined PMLn. It looks that In the Upcoming elections,PMLn can win the election in this area if any of the sharif family member will contest or any of their worker will contest.

    But i fear they will no do so and they will still rely on sardars to win the seat for them. If they will do so, it will be the death of PMLn in our area. They might secure the seat but they will loose their thousands of workers. These workers can join PTI and the result can be opposite for them. No chance for PPP for this election.

  • @Masood abbas welcome brother 2 pk politics and nice analysis. thanks for doing that . so what abt Aatif mazari MPA . will he contest on pmln ticket as MNA .? and his chances ?

  • @chaudaru80, Boss if PMLn will given him a ticket, it will be horrible. There are no chances for him. As i wrote he is a sardar and people dont like him.

    I will repeat, PMLn will only win if any of shareef family member will contest or they will give a ticket to any worker?

  • @masood abbas. bro i dont think k rajan pur wale halqay se koi party jeet sakti hai . whan se sardars he jeetay gay. its my guess i may b wrong.

  • chaudaru dear. Believe me or not, Right now Shahbaz sharif is popluar there. Many people has joined PMLn specially Mr. Kamal Farid-Ex Nazim of Kot Mithan. At his own capacity Mr. Kamal has 20 to 25 thousand votes. If PMLn will give him a ticket, i am 99 % sure he will win.PMLn has to trust on his workers.PMLn has to cash what he deserved.

    Just for the information, Imran Khan has never visited our area during and after flood.

  • Good news Masood.

    Tell me something, since mitthan kote is a fairly remote area, are all those stories of jageerdaar kaa zulm are true?

    How do these jageerdaars enslave awam? by loans?

    Are people afraid to even talk about jageerdaar's zulm?

    Does police dance on jageerdaar tunes?

    How can awam get rid of these jageerdaars in your constituency?

  • Dear Bs Obaid,

    This is 21st century and now 90% of people are not enslave by jageerdars.

    Awam has already decided to get rid of these jageerdars, it depends upon the mainstream political parties. If Both the Mainstream parties will decide that they will not give the ticket to Jageerdars, From Now On no Jageerdar can win. Problem with us is that we have two sardars. one of them will be in PPP and the other will be in PMLn. Both will get their tickets and either one of them will win. As i wrote earlier, if PMLn will give the ticket to a worker then PMLn will win and this will be death of jageerdars in our area. But i think PMLn will never do that because they fear might they loose the seat but if they do, i am sure they will win.

  • Shukriya.

  • @ Masood abbas.

    its realy gud k rajan pur jaisy illaqay mein koi party maqbol ho sakti hai . its nice change in pak politics.

  • @Chaudaru80, This happened due to the hardwork of SS during Flood.

    We will always remember him.

  • @ massod abbas.

    so u from abroad ?

  • I am from Mithan Kot- Rajan Pur but right now in KSA.


    its nice k USA mein bhi PMLN ki support hai. mein to socta tha USA mein sirf Musharf and PTI k supporters he hain.

  • How is the literacy rate in Mitthan Kot? what is the population? and do mizaris roam around in pajeros while the people starve for days?

  • why dont you break car windows of these mizaris and assault them in the night? better yet, throw rocks at their villas in the night and run away.

  • PTI might put up Shiren Mazari from this area

  • @chaudaru 80, Boss i wrote KSA ( saudi arabia) not USA and Yes I am the supporter of PMLn after floods. Before floods i was close to PTI. IK never visited the area but SS was there 45 out of 45 days. Even after floods, SS put his contribution, Now in our area there are many model villages, New colleges,Danish School,treated water, Parks and many more things.

    @Bsobaid, Literarcy rate of MKT will be approximately 50-60 % but if you are talking about the whole constituency then it might be less than 25%.

    About throwing stones on Mazaries, It will be the wastage of stones.

  • @Masood

    you want to get rid of Mazaris and Insaf Bhai wants to give you one more. That is TABDEELI from PTI.

  • @ ZUFI

    right bro.

  • @Masood

    Shahbaz Sharif is one of the most dedicated and hard working man i have seen,he has his faults but sincere by heart. I can give you example after example.

    A personal example will be how he fixed professional institutes like engineering university etc in his first tenure. These colleges used to be hotbed of political and administrative mismanagement, It would take 6 0r 7 yrs to complete 4-yr degree programs in 70s, 80s and early 90s.

    And from his first term now they always on time.

    Imran on other hand elitist by nature, who hardly likes to mingle with common people, just ask even his teammates in cricket. He comes from a feudal family and had same type of schooling the Mazaris have like in Chiefs college lahore. He simply not fit to understand and tackle common problems.