Imran Khan’s Vision: Fears vs Hope

  • Recently, some of my friends had an interesting little debate on IK’s vision. I would like to share that with you. One of the friend suggested that we should support IK’s vision, which is to make Pakistan a welfare state, break the begging bowl, stand-up to the world for our rights, get out of this war on terror and so on. The other friend critically replied:

    “Some politicians win power and do not know what to do with it. Others come to the office determined to change everything and end up doing nothing. Anonymous.

    Just compare Imran Khan’s wisdom with others and then decide whom should you support? I am not saying that NS or AZ or any other politician in Pakistan is better than him, but what I am saying is don’t follow/support him, otherwise you will be utterly disappointed. His contribution in Health and Education cannot be denied but him being focussed on power shows that he is not going to change anything i.e. end up doing nothing.”


    What do you think? Does IK's vision brings fear or hope to you? Answer this question and read an interesting reply from another friend of mine at: