Who is Behind PTI.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-S4xvzTPzk&feature=player_embedded#!

    Decide yourself,

    Vote for change vote for IK

  • @Wiki: Keep all this crap with you,this bogus change is not working on the voters

  • Lol, did not even bother looking this clip but can say with utmost assurance that I'm now convinced that a Tsunami can also become a whirlpool inside a Lota.

  • Sid: Even i dint bother to waste my few seconds, coz we know what bull sh..t is in it. Mere fascinations and imaginations of kids sitting in the loo

  • Lol....but IP, how can a sane person spend so much time in the loo and regurgitate so much crap? Only wiki bhai can shed some light on the virtues of his loo.

  • I think after vomiting this trash, Wiki bhai has gone to the hospital to get some medicine

  • ^^ may bee he need a LOTA after postin this """"

  • @Kami: these are burger kids, they use the cleenex for your kind informtion, Lota whats Lota..

  • Hahahahahahaha....na guys, Ilzamis are so conscious about lota these days they have resorted to using Muslim Showers only :D :D

  • You are right, for other parties its LOTA but for PTI its muslim shower. Amir Muqam joined a few hrs ago

  • He surely did. Another round of chest thumping going on in the Lota factory based in Banigala. Mai Imrana is indignant at the moment.

  • Just got to know Tankeed Khan in Turkey, pleading them not to support SS in Lahore, do not give them buses, waste managment trucks, kissing their feet, not help them make the metro, as lahore is his only hope

  • Lol......I can only imagine that the Turks would be thinking what a knob-head this guy is. The dude is riding on Soonami and does note even have the courage to disclose the constituency he would be contesting from.

  • صدیقی بھائی اور ان کے سازندے ایک دوسرے کو اپنے اپنے راگ سنا کر نمبر بنا رہے ہیں ۔

  • Asif bai, ye sazanda aik hi hain with different user name. Nooners bahut kanjoos hain woh tax nahi detay tou 3-4 propagandanist kis tara rak saktay hain.

  • @siddiqi73 and @intelligentpakistani ..... Lets suppose Imran khan is not going to win..He has establishment's backing..and don't have any program...But tell me why do you have that high hopes from Nawaz Sharif. I won't say that PML-N current tenure in Punjab is that bad as PTI and Imran khan projects. But i will classify it as pretty Average in terms of policies (where short term band-aids were given instead of long term policies) and below Average in terms of political decisions( Like Signing 18th Amendment etc.)..Let me know with your absolute thoughts about PML-N , without bringing Imran Khan or PPP in your answer. Are you satisfied with their recent performance as Opposition in Center and Government in Punjab.

  • وکی بھائی ۔ میں نے اپنا کمینٹ بھی ویڈیو دیکھے بغیر ہی دے دیا تھا ۔ لیکن جب میں نے ویڈیو دیکھا تو مجھے بڑی ہنسی ائی ۔

    چودھری نثار سے جب کاشف پوچھے گا کہ اپ الیکشن کیوں ہار گئے تو وہہ کہے گا کہ

    ابھی بتانا مباسب نہیں

  • @ PTI k pechay wohi log ahin jinho ne NRO kerwaya tha. PTI k pechay pakistan army k tamamm genrals hain . PTI k pechay mashallah USA hai . PTI k pechay Allah k fazal se mossad yani israaeil hai . is liye to DG ISI IK ki mulaqaat Dubai mein USA officials se kerwata hai . is liye t IK drone attack per dharna dete hue GHQ k aage dharna dena bhool jate hain warna kia IK ko nai pata k drone attacks Army ki marzi se hotae hain. is liye to IK abotabad issue per just PM aur prisidant se Resign maangta hai aur Army chief aur DG ISI ka naam bhi nai leta .

  • @ asif65.

    beta day dream dekhna chorr do. u can not even defeat ch nisaar in dreams . mark my words , date and time . ager mein galat ho gaya to jo kaho gay jarmana doon ga . i promise .

  • Asif Bai,

    I think this video is just slapp on Nooners... They should know that aap awam ko har waqt pagal nahi bana saktay... Ch. Nisar is same like internet nooner paid propagandanists , just "Aein Bain Shain" and no concrete answer to Kashif Abassi.