What should be Priority? Laptops or 24/7 Electricity

  • I have been sceptical of giving laptops to student while people of Punjab are having 18 hours power outage in this hot weather. When will we set our priorities right? Our incompetent rulers have been unable to provide 24/7 electricity to common citizens for the last 65 years and spending billions on such schemes is an outstanding example of misuse of public funds. Laptops scheme is a pork barell and was simply done to promote Sharif family in Punjab to grab few votes in coming elections.

  • obviously laptops.

    who cares about the electricity. oh wait we need electricity to charge the laptops.


  • Laptop for brilliant students, Benazir Fund for poor support program, yellow cab are all new traps for siphoning money for ever hungry leeches of Pak political class........,wtf