Investment in Pakistan

  • Dear All,

    Many Pakistanis working abroad find it difficult to decide when it comes to returning back to Pakistan. There are two different perspectives:

    1. It is better to go to Pakistan and server over there. This way one can try to share the experience and knowledge on got during the years spent abroad.

    2. Stay abroad and keep sending money to Pakistan to ones family. The money is obviously invested there in one way or another. The investment definitely helps in many ways.

    Could you please, comment and say the + and - of both the perspectives?


  • Dear, You Cant love Pakistan and live there too. There are two types of people living in Pakistan One who donot have resources to go abroad or do not have skills to survive in competitive economies.

  • @GP

    you are grossly mistaken my friend. There are many immensely talented people who can work in any country of the world but they chose to stay in Pakistan.


    One should stay in Pakistan only if he or she can really do something great for the country like teaching, politics, etc. Otherwise, find a job outside Pakistan and send money back home.

  • Are you happy with the investment environment Pakistan? Are you in love with the politicians who have created any “safe” opportunity for you? Are you happy with the judicial system that has to protect your investment?

    Most of the overseas Pakistanis have invested in lands and the stories are not that encouraging. Either the land is a potential candidate for an encroachment by a land mafia or taken over by your loved one who you have appointed to take care of it. That is very common in our culture.

    People of who have started a tangible business have run into credit defaults taken by the local customers. You invest in cash but very few will buy with cash from you. There is no credit rating and worthiness system of people.

    If you want to start a business in Pakistan, you have to unlearn certain things you have educated yourself with during your life in the west. Business ethics and raw truth are a few of them.

    In the meanwhile keep sending the money to make the strong hold of the-corrupts even more.

    One bright spot overseas Pakistanis have is a potential to make a strong lobbying group who can force the government for a positive change.

  • @AS,

    I m not talking about "sir pihron ki". You can apply my statement on more than 95% of people living in Pakistan.

  • ............... "There are two types of people living in Pakistan One who donot have resources to go abroad or do not have skills to survive in competitive economies. ".......

    LOL ....

    This must be joke of the day.

    I guess the skills needed to survive in competitive economies like "highly technical" skills needed to work at gas stations, mop floors at Mcdonalds or drive taxi cabs are indeed beyond the capabilities of those living in Pakistan !!!

  • I agree with the 95% statistic. It seems to be more or less correct but disagree with the "sir phiron" wali argument. Out of the 5% there could be many sir phiras but I personally know a lot of people who are doing a lot of good for the country by not moving out. They do it because they have the talent/opportunity. Besides money alone can not bring you happiness and these individuals are living a very happy life.

  • @ghost protocol

    What are the other type of people? You said two but described only one.......

    I think your first description fits to all those who do not have resources to run from Pakistan. I will agree to the argument that Pak have become a haven for looters, mafioso, cheaters, con-artists and plunderers.........

  • I am getting even more confused.

    But anyway, lets suppose there is ideal situation for investment over there (send money and stay abroad), and at the same time is ideal situation for serving Pakistan by working there (go and work in Pakistan).

    Which one would you choose?

  • Not only many do not move out, there are many who have left excellent jobs in the west and returned to Pakistan. These people have chosen to return and work in Pakistan. In many cases, they are leading much better and more prosperous lives in Pakistan.

  • Lol@ideal situation for investment in Pak.......stop dreaming, haven't you heard new crop of looters (Bilawal, Moonis, Hamza, Maryam, Qadir/Musa Gillani) has just come of age?

    I don't know who are we fooling??

  • @Adnoise, whats wrong in driving a cab? is it not better than begging or looting?

    @AS, There are many who return home fearing their "children" wont be under "control" abroad. This cant be termed as love for the country or passion to serve country.

    @SAK, second type I described as the people who dont have skills to survive despite of having resources.

  • @ghost protocol

    Actually your use of "OR" instead of "AND" led me to pose that question.

  • @SAK, accept ur point, hope now point would be clear.

  • I am not getting my answer :(

    In both cases fear is there. If one stays abroad, he MUST send money to Pakistan, If one returns there thinking he will contribute to Pakistan... which are you going to choose?

    There is no choice to leave Pakistan in all ways, and start a life in the west...

  • @Merey piyar, in ideal situation, who want to leave country?

  • I have no doubt that business potential in Pakistan are far better than so many countries? Pakistan dont need ideal situation, ideal leaders, subsidies etc. State just should not actively destroy itself and country would flurish. Alas that is not the case, Pakistan and Pakistanis are actively destroying themselves....

  • @mylove-pakistan.......bro stay put wherever you are and keep your love for Pak on the shelves and pray as hard as you can that looters die soon or kicked out of pakistan the soonest......until that happens your love for Pak has no value......sorry to say this, but unfortunately this is true, only if you can see thru emotional speeches and sermons

    @GP......yep, it's crystal clear now!!!

  • @mylove-Pakistan said

    "If one stays abroad, he MUST send money to Pakistan, If one returns there thinking he will contribute to Pakistan... which are you going to choose?"

    I would suggest a third way - a hybrid of your choices if you really want to serve Pakistan; If you have the skill set of organizational development, make an on overseas Pakistanis Grough who would force government to make changes in the governance of Pakistan. The biggest tool you have is the threat of seizing the remittances. I bet Pakistan cannot run it economy effectively if overseas Pakistanis refuse to send that $9 billion+ yearly money to Pakistan.

  • @Azizi, is there a breed called Pakistanis exists abroad? there are Punjabis,Pakhtoons,Muhajirs,where are Pakistanis?

    Assuming they can be united on one issue is dreaming in the day light.....