PPP will make next Punjab Government- Asif Zardari

  • President Zardari today consoled his Punjab Workers and assured them that PPP will make the next government even in Punjab and Lahore is the city of PPP. How many of you agree on this?

  • کتے کے خواب میں ہڈی

  • I seriously doubt.

    He is thinking PTI will capture some seats from Noon League and divide votes elsewhere for Q-League and PP to win.

    I think Noon will take in majority of Q-League as lotas and will only leave them 20 or so seats and secondly, PTI is overrated.(PTI lovers, bite me...haahaahaa)

    In the end Noon will still form government in punjab with slightly bigger opposition.

  • @Ali:

    President Punjab Ayae aur Punjab Government ne ose haddi bhi nahi dali, kamsekam aap hi thori si izzat kerlein onki.

    Imagine kya guzri hogi on per jab plane se otar ker dekha ke bass khosa aur marasi raja riaz receive kerne aye

  • بھائی جی ہم ذرا میرپور کے جلسے میں مصروف تھے ورنہ پورے لاہور کی پاٹی پرانی جوتیوں سے شاندار اسقبال کرتے

  • In Lahore and Punjab, next election is going to be Nawaz Sharif vs Anti Nawaz and that includes PPP, PMLQ,APML and

    PTI aka change group. Just look at anchors who give most coverage to PTI like Mubashar Luqman, Hamid Mir etc have recently received Hilal-Imtiaz.

    Zardari is banking too much on PTI to break away enough votes from PMLN to give PPP+PMLQ majority in Punjab.

    But when elections come, people gonna think who has better chance of getting them rid of Mr 10% and go along that choice. My guess is that wont be PTI.

  • waisay lahor kee 1 yaa 1.5 seats PTI chukk lay gee.

  • Possibility banti ha ager PPP shehri seats per PTI ko support kare jahan se woh pehle bhi nahi jeti thi, aur South Punjab me PTI khamosh PPP support kare,Bahawalpur se Q league, mager phir bhi Hakoomat banana mushkil ha

  • We should not ignore AZ statement as illogical and unbelievable as he is the most cunning and wise Politician in Pak now.What he has done for PPP even bhuto's could not do. First time majority in Senate,chairman senate,government in Kashmir, in Balochistan etc.

  • @ zufi and intelligent pakistani.

    bro aap ne aaj daily pakistan mein chapne wala survey dekha hai abt lahore politics. is survey k mutabiq lahore mein PMLN ki wohi position hai jo k 2008 mein thi while ppp and PMLQ ki position mein bohat zayada kami aayi hai. aur PPP ka voter PTI ko spport ker raha hai. iss survey k mutabiq LAHORE mein PMLN ko 46% jab k PTI ko 23% , ppp 8% log like karaty hain. so PTI k zariye PMLN k vote cut kerne ki sceme kaamyab nai hui. aur PPP ka apna vote he PTI ko chala gaya according to that survey.

  • guys plz comment on Maryam Bibi's response to zardari's nonsense abt Miyan Sharif.

  • True intelpak.

    Southern Punjab province demand might help Q + PPP in Punjab.

  • Chaudary sahab, non sense per kya baat kerna, Khana kaaba me har kisi ko janaze ki tawfeeq nahi hoti. Facts are facts

  • @daru,

    Bibi's response does not make sense.

    Zardari could not go to see his father because terrorists had planned to blow out the whole hospital on Zardari's arrival. So he did a good thing by not visiting.

    Shareef supporters on the other hand deserted their leader because he was no more in power.

  • @Intelligent

    I dont think Zardari is either intelligent or cunning.

    He is enjoying this because NS has refrained from tackling him hard because of his commitment to democracy. Otherwise Zardari committed all the stupidity he could.

    NS has taken him on two times, Judicial movement and on memo case. First case you know the humiliation Zardari received and 2nd case Zardari had to run in the night to Dubai.

  • @ bsobaid . brother i dont see Q and PPP winning 2 many seats in south punjab. becoz almost whole Q of south punjab has almost joined pmln . and most of them lost last election by only 5000 t0 15000 with BB hamdardi factor. so i dont see hamdardi factor this time around. so my guess is k most of these candidates will win on PMLN ticket this time . for example Qasim Hinjra lost on Q league ticket only 7000 votes frm NA 176. so as Bukhari famiy lost from NA 179 on Q ticket only by 10000 votes . and kahlid gurmani lost only by 15000 votes frm na 177. while Aashiq gupang lost frm NA 180 by only 4000 votes. they all have joined PMLN now. so i guess atlest 3 of them will won by PMLN.

  • all above mentioned seats are from Muzaffargarh.

  • Good to hear that, Muzafargarh is considered PPP stronghold. I just heard Ali Durrani from Bahawalpur joining PMLN next week

  • @intelligentpakistani

    bro Ali durrani is nothing in BWP politics . i again say nothing . PMLN need Tariq cheema in BWP

  • I think everybody is forgetting Mian Brothers came back only one day before last day of filing papers for elections.Their supporters were not even not sure whether they are coming back or not let alone all the electables.

    This time around it is totally different and they been working on it for some time and have strong candidates almost everywhere in Punjab and some cases two or three electables. And rural punjab, politics is mostly constituency based, candidate matters a lot.