Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid together again in Off the Record

  • Imran Khan once again has appeared live with Sheikh Rasheed in Off the Record today. Why does he shy away from appearing with Chaudary Nisar?.His demand of appearing only with Chairmans of Party, does this makes sense. Was Mushahid Hussain,Javed Hashmi,Shah Mehmood,Marvi Memon, Atiq Odho Chairman of their respective parties as he appeared with them together. Or its just an excuse, deliberately avoid N League leaders to face possible humilation. What does today's appearace signify, 2 tanga party leaders debating or Sheikh Rasheed definitely joining PTI now as IK appears only with those who he pleads to join the party

  • Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed are not fighting against each other. Plus SR is a party head

    bring on the Dhulhaan aka Nawaz Sharif that you guys are hiding from Imran Khan in Raiwand. Don't worry Imran Khan won't do anything bad to him.

  • From when did they become friends, do you want me to post old videos as to what IK thinks of SR or he has become a saint now

  • they might not be the BFFL but they aren't fighting against each other.

  • SR is an experienced politician. He knows in which direction the wind is blowing. SR defending PTI better then PTI Information/Media Team. As SR was in Govt. Imran criticizing him but now they respect each other because both of them are fighting for the same cause i.e. get rid of Sharif Family and Bhutto Zardari family . At the moment AML is only true ML. I always wished that SR joins PTI. But as outsider he is representing the stance of PTI better as to be the part of PTI.

  • Imran Khan has participated in TV programs with Marvi Memon, Atiqa Odho and Mushahid Hussain. Which parties do these individuals head?

    Or the lame excuse of debating with only party heads is just to avoid accepting Ch. Nisar's challenge?

  • Imran Khan has also appeared with the Noon Leaguers but a year and half ago PTI's CEC stopped him from doing that.

    Bring on the Nawaz Sharif we want to mop floor with him

  • So when is PTI kicking out Shafqat Mehmood and replacing him with SR. Both understand the ideology of PTI very well

  • @ IP

    Before Omar Sarfraz Cheema was fired there were lots of rumbling within PTI about his pathetic performance and we have started to hear some of the same voices rant against Shafqat Mehmood too. I wouldn't be surprised if he was fired from the job soon too.

  • It should happen as soon as SR joins PTI.

    insaftak, Omar Sarfraz Cheema was much better then Shafqat Mehmood.

  • Oooo I would love that day when SR becomes the Sec Info PTI

  • Two m0rons being candidates of the same constituency around Abpara; how can anyone expect anything different? If appearing with Sheeda Tully of all people is a sign that Hazrat Lota Khan is a leader of massive proportions than I feel sorry for the Ilzami supporters from the core of my heart.

  • @Asif Bhai,

    Heheheheheheheh.....AML being the true Muslim League. Just like PML-Q being the only true opposition party until about a year and a half ago. Man the mind blowing excuses Ilzami would conjure up and present them to be kosher.

  • Kids did not come out of the shock of Abrar ul haq being their President, will have another jolt in the shape of thier new Sec Info, where will they hide their shameful faces

  • @ INSAF AND ASIF65. Sh.rasheed kafi time se miyan sahb k talway chaat raha hai k usse pmln mein le liye jaye and miyan sahb agree ho gaye hain but rawalpindi ki local leadorship rasheed k against hai . is liye wo ab pti mein aaye ga aur aap keh rahe ho k wind is blowing for PTI. ager aisa hota to rasheed kab ka aap ki taanga party mein aa chuka hota.

  • Bari baat ha Karkunon ki itni suni jati ha PMLN me

  • شیخ رشید: ہم ٹی وی پر آ کر اٹھارہ کروڑ مردوں سے مخاطب ہوتے ہیں

    لکھ دی لعنت - تم تو بابے نیازی کے ممی ڈیڈی انقلابیوں سے بھی گزر گئے ہو

    انقلابی تو صرف ووٹرز کو دس کروڑ گدھے کہتے تھے - تم نے تو پوری قوم کو مردے بنا دیا ہے

    شکست خوردہ لوگوں کے ایسے ہی بیانات ہوتے ہیں

    پھر لوگ ٹھیک ہی کہتے ہیں کہ

  • BTW, how do the Ilzami kiddos feel about their marasi President whose Colonel brother used to p!imp for Billo CD's using ISI resources to pressurize vendors into buying them and pay the royalty to his little brother kid?

    @IP Bhai,

    One things for sure, the secretive cult know as CEC will make a wise decision of choosing the new Sec. Information; just like they did with rubber stamping JH selection as President and disbanding PTI's Sindh Chapter without even keeping the Chapter's office bearers in the loop....Harbinger of change, anyone?

  • Best friends for life :D "Allah mujh ko aap jaisa Lota Kabhi na banai" Has someone aptly named him U-Turn Khan as well:

  • Sorrows going up in smoke....another pounding and another round of poignancy just around the corner: